A Stirring in the Soul

“If we choose to see who we truly are, we would never yield our power.”

Common Ground:

Each of us is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual phenomenon. We are not three-dimensional life forms with two-dimensional perceptions living one-dimensional lives.  We are creative, multi-dimensional beings with infinite potential, destined to make a difference and transform our experience of life.  Yet, our indoctrination into adulthood conditions us to surrender our personal power to authority, competition, consumerism and reality.  Inevitably, we abandon our vision and purpose to conform and survive within the archaic paradigm of modern society.

A Matter of Being:

Human beings share the same beginning, middle and end. We are all born, live and pass from this earth.  There is no escaping this all-encompassing truth.  Our only personal distinction is whom we may choose to be.  Billions of people have dreamed, thought and fulfilled more than most may care to comprehend.  Before any of these achievements, measures, outcomes or realizations are made manifest, it requires our focused intention and expression of being.  To bring anything into our reality, we must first become an avenue for that which we intend.

Signs of Life:

Death is a part of life, yet life is also a part of death. It is undeniable the impression and influence dying has upon us all.  Human perception tends to focus on the tremendous stress of one day not existing instead of the extraordinary and essential experience of becoming something beyond imagination.  Though the structure of our everyday reality imposes the prospect of pending doom and nothingness, it is our choice to define the quality of our life.  The measure of our lives is not determined by our desperation to survive.  It is expressed in our commitment and willingness to thrive.

The Quickening:

Energetic shifts are accelerating and expanding the progression of human consciousness. A global awakening has and is spreading like a windswept wildfire.  It is illuminating all it inspires.  The human race is beginning to wake up to the harsh, simulated reality in which we have all been cast.  The intensity of our experience is our resistance to the social conditioning we have all been forced to endure.  The apprehension we may feel and interpret as anxiety is the transformation of our fear into awareness, intention and love.  These are the growing pains of our becoming.

The Source of our Power:

The universe is a nexus of multi-dimensional energy experienced in its truest nature with our soul consciousness. It cannot be seen, heard or touched.  The only sense we exhibit that allows us to relate to the supernal realms is our ability to feel.  Our heart is the center of our being.  It is our personal electromagnetic transformer.  Our soul conducts the movements of the universe through our intuition.  Our heart receives and conveys this energy through our way of being and creative expression.  The more we are an embodiment of the universe; the more we transform our reality.

“There is nothing more powerful than creating our life.”

A Soul for Creation:

Each one of us is a natural expression of creativity. Whether or not we choose to participate in its realization depends on us.  Our social environment does not promote or support our destined purpose.  It is designed to impose mimicry in place of creativity.  Our personal power is sourced from our imagination.  Intuition is the pathway through which the extraordinary is possible.  Our soul is the source of our being.  When we relate with it, our potential for creativity is present.  All it requires of us is our commitment to be the pathway for its manifestation.

Realization of Vision:

Society imposes fears of exposure, failure, intimacy, lack and vulnerability. We give our power over to others and rely upon them to provide us our vision.  Our inspiration to be begins with our choice to define our intention.  We are the authors of our experience when we create our reality.  Each of us has the opportunity to manifest our destiny and express it into the world through how we are being.  Our vision is the gateway to who we truly are.  It is the embodiment of our soul.  The realization of our vision is the emergence of our spirit into our life.

Commitment to Cause:

Commitment is not a part of our daily experience. We often reserve this privilege for people other than our selves.  We are socially influenced to seek validation from our acquaintances, employers, family, friends and officials of authority.  Society programs us to be more dependent upon the external world and less on our selves.  We are central to the cause of our life.  Our experience is established by our choice and intention.  Our commitment creates our fulfillment.  The vow we make with our selves is the declaration of our vision.

On Purpose:

Our lives are typically accidental. It is not that we lack investment in them.  We are simply not individually or socially empowered or prepared for the personal focus or intention to live them with purpose.  Reality is riddled with distractions and diversions to sustain our compliance, confusion, indifference and resignation.  Our destiny is distorted by a super-imposed obligation to society.  When we discover, declare and practice our soul purpose, we replace what we inherit with what we create.  All we envision intends ourselves into being.

In Service for All:

The greatest expression of our being-ness and its manifestation in society is the charitable service we perform in our communities. Any effort we choose to offer that encourages enrichment, fulfillment, progression and transformation is our soul’s intention in action.  It is what defines our vision, commitment, purpose and destiny.  When we heed our call of opportunity and possibility, it activates the multi-dimensional dynamic of our being.  We transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.  We become our greatest potential.  The expression and inspiration of our service is an invitation to all.

“Our only truth is of our soul.”

A Vision of Being:

Everything begins and ends on the soul level. We are everything and nothing all at once.  We all carry the infinite energy of the universe.  It is entirely up to us how we choose to manifest this energy into our reality.  Our life is our opportunity to manifest all that empowers and inspires us.  Personal enlightenment is not the only fulfillment of the soul.  The transcendence of the human race and the transformation of reality into truth is our common purpose.  Creativity is the key that opens the door to our universal possibility.  When we choose to be an expression of the source, we become our vision.

An Unlikely Champion

“The world has changed.  I feel it in the water.  I feel it in the earth.  I smell it in the air.  Much that once was, is lost…”  – Galadriel of Lothlórien

Into Shadow:

Early in the second week of November, 2016, there was a massive shift in the world.  Many believe that this may have something to do with the American presidential election.  This was a cover event to distract and divert our attention away from a deeper shift.  One that has nothing to do with politics, but our perception and understanding of contemporary reality.  Our vision of our lives and our relationship with the world have been altered and distorted.  Clarity, intention and purpose has been replaced with chaos, confusion and cynicism.  We are victims of a grand deception.  One that has fallen upon our senses like a dense, energetic haze.

One Ring to Rule Them All…:

An ancient energy of fear permeates the very nature of the world.  Its omnipresent force moves through all living beings and things.  Even our vision and experience of our lives are stigmatized by the relentless projection of its chaotic, disruptive and elusive power.  We are conditioned to be energetic receivers and transmitters of fear.  Our internal, biorhythms are manipulated and suppressed into inferior energetic frequencies.  We are conditioned to use our fear as a weapon of survival in our daily lives with our families, friends and peers.  We are oblivious to how much this energy influences our choices, experiences, existence and perceptions.

The Shire:

We live our lives in the comfortable illusion of “reality.”  It is a common, human mechanism that disassociates us from our apprehensive and skeptical perceptions of society and the world.  We safeguard ourselves from the horrors we invent with our very own fear.  We build invisible walls around ourselves to give us a false sense of power, purpose, security and worth.  Most, if not all of us, have never experienced a “true” life.  It is only as true as we create it to be.  We are not indigenous to living.  Our quest is not of destiny, but of survival.  Our pursuits to find new and clever ways to exonerate ourselves from our personal power consumes our potential.

A Stirring in the Darkness:

What terrifies us most is not what stands before us, it is all that is unseen, unheard and unknown.  The potent undercurrent we all feel pulling upon the deepest strands of our conscience, instincts, thoughts and feelings is unavoidable, undeniable and inevitable.  A social shift has occurred, awakening something from the long-forgotten hibernation of our collective oblivion.  A darkness so sinister the mere memory of its existence strikes a terror like none other in the strongest of souls.  For good or ill, our social circumstances are empowering us into action, awareness, being and purpose.  We are being called to rise and stand at a most desperate hour.

“What is to be my quest?”:

There are instances in our lives when we are presented with the opportunity to claim our destiny.  We are only required to accept, embrace and live into its fulfillment.  However daunting, difficult or impossible its manifestation may seem, it is our only way to express our true nature.  The horror of an unfulfilled and unlived life is far greater than the initial terror we may face when we are confronted with the epiphany of our destiny.  The path we walk with our innate sense of adventure, courage, curiosity and inspiration shall always lead us to who we are meant to be.  It is our genuine willingness and wonder that leads to our freedom.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” – Gandalf the Grey

“The Mirror Shows Many Things”:

We sell ourselves short every day in almost every way.  We are the bane of our own existence.  The confidence we place in others far exceeds that which we hold for ourselves.  We negate our personal power to avoid our accountability, authenticity, charity, integrity and responsibility.  Most of us know little of the existence of such merits let alone express them in our daily lives. Our tendency to make our human virtues our social sins becomes the comfortable euphemism of our false power and self-enslavement.  All that we avoid, curse, deflect, deny and judge causes our inevitable eventuality.  All that we fear becomes who we are.

The Eye of Sauron:

For as many differences we all have, there are as many or more similarities.  Besides the obvious, the expressions we exhibit that matter most are our thought, feeling and intuition.  Yet, our egos covertly assume the utmost influence and power.  It is the silent partner that binds us in the darkness of our apathy, cynicism, denial, judgement, superiority and self-righteousness.  All our untended anger, contempt, hate and pain is seized in stealth by our egos, manipulated into a projection of our malevolent and willful vengeance.  At the heart of our inevitable immorality is the fear we harbor.  Fear is the power we give away.

The Fellowship is Broken:

We do not have community in the way that it is envisioned.  Our inability to relate with ourselves is the most effective and startling evidence.  It is an epidemic dichotomy of global proportions.  We are, have always been and perhaps will always be alienated from each other by our beliefs, egos, individuality and perceptions.  Distinction and independence is a double-edged sword that has been used most often for destruction instead of creation.  The watermark of social evolution has erased the notable achievements of humanity.  It has long been replaced with a mountain of archaic knowledge, selfish obsolescence and superficial worth.

Our Most Beloved Star:

Our vision is the genesis of who we ultimately become.  We are each empowered with a unique insight of possibility.  It is what inspires and terrifies us in the same breath.  Our potentiality is ever emerging, expanding and fluctuating into our reality with or without our commitment to it.  The consciousness we express is the measure for which we manifest it into our personal reality.  When we are present to the opportunity and realization of our enlightenment, our experience of life transcends our fears and the social limitations of our environment.  This is the true power of our soul’s illumination that transforms our being, perception and understanding.

The Turning of the Tide:           

We are beings of extraordinary potential, power and vision.  We possess all that we need to create and manifest everything our imaginations may express.  Our energy, focus and intent proactively shifts our experience.  Our opportunity to fulfill on our destiny is as vital as the air we breathe.  When something is missing in our lives, it simply requires us to provide that which is absent.  Society is aggressive, cruel, incomplete and vicious because we are.  We must first transform ourselves from who we have become and trust this will make the difference we long to see in the world.  Only we can become the champions of our own epic tale.

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” – Galadriel of Lothlórien

A True Life

“Life is a lie in a society of illusion.”

Superficial Sentience:

We live a false life.  Whether or not we choose to acknowledge or implement this unique insight, it is inherently the truth.  Not because we ourselves are fundamentally superficial, though we undoubtedly are.  It is that we inhabit a holographic, three-dimensional paradigm of existence.  Since we do, we cannot be true, neither can we be real.  This is an unimaginable reality to accept.  One of which the greater resistance we present, the more difficult the ability to break free from its all-encompassing captivity.  We are not true beings simply because we cannot comprehend what truth is living an existence of multi-faceted illusion.

Soul Sacrifice:

Every breath of everyday we dig our personal roots deeper into the soil of a fabricated society.  Most of us cannot see this, nor can we believe it.  Yet in our silent moments, we feel it as clearly as any of our senses could ever envision.  We live in a culture that has demonized the expressions of the heart and the transcendence of the soul.  Society operates primarily on the insatiable appetites of our desires and the manipulation of our intellect.  This common lifestyle has sequestered us into a two-dimensional experience, leaving us oblivious to our multiplicity.  We commit the greatest crime against ourselves when we sacrifice our soul for the lie of life.

Intelligence is Ignorance:

All of us have been and are being institutionally programmed in one way or another.  Whether it is educational, mass media, political, religious or even spiritual in nature, we have all committed ourselves to one or many forms of conditioning.  Our awareness is measured by facts and figures that tether us into the technical slavery of our left brain.  In a society that is cruel, destructive, ominous and perilous, we engage only in what we believe is best for our own personal survival.  We modify our vision in a desperate attempt to safeguard ourselves from everything and everyone we perceive as a threat.  We never realize the greatest threat is ourselves.

The Game:

Our lives are designed for amusement, competition, diversion, escape and survival.  Whether by authoritarian stratagem or our own agenda, reality is engineered to keep us alienated from ourselves and living against each other.  We are mystified by our desperate flights of fantasy.  We grow accustomed to an insensitive lifestyle of abuse, acquisition and the suspicion of everyone and everything we encounter.  When there are no more opponents to confront on the battlefield of illusion, we invent new ones to supplement our false contentment and conquests.  Our ravenous aggression drives us deeper into the hungry, yawning chasm of our own decline.

Vicious Cycle:

We are helplessly and hopelessly ensnared in a global spider web of deception, delusion, duality, fear and manipulation.  Each one of us enables this insidious network of control, power, status and wealth with our participation.  The more we are willing to sacrifice our accountability, integrity and sensibility, the more we capitulate and empower this grand paradigm of illusion.  Our obsession for significance becomes our most common and obstructive human addiction.  In spite of the money, power and possessions we achieve in a vain attempt to hide our inadequacies and insecurities, we are still a puppet upon an imaginary stage living a simulated life.

“The only truth about the truth is that there is no truth.”

Axiom of Assimilation:

All we think, know, sense and feel is built upon a foundation of illusion.  We ourselves are a reflection of social invention.  Our human nature and the reality in which we exist is a galactic projection from an unknown origin in the universe.  This compromises our soul’s relatedness with terrestrial existence.  The multi-dimensional dynamic of our spirit cannot thrive within the restricted parameters of three-dimensional reality.  Our physical and mental features instinctively dominate the multiplicity of our being.  The society in which we live imposes this indoctrination with constant conditioning and stimuli to diminish, distort and destroy our truest expression.

Against the Current:

Society is a surging springtime river swollen with arrogance, deception, entitlement, fear and ruin.  Its watermark has exceeded the breadth of its measure.  Most who are empowered and inspired enough to rise and stand against it are eventually swallowed by its sheer, omnipresent force and inexorable undercurrent.  All of us have had our dance with youthful rebellion, intellectual and intuitive discovery and the desire to make a difference.  Yet, the further we walk down the path of our creative, insightful and radical mutiny against society, the more we witness how lonely the revolution can be.  Reality is the silent and lethal assassin of all possibility.

Paradise Lost:

Sometime in our early to mid-twenties, a human tragedy occurs to us all.  With a totalitarian tip-toe efficiency and precision, the deceptive dynamics of reality and society seize our authenticity, creativity, imagination, inspiration, integrity, passion, possibility and purpose.  We sacrifice our unique individuality and originality in a vain quest to maintain a false sense of belonging, status and worth in society.  We join the ranks of millions of self-subscribed victims of unconscious circumstance to perform a collective role of emulation and obedience.  All that once empowered us with the energy of life is replaced with all that gradually takes it away.

The Politics of Consciousness:

The consciousness movement is bursting at the seams of contemporary society.  Religion is segueing into spirituality, which has progressed into consciousness and is now identified as an expression of one’s truth.  Yet, with most things in reality, even truth is inevitably susceptible to distortion and exploitation under the agendas of advantage, fame, power and profit.  In this world, truth is not “truth.”  It is a fabrication of something that best serves a few at the deception and manipulation of the many.  Those who exude or profess consciousness, insight or wisdom are usually the ones altering the perception and understanding of the public for their own gain.

Creative Vitology:

All we are is energy.  However existential or unbelievable this concept may be.  Without energy, we would cease to exist.  Each one of us is comprised of distinct waveform patterns that are expressions of our intuition, feelings and thoughts.  The nature and quality of our energy is defined by how we choose to interpret and interact with our environment.  These essentials ultimately inspire our actions.  Who we choose to be in our daily life attracts into it all which we intend.  Our intention is the focus that creates the vision of how our experience transpires.  Our creativity is the essential energy to manifest our destiny.

“We are not a creation.  We are the creators of a creation.”

A New Vision:

We are nothing we are programmed to believe.  We are not our body, mind, heart or soul.  These are simply facets of our being that our energy inhabits and utilizes for the sake of our human life.  We are not our senses, history, experiences or even our truth.  We are an embodiment of energy that emanates the possibility of consciousness.  Whether or not we become conscious depends upon how our energy is realized in our life.  We live in a reality of perpetual illusion.  We need to continually transform how we exist in reality to personify our conscious energy.  When we do, we ultimately transform the nature of our reality and become the expression of our truth.


“The greatest challenge in life isn’t that we survive, it is our choice to thrive.”

Who We Are:
We are eternal beings existing in infinite experiences beyond the perception of our imagination.  Our body, mind and heart are connected to our spirit and the universe through the multi-dimensional conduit of our intuition.  We are related with all possibility all the time with everyone and everything that was, is and will ever be.  We are an expansive illustration of all creation.  Our potential and resiliency is emulated and sustained by the nature that embodies us.  The power of our consciousness, inspiration, listening and presence is our common birthright.  Our personal transformation is the essential expression of our creativity.

Where We Are:
Reality and our experience of it is a three-dimensional construct devised and maintained to amuse, distract and detain us into the parameters of duality.  Society is a vortex that insatiably devours our creativity, consciousness, energy, intention and possibility.  In our daily encounters we are given two options; yes or no, left or right, up or down, liberal or conservative, good or evil, etc.  We accept and apply this communal understanding because we do not identify and explore existential diversity.  We turn our backs on our own experiences, insights, lifestyles, perceptions and thoughts for a superficial sense of belonging, purpose and worth.

Selective Reality:
We have a natural desire to sense only what we want.  Our experience is primarily dependent upon our advantage, comfort, convenience, interest and willingness.  We often shy away or even criticize and discredit all that is distinct from our unique lifestyle, perception and understanding.  Our reality is fashioned not by our choice, but the frequent avoidance of our choice.  Our life becomes a decision of what we don’t want instead of what we truly need.  We have enabled reality with our mere existence.  Our attention and engagement sustains our attachment to and dependence on a subservient human survival.

“It is not our reality that is the most powerful influence of our life.  It is our oblivion.”

Buying in to Oblivion:
Human beings have an innate tendency to be enchanted by the artificial mysticism of obscurity.  It is an enigma of reality that consumes our attention, awareness, intention and enlightenment.  When our consciousness has been compromised by this insensible dimension of perception, our experience of life is severely diminished and inevitably manipulated.  Creativity, destiny, purpose and the possibility for transformation all cease to exist.  The investment of our energy, focus and involvement with the comfortable and common diversion of human oblivion concedes our aim, passion and will to thrive.  We become a shadow of all we were destined to be.

The Power We Yield:
We are an extraordinary and enormous expression of energy.  Yet, most of our potential is never acknowledged, embraced or fulfilled.  Simply being with our own empowerment terrifies us, let alone expressing or living it.  We convince ourselves that it is much easier to acquiesce our personal power instead of claiming its ownership.  We pass our personal empowerment onto authority figures and elected officials with an expectation they will achieve our desired outcome.  When they inevitably don’t, we demonize them as failures without realizing the absence of our own initiative and participation.

The Greatest Con on Earth:
We are too clever for our own good.  Every day we invent strategies to conceal and defend our agendas, deficiencies, downfalls, fears and insecurities.  Eventually these ploys become our rackets which enable our unhealthy lifestyles thus suspending us in our self-induced confusion.  Once we have been successfully captivated by our own artificial authority, we begin to impose our rackets upon others.  We deceive, distort and fabricate to proliferate our selfish desires and false power.  For us to break our patterns of manipulation, we must transcend our illusions and become present to who we truly are.

“Our salvation comes not from what we do, think or say.  It is in who we are being.”

An Act of Being:
Ontology is not a practice that is appreciated, emphasized, encouraged or required in our society.  It has been forgotten under the heaping pile of metaphysics somewhere between meditation and ritual.  Yet, it is one of the only practices that can empower and transform our life and the world.  For most of us to be present to our way of being, we must discover, experience and commit our lives to it every day.  Our oblivion to being as a culture inhibits our capacity to become the fulfillment of our possibility.  The history we carry into our present most certainly ensures the repetitive outcome of our future.  We allow our past to dictate our present.

An Epiphany of View:
For us to see what is unknown about ourselves and our lives, we must first distinguish our perspective from who we believe ourselves to be.  This takes a great deal of authenticity, dedication, honesty and integrity.  Yet before any of these qualities are exercised, we need to experience insights to define our greatest potential.  The intention of our vision and mission in life ultimately creates our purpose and destiny.  When we release everything we “think” we know about ourselves and create space for possibility, all we could only imagine becomes our experience.  Our way of being is the soul of our life’s expression.

The Dawn of Possibility:
Before we can manifest anything new in our lives, it requires us to become present to something we have yet to experience.  Within the three-dimensional structure of our everyday routine, our perception is conditioned to observe only what is relative.  There is a vast, unknown universe of ourselves to discover.  The expanse of our exploration is defined by our willingness to release the known and intentionally embrace the mystery.  We are born to be creators of our experience.  The expression of our creativity and intention originates from the possibility we choose to apply.  Our possibility is the spark that ignites the manifestation of our destiny.

“Enlightenment is possible in the experience of our transformation.”

Being Real:
We all have a wardrobe filled with personality guises we don to achieve, evade and survive.  Eventually we become so accustomed to the appearances we present we lose ourselves in the presence of our own collusion.  We perceive authenticity, objectivity and sincerity as being needless social expressions of charity and weakness.  Yet, these are the essential qualities of our being.  Authenticity allows us to become present to and relate with others in profound and powerful ways.  It empowers and inspires us to transcend the ordinary reality of doing and become an extraordinary expression of being.

All That We Are:
We don’t know who we are.  We live our lives stumbling through our experiences with an aimless wanderlust for consciousness, love, purpose and truth.  Yet, when it comes to extending the effort and energy to express and manifest a life that inspires us, we allow ourselves to become distracted, disengaged and disinterested.  Our lives will not be fulfilled until we reclaim the power we have long ago yielded to social authority.  Until we are real with ourselves and others, our destiny will continue to be a comfortable daydream.  When we are present to the truth of our lives, we become the source of our transformation.

“Transformation is becoming conscious to the creativity of human being.”


Our Choice

What we perceive as fear, is not “fear.”

It is simply a natural, raw energy we encounter.

When we transmute this energy into love before we begin to interpret and embrace it as fear, we will transform ourselves and our lives.

This is how powerful we are as human beings.

When we personify our fear, we are being lazy with our consciousness and potential.

When we express our love, we are “being” our consciousness and potential.

Being Our Experience

“Until we choose our own experience of life, we will never truly live.”

Common Thread:

There are over six billion unique interpretations of life in the three-dimensional construct we experience as reality.  Although human beings have the popular inclination to gravitate toward a common one to which we are bound, our true vision and nature is remarkably multiplicit.  We inevitably subject ourselves to inner and peripheral conditioning to toe the line of reality.  We become social echoes for an engineered existence that is distorted, elusive, obscure and unconscious.  Our desire for social amusement, comfort, identity, purpose and security significantly outweighs our quest to fulfill our being, creativity, destiny, love and truth.

Foundation of Illusion:

We are programmed to believe that our intelligence is the sole benefactor of our survival.  Our insatiable fascination with ourselves and our place in the world distracts us from all that is sacred.  Eventually, we exchange our passion to live with an addiction to buy.  Our genuine experiences that empower and enrich us are superseded by virtual events recorded on a sales receipt.  The measure of our fulfillment is in the quantity of our entertainment instead of the quality of our experience.  Society turns on a worthless dime, promising a wealth of abundance, happiness and meaning, though rarely ever delivers.

Wired for Reason:

We are multi-dimensional beings with eternal possibilities and infinite potential.  Our indoctrination into the complex principles and structures of the standard reality conditions, hypnotizes and manipulates us into the human imprisonment of instinct, reaction and survival.  We are akin to a clipper ship with unfastened sails, bouncing upon the social seas of happenstance.  Our body and brain is our hardware and our software is a two-dimensional program of instinct and intellect.  We are dependent upon and obliviously tethered to knowledge and logic, conditioned to be simulations in a paradigm of thought, threat and fear.

Playing the Angles:

All of us are brainwashed and spellbound by the multi-faceted filters of our own perceptions.  We are frequently presented with opportunities to choose how we behold our experience of life.  Most of us view the world through an elaborate tapestry of our analysis, fears, judgements, and wants.  Rarely do we observe the world as it truly is.  We see it the way we would like it to be.  We live from these personal fantasies and push the agendas of our positions in the pursuit of making the common reality ever more comfortable, compliant or convenient to our own desires.  We engage with an illusion of what is instead of its authenticity.

The World We Enable:

Our personal power is in our creativity, compassion, consciousness, love and transformation.  Yet, we express it most often with our drama, judgement, opinion and outrage.  It isn’t that we are purely oblivious to our truth and purpose.  We are products of the societal ethics to which we eagerly acquiesce.  It seems easier to abandon our own unique experience, existence and perception as an inauthentic and noble sacrifice instead of claiming and living the life only we were meant.  We are so powerful as human beings.  Yet, we commit to killing our lives everyday with our denial, disinterest, doubt and obedience to the enslavement of reality.

“Lay down your right.  Lay down your wrong.  Lay down the lie.  To which you belong.”

The Human God:

The human invention of God we accept and are expected to believe is primarily one of judgement, vengeance and wrath.  It is the fear beyond the myth that captivates our allegiance.  The intoxication of this false power seduces us into emulation and imitation.  Though we often fail to see the most glaring truth of this “divine” influence.  The raw power of our unattended ego imposes an experience and perception of cynicism, resignation and ridicule for anything that is not of our own clever design.  We adopt a defense of disapproval, drama, opinion and rumor rather than be present to the possibilities of acceptance, compassion and understanding.

Vital Signs:

The medical field identifies the vitality of our existence by taking our pulse, analyzing our response to stimuli, observing our breath in different areas of our body and listening to our heart.  When we meet these basic criteria, we are given a label of heath and an acknowledgment of life.  Yet, the true measurement of living is found in our potential, expression and willingness to make a difference.  The true meaning of life is to serve others as much or more than ourselves for the sake of service.  When we choose to exercise this opportunity, we instantly transform our experience into one of community, purpose and possibility.

In Purpose:

Most of us live our lives in the absence of purpose.  We have a tendency to throw havoc to the wind and see what returns to us.  More often than not very little does, at least to our desire.  Unfortunately, purpose isn’t primarily exercised let alone existent in our society.  The very nature of reality does not support or sustain the extraordinary.  Our personal focus depends solely upon the what, how and why of our experience.  These are the crucial elements of our potential to empower our lives.  When we bring purpose to every facet of our experience, we express creativity, consciousness, enlightenment and transformation.

The Truth of False Power:

Each one of us has our own unique experience of life defined by our choices, the focus of our energy, the perception(s) we embrace and the destiny we fulfill.  There is no one else in this world that could or should degrade, discredit, judge or question the authenticity, intent, meaning, and worth of our experiences.  All who do simply endeavor to conceal or protect their own fears, inadequacies, insecurities and weaknesses.  We have been raised in a social environment of defense that is of great peril to the coincidental targets of our expression.  The force of the false power we project upon others ultimately diminishes the truth of our own.

Being Our Experience:

There is nothing more significant in our life than who we are being.  In a reality where being-ness has been swept under the proverbial rug of contemporary society, it is truly the only saving grace for the present and future of all.  Who we are being creates, expresses and sustains the quality of our commitment.  Our vision, empowerment, purpose and stand inspires how we truly live our lives.  Of us it requires our creativity, confidence, courage and trust to manifest our greatest experience.  Only through us will the power of our experience transcend the boundaries of reality and society and transform the world.

“The greatest experiences we will ever have are the ones we choose to create.”



We are our greatest ally and we are also our most bitter rival.  As much as we have the potential for boundless creation and life, we possess the possibility for devastating destruction and death.  We have the inherent ability to inspire and support our selves and others.  We also have the learned inclination to thwart and disempower.  The extent of our existence is the measure of our expression, with whatever nature we choose to live.

Before our ego rises with the passage of our innocence, we possess a natural yearning to support those around us to thrive and expand their consciousness, thus fulfilling upon and relating to our own.  Though it would appear that the pendulum swings to and fro between our spirit’s aspiration to express this sacred service and our ego’s agenda to recover the power it believes it has lost.  This human equilibrium eventually lulls us into a hypnotic state of duality, entrapping us into the eager embrace of two-dimensional existence. Eventually, our personal power soon follows.

Many of us are unaware of the negative elements of our personality and behavioral patterns that may lead to our decline and eventual demise, let alone the positive qualities that guide us into the domains of our transformation and destiny.  Even more of us are oblivious to the impacts and influences these characteristics may have on our lives and the lives of others.  Whatever choice we make to be the best of ourselves or the worst of ourselves determines whether or not we are the heroes of our lives, or the villains.

Ever wonder why it seems like we are working against ourselves?  As though an unseen force stands between us and the life we were born to live?  A presence that hides in the darkest recesses of our being, waiting, ever watchful, ever patient and ever-present for the perfect opportunity to impose its force and influence over us.  It is our “INeME” (inner enemy).  As soon as we become conscious to its existence within us, it retreats back into the shadows to await another opportunity to wreak havoc upon our lives.

Many of us mistake our INeME as our “dark side,” “our evil,” or even depict these parts of our being as our “inner demons.”  When confronted with the truth of ourselves, most of us would opt to point the finger at others, thus furthering the contrary agendas of our INeME.  Yet this is false and in most cases may prove to be as harmful as our unchecked imaginations running away with our energy and our lives.

We would probably be amazed at how often during the course of a day this happens and how much of our personal power we sacrifice.  It is astonishing when we reflect upon how the quality of our life is diminished by the meanderings of our own willful perceptions, agendas and dramas.

Our INeME hypnotizes us through the monotony and triviality of daily life.  The clouds of our own collusion and indifference begin to form with our constant, catatonic consent.  We become lost in a dark forest of ourselves, reaching out and clinging to anything we may find in the hopes of making sense of our self-endorsed confusion.  We even begin to believe that there is worth in our drama to the degree that we defend it with everything we believe we are.  Eventually, we submit to the adversity, opposition and anarchy of our INeME.  We fall prey to its trappings, triggers and stimuli, as we hand over the last remnants of our personal power.

It is only with consciousness we may discover who the real oppressor is in our lives.  It is only then we may realize who we are truly up against.  An adversary that is second to none.  Someone we will never evade, defeat or escape.  We give our power over to our INeME whenever we fail to acknowledge, claim and express it.  The INeME is the part of us we rarely see or know exists.  It has been pulling our strings in ways more clever than we could have ever envisioned.  It is the veil we pull over our eyes that hides us from the truth of ourselves.

There is an eternal force within us that is similar to the current of a river.  For most of us, this current runs one way for the majority of our life, from our ego to the rest of our being.  It does not flow “our” way, though we condition ourselves to believe it does.  It directs us from a place intertwined within the multi-faceted intricacies of our mind.  It is a perfect internal storm of our base animal instincts, our unbridled thoughts and our unhealthy emotions associated with attachment, expectation and entitlement.

Amidst this inner storm, we may feel victimized and repressed.  Not by our family members, friends, employers, communities, society or reality.  Yet by our very own patterns and behaviors we have enabled and sustained through our unconscious and selfish desires and lifestyles.  This is a self-imposed illusion.  It only seems this way because of the power we give to our external experiences.  Beyond the linear perception of life and reality, we cannot just be the victims.  We are also the antagonists.  Though it may be difficult to identify and accept, we are our only INeME.

Our contemporary society simply does not prepare us to exercise the integrity and intention it requires to fulfill on the accountability and purpose of being human.  Nor does it preserve, encourage or value our responsibility to evolve, expand and express our consciousness.  Our world is rampant with distractions to draw the focus of our awareness away from transcending and exceeding our selves.  Yet, the distractions we may encounter around us are merely a reflection of the disruptions we invent and sustain within us to discourage us from confronting and overcoming our INeMe.

Our INeME is only as powerful as we enable it to be with our unconsciousness and fear.  It can be befriended.  Our very perception that it is against us grants it even more influence over us.  It is what we create it to be.  When we choose to accept it for what it really is, it becomes a potent ally.  The INeME is simply the mirror image we reflect to the world.  The greatest gift we can receive from our INeME is claiming the opportunity to transform it from our inner villain to our inner hero.  Only then will we emancipate from the slavery of our self.  Only then will we become who we truly are.


The Heart of it All

“We are nothing we think we are.”

The Mind Field:

Our reality is an extension of our thoughts.  Our society is an invention of the mind.  We live within a matrix of mentality that is equivalent to the neural pathways in our brain.  Millions of neurons connecting and firing cause the fundamental functions of our intelligence and the rudimentary dynamics of our awareness.  Though we may believe we interact with and consciously command this network of existence, to it we are inherently enslaved.  Our captivity is defined by the energy we sacrifice upon the altar of our ego’s insatiable appetites, selfish gratification and vain quests for artificial fulfillment.

Inheritance of Thought:

Before we are born, our mind is in a subconscious state of development.  In utero, we are intimately partial to the impressions and influences that our mothers experience during pregnancy.  We breathe their air, eat their food, drink their fluids, think their thoughts, feel their feelings and even dream their dreams.  Our symbiosis is not only in the semblance of our ability, behavior, emotionality, genetics, perception and temperament.  It is also prevalent in the neural activity and tendency of our thought.  We are frequently oblivious to the experience of our emotions and even less aware of the persuasive mechanics of our mind.

Illusion Investment:

Our senses are the avenues of our mental enslavement.  All we see, hear, smell, taste and feel is gradually distorted by the mass manipulation we enable with our engagement.  The influence of our subliminal thought patterns cons us into a relentless web of ego, desire, want, worry and fear.  When we succumb to these stimuli, we invest in the illusion of reality and exchange our creativity, freedom, spirituality, truth and vision with our confusion, drama, dysfunction, fantasy and politics.  Our truth becomes a lie and a lie becomes our truth.  It is this self-deception that costs us our life.

Intelligence Dependence:

At some point in our maturation, our intellect becomes the measure of our worth.  We are processed though institutional conditioning to gain acceptance and qualification for positions of merit in the grand racket of the professional marketplace.  Once indoctrinated and initiated into its diabolical mainframe, we willingly acquiesce our health, heart and soul to the omnipresent, intelligence-driven program of advancement and survival.  It is our understanding and utilization of the system in which we exist that determines the watermark of our success.  Where the ultimate conquests come not from great achievements, yet by mastery through manipulation.

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.”

-Bob Marley

Mass Collusion:

We are under a global spell of social hypnosis.  This paradigm hinders our ability to truly see ourselves and the world.  It is a dream from which most of us never awaken.  A widespread epidemic of cooperative confusion and distortion we enable with our apathy, denial, drama, self-righteousness and fear.  No matter how much we attempt to influence the people, circumstances, perceptions and outcomes in our lives, we rarely escape the revelation of our self-imposed fate.  It will always be the illusions of our mind that seek to complicate, discredit, falsify and usurp the eternal expressions of our heart.

Distortion by Design:

The heart has no place in the mental matrix.  Within it, emotions are a foreign language.  Empathy and kindness have become criminal and our compass of conscience and insight has been surrendered to the ruthless nuances of our ego’s adversarial influence.  Intellectuality has become the mandatory currency of reality; without which we cannot function or survive.  The frequency of our heart center is disrupted and distorted by the neural labyrinth of material life.  Our multi-dimensionality is compromised and our focus, purpose and vision is distorted beyond our pre-programmed abilities.

In Shadow:

We have all been asleep.  We are lulled into an instinctual slumber with the gravity of reality, the artificial burden of society, the vortex of consumption, the captivity of our perception and the severity of our fear.  We have been wined and dined into a dreaming death by society’s many attachments, impressions, influences, opinions and vices.  The human race has been and is on virtual life support.  Its collective pulse dives dangerously below the measure of its lifeline.  We exist within the twilight of life as wayward spectators watching from the grandstands and rarely daring to take the field.  Yet, now more than ever, only the field remains.

“The journey from the head to the heart is much longer than from the heart to the head.”


There are random occasions in our lives when we are blessed with an epiphany of truth, purpose and understanding.  More frequently than we may choose to acknowledge, we are stirred from our walking slumber and become present to something distinct from the ordinary.  We tend to deny and discard these experiences of opportunity as fleeting flights of fancy and roll over in our adopted reality.  Yet, these are the keys to freeing ourselves from our mortal captivity.  These are the events in our lives that further entrench us into the neural matrix of intellectuality or offer us a powerful choice to transform our experience.

The Force Awakens:

A critical mass of awareness has grown over the past few decades.  It is not a new force of sentience.  It has always existed well before the dawning of humanity.  Yet the primary distinction in our contemporary age is our realization of and synergy with the eternal essence of consciousness and the fulfillment it inspires.  Our relatedness with this experience has been defined by our commitment and willingness to become its universal expression.  It simply requires us to transcend all that inhibits the natural expansion and presence of our soul in life.  This is our true human destiny.

The Center of Being:

Our heart center is the most powerful expression of our being.  It sources and radiates an electromagnetic force so powerful, even the most authoritative protocols of intellectual reality cannot alter or extinguish its emanation.  It is the gateway to our intuition, the medium of our creativity and the seat of our soul.  Our heart center is the nexus of our being that connects our body and mind with our spirit and the universe.  This vital multi-dimensional alchemy allows us to become our greatest potential.  Our enlightenment is made manifest when our heart center resonates with our soul.

Heart Star:

Our heart is our greatest expression of vision, truth and possibility.  It guides us through our challenges, conveys our experiences, composes our creativity and unites us all.  Its presence expands and transcends beyond the measure our mind can only fathom with our imagination.  We are not intended to acquire this energy solely for our personal benefit.  We are destined to receive this energy for the sake of sharing its infinite abundance with all.  It is our soul purpose to empower, inspire and sustain each other. This is the universal tapestry of being we express and experience as love.

“All that we give is all that we live.  All that we love is all that we are.”

Soul Purpose:

Being conscious in an oblivious society is no longer sufficient to transform the world.  Conversations and actions are mere stepping stones in becoming and being all that we envision.  Not just as human beings having a spiritual experience or spiritual beings having a human experience, but as energetic beings conveying the extraordinary expressions of our creativity.  The resonance of our enlightened being and its unique signature is essential in transforming three dimensional reality into four dimensional consciousness.  Imagine our experience of life if all humanity chose to be an emanation of their soul…



False Personality:
An oppression has grown stronger with the passage of each generation in human existence. It has claimed not just the health, well-being, sense of belonging, consciousness, purpose and destiny of its victims, yet also their very lives. A tyrant so clever and efficient it need not exert any of its own effort or energy to fulfill upon its devious plan. It simply relies on the apathy, denial, unconsciousness, self-righteousness and cognitive dissonance of its subject. What is spawned from this malevolent blend of self-oblivion is what every human being possesses, the false personality.

The false personality is a vortex that consumes anything that does not enable or supplement its control and manipulation over a human being. The most dangerous element of the false personality is that it remains virtually unknown and impervious to its unconscious and distracted host. It is analogous to cancer clusters growing in the human body, undetected until the tumors have established residency in the organs or tissues of the unsuspected. And when it has been discovered, the first obstacle to overcome is the greatest, the denial of its very existence.

The human race exists almost solely from false personality. Its mission is to keep us preoccupied from our true selves with our own indifference, confusion, drama, and feelings of failure. As our human conditions amass, we eventually begin to sacrifice our personal power both unconsciously and unconditionally. We are become hopeless, anxious and disempowered, fatalities of our own circumstances, environments and lives.

The false personality survives mostly on reaction. It is astonishing to discover how much of our society is reactive in nature. It would seem that there are very few genuine actions expressed in our common reality. If “cause” is the requirement of our freedom, “effect” in our society is in great supply. The human race is constantly responding to stimuli being broadcasted from an authoritarian structure based on belief, intelligence, entertainment and a hierarchical class rule. Yet, it is certainly not the external impulses that influence us the most. It is our false personality that renders us prisoners to our selves.

Our false personality is sustained by our desire, our self-gratification, our uncertainty, our upsets, competitiveness, envy and ill will. It thrives on our unwillingness to transform and our inclinations toward control and manipulation. We tend to put more stock into the disempowerment of others, and ourselves, believing this is our “real” power rather than accepting the truth of ourselves. We are our own inspiration.

True Personality:
The first step in reclaiming our personal power and shifting toward our true personality is in the realization that we ALL have a false one. In order for us to transcend its intricate matrix, we need to become our own observer. Only then may we behold the great degree of influence and impact our false personality imposes upon us. We must step outside of our beliefs, perceptions, expectations and entitlements to awaken and sustain our connection with our true personality.

Our true personality is who we were before we were taught, conditioned and assimilated into the common reality of contemporary society. It is our inherent virtue we tend to hide, inhibit or diminish. It is the part of our selves that most of us have surrendered to our adulthood. The qualities of ourselves we free when we are at our most genuine and vulnerable. It is the intuitive wisdom of ourselves we experience when we need to remember who we were before our conversion into society. Our true personality is our innocence, kindness, acceptance, potential, inspiration and universal need to relate and belong.

The false personality is dense in energetic quality, immutable and fixed. The true personality transcends the very nature and existence of reality. Its mere presence transforms the realism and dynamic of the environment in which it inhabits. Its expression is engaging, intimidating, exhilarating and revolutionary. Our true personality thrives upon the potential to explore, discover and express higher levels of consciousness and infinite energy. It is the emblem of eternal creativity and possibility. When we are living from our true personality, our false personality ceases to exist. A gateway to higher realms of being is opened. Our true personality is the key to the greatest expression of our being in this reality, our authenticity.

It may be challenging to draw distinctions between our “true personality” and our “authenticity.” After all, they seem to be the same thing, yet they are not. Our true personality is a facet of our existence as a human being. Our authenticity is how we express and share our true personality with society. Authenticity is not just a choice; it is an expression, a way of being. It begins and ends with fulfilling upon what we say we are going to do and who we are being while we are in action. It is our integrity, our commitment and all for which we stand in our lives. That which inspires us sources our energy, our focus, our intention and leads to the fulfillment of our destiny.

Our authenticity is not just a measurement of our accomplishments or even our being-ness. It is the expression of our willingness and dedication to transform not just our own lives, yet the lives of others. It isn’t about succeeding and surviving; it is about thriving and empowering others to flourish as well. It is the philosophy that when one person creates powerful insights for themselves, the community to whom they belong stands to benefit. How can we discover and experience this quality of realization if it is not a shared endeavor? Authenticity is lived for the advantage of the many at the cost of the false personality.

Being authentic is the greatest work to which we will ever commit. We can never be authentic with others until we are first authentic with ourselves. Being authentic with ourselves is choosing to accept our self for who we are and who we aren’t. If our consciousness relates us with our true personality, then authenticity unites us with our soul. When we choose to free ourselves from our false personality by being authentic, we are making an investment in the vision of who we truly are. We are living it as only we are meant, to the best of our possibility. Authenticity is the cornerstone of transforming ourselves and ultimately the world. When we commit to living an authentic life, we are devoting ourselves to making a difference. We are the source of our creative expression, benevolence, relatedness and love. This is the truest realization of life.



Elemental Medicine

The primary blessing we are given when we are born is our breath. This is the first medicine without which we would not survive. Our ability to take and give our breath is also our initial expression of life. The awareness of our breath is the true measure of our consciousness. As present as we are to our breath is as present as we are to our life. Yet it is not just the breath we take that is vital. What has become essential in our contemporary world is the quality of air from which we draw. Our environment is more lethal than it has ever been. We are killing ourselves with our own chosen toxicity.

Our breath sets the tone of our lives. We all breathe, though it is so ordinary to us that we arent even sentient of our breath. It eventually becomes another automatic element of our existence. When our breath becomes habitual, we tend to breathe primarily through our mouths. We dont receive the full benefit of our breath. Only when we breathe deeply and rhythmically through our nostrils do we obtain the optimal filtration our lungs provide. The quality of our lives and how long they endure is dependent upon the commitment and consciousness we exercise while we are breathing.

Our breath is the heart of our human experience. The greater our intention to breathe an abundance of purified air, the greater our ability to cleanse ourselves of the toxicity that has grown within us. Our lives begin and end with our breath. Our conscious breath can instantaneously transform our vision, perception, mood, behavior and life. The measure to which we are aware of and exercise our breath is equivalent to the measure we draw from the essence of life that thrives within and around us. The quality of the breath we inhale and exhale most certainly impacts all with whom we are related.

Our body and the planet upon which we live consist primarily of water. Water is the second medicine. It is the most cleansing and purifying element of our existence. Yet it is also the most destructive and fatal. Water by its very nature is a perfect reflection of its environment. It is a force both mutable and powerful. Its relationship with air is unique in that it cannot exist without it. Water creates air by evaporation whereas air creates water through density. It is no coincidence that clouds are the children of air and water. The union between the two is the most sacred and vital synthesis.

Much like its predecessor air, water is a cornerstone in the foundation of all life. The more water we consume, the more we cleanse ourselves of the toxicity we may carry. However, the quality of the water we drink, cook with or bathe in determines the measure of our purification. Water is the most powerful healing agent available to living beings. It sustains our body’s natural ability to heal itself of most ailments and injuries. When we drink water we are not just being revitalized or hydrated, we are also oxidizing ourselves from the inside out. We are refreshing our blood, cells and organs.

Water is the most essential element. Purified water improves and transforms our health by assisting our immune system in protecting our body from the plethora of viruses present in our contemporary society. The extraordinary healing and purification properties of water create an environment within us that makes it very difficult for illnesses or infections to exist. Waters conductive purposes are as powerful as its natural ability to hydrate. It is not just the water itself that sustains our health; it is also the energy we put into the water that carries our intention.

The third medicine is Earth. It grants us equilibrium, stability and relativity. It gives us the solidity upon which we may ground. Yet, it is not just the permanence it provides that allows us to exist upon its ever-evolving landscape. It is also the energy emanating from its core to its crust that enhances our consciousness, creativity, purpose and destiny. This energy sources our experience of life in ways that are beyond measure, meaning, worth and imagination. It empowers our body’s natural healing and regenerative powers. Earth is the foundation of our three dimensional being-ness.

Everything the earth provides is medicine. From the vitamins and minerals in rocks, stones and crystals, to the dirt, mud and sand, to the roots, plants and trees. Nature in all its expressions provides a surplus of elements to nourish, cleanse, heal and sustain us. Our only requirement for the ability to utilize these gifts is the appropriate knowledge and commitment to harvest, apply and replenish them. The synthesis of our relationship with these medicines determines the quality and fate of life for both the earth and our selves. Yet it is up to us to choose this extraordinary opportunity.

Before the first ember was fanned into flame by our ancient ancestors, the darkness of the night reigned unchallenged. Fire brought with it warmth, light and comfort, yet also conversation, community and illumination. It offered confidence, courage and hope and eventually aspiration, passion and fortitude. Fire enhanced the experience of life for our earliest relatives. It gave them focus, insight, purpose and wisdom. The mysterious and fluid light and motion of fire alone has captivated generations. Fire is the heart of our society bringing us all together unlike any other element.

The fourth medicine offers a diverse and unique purification and healing. Its heat, light and intensity burns away our toxins, ailments, thoughts, concerns and fears. Fire instantaneously transforms our behavior, mood, environment and experience of life. Our body’s natural fire emerges as a fever to process our toxins, stabilize our imbalances and heal our illnesses. The human traits of creativity, insight, inspiration and empowerment are related with this element. Our inner fire manifests as our passion, desire and dedication to transcend all that prevents or prohibits our enlightenment.

There is nothing in this world more misunderstood, misrepresented, commercialized and exploited than the fifth medicine. All that is of spirit is primarily ridiculed, manipulated or discredited. Our society is structured in a way that separates us from our soul. This distorts our natural ability to experience many diverse dimensions of being. Our energy and focus is constantly disrupted by a multitude of artificial elements designed to distract us from our souls. When we chose to live a lifestyle as an expression of spirit, it can be revealing, challenging and overwhelming. Yet it is rewarding, illuminating and fulfilling.

Our four dimensional consciousness cannot be achieved until we create the necessary elemental alchemy. It requires the balance of the four medicines of our being, our body (earth), mind (air), heart (water) and soul (fire). When this equilibrium within us is established and maintained, we are able to become present to our intuition. This is the gateway to our soul allowing us to relate and commune with our spirit in the energetic frequency most commonly felt and experienced as love. This gives us access to an infinite resource of creativity, intention, healing and energy.

Spirit is the multi-dimensional essence that unites all the elements. It is the invisible presence that inspires and sustains all life. Our soul is what empowers our being to thrive to our greatest potential and possibility. It grants us the vision to see that we are accountable for, beholden to and interrelated with all living beings both on and beyond this world. This is the fullest expression of our multi-dimensional existence. We are the medicine for which we have yearned. Our souls are declared only by the integrity of our commitment to fulfill our natural purpose and become all that we are destined to be.