Ghosting the Soul: The Virtuality of Life - "Our fear manipulates us to “ghost” ourselves.  We hide behind the defenses of our personalities, emulating the worst of humanity and acquiescing the best."
A History of Mystery Continued…. - "My personal experiences with consciousness have been extraordinary, insightful and powerful, as well as arduous, horrific and perilous."
The Experiential Awareness of Being - "Self-awareness is transcending our environment, transforming our relations and empowering our being with our intuition and soul."
Beyond the Threshold - "The fulfillment of how the new era exists in our experience is empowered by who we choose to be."
Written in the Stars - "My method of writing is intuitively extensive.  It is an intimate experience that brings great insight and understanding."
Source and the Mediacracy - "All forms of media desensitize us to the horrors of human existence.  Whether it is war, genocide, environmental annihilation, inequality and injustice, class, cultural or racial superiority, our exposure is excessively toxic."
The Experience of Empowerment - "All of us have a unique energy, expression, purpose and destiny.  Our creativity is an embodiment of our being."
“Communicate Your Freedom” Interview with Lorenzo from The New Agora/The New Now and Campbell from Autodidactic - "Each person has a unique signature, each person has a unique expression and each person has a unique experience."
The Quotes of Iam Saums - “Knowledge may give us the world; awareness gives us the universe.”
The Artificiality of Social Reality - "In a world rife with authoritarian sociopaths wielding control, influence, manipulation and power, it is beneficial to find the vein of truth in the illusion of reality."
Beyond the Veil - "The essential experience we all encounter in the moments between being awake and asleep is when our soul travels."
All About Us - "From the moment we are born, our existence is only about us.  For many, this is personal identity, purpose and stability.  Yet, it is also egotism, sociopathy and vanity."
A Force of the Universe - "Our personal truth is merely a steppingstone to discover, embrace and align with universal truth."
Self Portrait - "I am grateful to be a part of communities who accept and understand me for who I am and who I am not.  This is essential in a chaotic and challenging age."
A Source of Creation - "Every moment is an opportunity to align, focus, ground, center and shift our experience.  We are only as eloquent as our relativity with the universe."
From Vision to Being - "Being willing to release the social conditioning of our selfishness empowers us to be proactively empowered by community consciousness."
The Mirror Tells All - "The true atrocity is our willingness to be apathetic and preoccupied, evading present trauma and ensuring its future eventuality."
“In Love’s Power” Interview with Lorenzo Malowane of The New Agora for The New Now - "Most people don't listen or relate with others, therefore they cannot listen or relate to themself. We cannot love others until we love ourselves."
The Consequence of Consciousness - "Many of us mistake intelligence with awareness when we allow society to highjack our personal truth."
Are We Experienced? - "It is not our perceptions; it is our experiences that inspire us to relate and resonate with our being."
Inside Out - "Our existence is created by who we are being.  The balance of our body, mind, and heart with our intuition and soul is vital to manifesting the universal energetic shift into our experience."
“Loving Through Challenging Times” Interview with Lorenzo Malowane of “The New Agora” on “The New Now.” - "Authentic relativity is observing the uniqueness each of us offer and understanding the blessing it brings to the world."
Down to Earth - "Understanding and practicing acceptance, empathy, encouragement, listening and sponsorship is our collective rite of passage.  It is a declaration of our commitment to make a difference."
The Art of Equilibrium - "We are the key to the evolution and freedom we deny ourselves every time we pass on our opportunity for consciousness."
The New Era - "Our equilibrium is the alchemy of our being. Establishing our balance with the universe in the present empowers our own."
“Universality” The Soul of Spirituality - "Every breath brings an opportunity for us to balance our being and align with the flow of the universe."
“Spiritualized” The Ego of Spirituality - "Being “spiritualized” is a social psychosis and metaphysical stigma running rampant throughout most if not all domains of spirituality."
“Transforming the Listening” Interview with Lorenzo Malowane of “The New Agora” on “The New Now.” - "In the following video, Iam Saums and I, go deeply into this topic. Perhaps it comes down to feeling something in your life that requires transformation...
An Ear to Hear - "Universal relativity transpires when we chose to express authentic listening as our primary intention with all our relations."
The Center of All - "Who we are is often established by the people and circumstances influencing us through our energetic reactions to them. Chaos within begets chaos without."
The Greatest Conspiracy - "The truth about conspiracy is we secretly believe because we feel the resonance of its truth, we simply fear the social impacts, ridicule and scrutiny."
Who Is Iam Saums? - "I choose to believe my literary endeavors are shared experiences between my personal expression and the universe. At least this is my vision."
What Will It Take? - "All of us, yes all of us are universal beings.  This is our birthright as souls living a human experience."
On a Personal Note - "I choose to believe we all have the potential to observe ourselves from within and transform our way of being to the best of our ability in the spirit of making a difference."
The Birth of Power - "Observation empowers us to draw pivotal distinctions, preventing us from falling prey to social pressures and enabling the schism between our soul and the universe."
“Empower Yourself” Interview with Lorenzo Malowane of The New Agora - "Relationships are multidimensional experiences. Finding the balance between the masculine and feminine inspires us to get present and into the listening of others."
“Breathing In Courage” Interview with Lorenzo Malowane of The New Agora - "It's an individual, personal choice to connect with what's going on in the universe to transform ourselves, find our creative voice and express our imagination. We have to find it for ourselves."
An Essential Choice - "Our current era is defined by choice.  We become what we choose."
Age of Experience - "Every moment is an opportunity to accept, focus, balance, center, ground, intend and embody our experience."
The Awakening - "The ultimate expression of creativity is transforming ourselves. It is a universal declaration to acknowledge, embrace and embody the creative force empowering us to shift the dynamics of our being."
A Cure for Wellbeing - "Most of us are focused more on our finances than our health. This is the primary reason why this virus has had such a widespread impact."
Plan Be - "Who we are being energetically manifests the universe into social reality. We are this powerful!"
Center of Attention - "To where, who and what we guide our attention sets the course of our existence. Our focus determines the realization of our being, energy and intention."
Assembly Required - "There is a vital balance between establishing and sustaining relations and empowering and evolving our truth."
Era of Awareness - "Transcending duality empowers us to see not just the extraordinary in others, yet also in ourselves."
Quantum Destiny - "If there was ever a greater opportunity to shift our experience, energy and existence, it is now.  Reality and society are as ripe for transforming as they have ever been."
The Time Has Come - "The condition of our immunity is the pulse of how we can navigate through most if not all health and environmental challenges confronting us."
Opportunity for a Lifetime - "Now more than ever, our lives and those of others depend on our choice to transcend the boundaries of the illusion and become an expression of universality."
Universal Streaming - "Much as our mind invents dreams to subconsciously send messages, our soul inspires conscious experiences to encourage our universality."
The Soul of Sound - "Being creative is an empowering, progressive and transformational relationship with the universe."
The Art of Being - "My vision revealed creativity, epiphany and possibility beyond my imagination. I became engaged in a multidimensional dance with the universe."
A History of Mystery - "Discovery and transcendence replaced my anxiety and fear as I embraced the inevitability of the experiences in a quest to flow with the currents of universal energy."
Epicenter - "Our creativity is an expression of our truth. Living our truth is how our soul transforms our reality."
One for All - "We are the vision, mission, intention and purpose we empower. Our lives are opportunities to transform our selves, experiences and realities."
Transcendental Shift - "Our passion is the expression of our power. Whatever kindles our desire and will to evolve and transform sources our being."
Spirit of the Season - Originally posted on Iam Saums:
“Giving is the greatest gift we will ever receive.” Sugar Plum Fairies: As children, we were captivated and mystified by the glitz, glow and glitter of the holiday season.  The prospect of gifts we would receive carried us through the most difficult days of the year.  Every time the holidays…
Source of the Soul - "Intuition is the bridge that connects our creativity with our reality. It is the origin of our transformation. Our soul’s purpose is to intend our vision to become our possibility."
A Being of Power - "Though everything that is not our destiny will arise to challenge our intention, all we encounter further defines and strengthens our commitment. All we become originates and empowers our intent. Our personal power is the manifestation of our purpose."
In the Shadow of Brilliance - "Every option we choose contrary to our destiny takes us further away from who we are meant to be."
Eye of the Storm - "When we find ourselves confronted and overwhelmed by our personal storms, it is the opportunity to transform our experience. It takes those difficult moments to awaken us from the regimen of our waking slumber. Personal empowerment, insight and manifestation occurs when we release our attachments and embrace our possibility."
A Universal Being - "The destiny of our life expression is one best embodied by who we are being in the present."
A Band Beyond Description - "A growing collection of the faithful braved the chilly winds that blew through the city corridors. Several crashing the scene with fingers in the air looking for a miracle."
From Now to Eternity - "Destiny is not a linear path. It is a multi-dimensional experience that ebbs and flows with the energy of our empowerment, intention and purpose."
Signs of Life - "Our lives are much more than we live. We are beings of universal energy simultaneously existing in multiple dimensions."
Universality - "We are eternal beings of energy, ever evolving and expanding as an emanation of creation. We are an infinite soul expressing our essence through our intuition."
Infinite Sea - "We are an expression of multi-dimensional energy both extraordinary and infinite. Our energy can either free or enslave us, others and our environment in ways far exceeding our perception."
The Truth We Are - "Who we are being is the manifestation of our truth. When we are present to who we are being, it transforms our experience. It is our life’s creation. Our awareness determines the relatedness we have with ourselves and others. It is the heart of our existence."
A Source of Energy - "Only our enlightened emotion and intuition can free us from the spell of social reality. Our quest for creativity, healing, fulfillment and purpose begins with us. We must embrace and illuminate the shadows within to transform ourselves."
Kaleidoscope - "Our lives are defined by how we view them. Though we have various senses, our sight greatly impacts our experience. Most of what we become is a culmination of what we perceive.
The Reality of Us - "Perception is the most influential force in society.  In a civilization lacking creativity, faith and intuition, the social engineering and manipulation of observation is a business model for the industries we enable.  Power is not fame, politics, possession and wealth.  It is the ability to alter and control the way society perceives itself."
A Stirring in the Soul - "Each of us has the opportunity to manifest our destiny and express it into the world through how we are being. Our vision is the gateway to who we truly are. It is the embodiment of our soul. The realization of our vision is the emergence of our spirit into our life."
Rise and Shine - "Our vision is all that is real. Having a vision is the birth of our possibility. Living it transforms us and the reality in which we exist. This is the true expression of human being."
Enlightenment - "There are infinite pathways to enlightenment within the multi-dimensional experience of being. The path we choose to walk is a manifestation of our creation, declaration and expression."
Spirit of the Season - "There is no other time of the year when we are given the greatest gift of all. One not wrapped in a box or a bow, yet in our hearts and souls."
An Unlikely Champion - "When we are present to the opportunity and realization of our enlightenment, our experience of life transcends our fears and the social limitations of our environment.  This is the true power of our soul’s illumination that transforms our being, perception and understanding."
Lakshmi - "All the songs on the “Lakshmi” album where inspired by and created through the practice of Mantra Meditation.  Mantra is a style of meditation in the Jain tradition using an ancient word or words that are associated with one of the seven chakras.  This practice allowed me to be present to the infinite possibilities of creativity during the composition, development, arrangement, performance, recording and production of the “Lakshmi” album."
The Ass and The Elephant - "Our system of democracy enables the antithesis of all it appears to embody.  Reality is a fairy tale that lulls us into acquiescence, futility and oblivion.  Our “choice” is a false power enabled by a superficial society."
Cult of Spirituality - "The only true power we have is our consciousness.  This extraordinary expression of our being transcends our ego.  Where the ego attempts to prove itself and impose its influence, our spirit emanates consciousness to transform our experience."
A True Life - "Who we choose to be in our daily life attracts into it all which we intend.  Our intention is the focus that creates the vision of how our experience transpires.  Our creativity is the essential energy to manifest our destiny."
Now and Zen: To Whom It May Concern - "Everyone and everything in our lives serves as an all-encompassing mirror.  How we respond to these elements of our experience determines how we think, feel, act and are."
Transformation - "The power of our consciousness, inspiration, listening and presence is our common birthright.  Our personal transformation is the essential expression of our creativity."
Our Choice - A choice for us all.
This Just In! - "The line of demarcation between truth and fiction in the media has long been blurred beyond recognition. Reality has become a lie and a lie has become our reality."
Being Our Experience - "There is nothing more significant in our life than who we are being. In a reality where being-ness has been swept under the proverbial rug of contemporary society, it is truly the only saving grace for the present and future of all."
Present in the Present - "Being present is about disengaging from the things, people, thoughts, feelings, reactions, dramas and stimuli in our lives that do not bring us happiness, fulfillment, joy, health, peace, inspiration and love."
The Cosmic Resonance of Music - "It is a frequency that grants direct access to our natural abilities and tendencies toward our consciousness, awareness, relativity, connectedness, intuition, insight, communication, evolution, and transcendence."
Human Traits that Are Slowly Killing Us - * Our unchecked anger to which we are not present. * Our judgement and self-righteousness (yes we all have it!) * Our negative reactions to events in our lives and the world. * Our past experiences of which we have not let go. * Not accepting people for who they are and who they aren’t. … Continue reading Human Traits that Are Slowly Killing Us
INeMe - "It is only with consciousness we may discover who the real oppressor is in our lives. It is only then we may realize who we are truly up against. An adversary that is second to none. Someone we will never evade, defeat or escape. We give our power over to our INeME whenever we fail to acknowledge, claim and express it."
Human Being - "It is our destiny in this world not only to choose how we will live, yet as vitally, the degree of a difference we will make, not just in our lives, yet in the lives of everyone in our sphere of influence. Everyone has a difference to make and it is our responsibility as human beings to discover this."
What is Real Beyond What is Real. - "Reality is easy to transcend when we “real”-ize that reality is an illusion and truth is all there is. And the greatest of truth will always be our love. Yet, it requires us to claim and establish our truth and sacrifice the only thing that keeps us imprisoned from ourselves. Reality."
Community - "There is only one way to experience community. It is in the expression of our service to others. Not the service we provide to society for which we are compensated. It is the unconditional service we choose to give for the sake of giving."
The Consciousness Blues - "Breathing is the most powerful way of transforming our fear, worry, outrage, concern, frustration and anger into a proactive and productive form of practice to shift our problems into solutions. As a matter of fact, breathing is the first step in this process. It is fitting that this is the first step of life!"
Romancing the Soul - "Much as the congregational and dependent-laden path of religion, all spiritual paths can become “romanticized,” “shaman”-ized and popularized to attract and enchant the masses. It may seem that emulating or even “echoing” a guru or spiritual teacher’s wisdom makes the difficulty of walking one’s spiritual path easier."
(Don’t) Follow the Leader - "Being a leader is simply being our selves, the fullest expression of our potential. Only you can be the greatest of who you are. Only you can be you, in all your uniqueness and beauty. When we are being the best of who we are, the solutions transform the problems into opportunities so we may thrive in our lives."
Stand - "All of us have experiences that inspire us into enlightenment, action and being. We are all motivated by circumstances and events that define the what, why and how we are empowered. Our commitment to petition for it is the foundation of our expression."
The Heart of it All - "Being conscious in an oblivious society is no longer sufficient to transform the world. Conversations and actions are mere stepping stones in becoming and being all that we envision. Not just as human beings having a spiritual experience or spiritual beings having a human experience, but as energetic beings conveying the extraordinary expressions of our creativity."
Intuition - "It is most difficult to believe in the things we do not see, especially if we cannot understand or relate to them. Since the time we are very young, we are conditioned to believe in only what we see or hear within a narrow perception of reality. All outside of this fine line of life is where the extraordinary thrives."
Entertained to Sleep - "Instead of being entertained by other people, imagine the possibility that our life itself could be fulfilling enough. For if our lives aren’t that entertaining, what does that say about how we are living them?"
Yin Yang - "Solar Beings are at the source of their lives. They are naturally radiant with positive energy, inspiration and intention. Their first inclination is to share, relate with and empower others. They are transcendent yet grounded into their physical life. Solar beings sense and live all possibility."
Authenticity - "Authenticity is the cornerstone of transforming ourselves and ultimately the world. When we commit to living an authentic life, we are devoting ourselves to making a difference. We are the source of our creative expression, benevolence, relatedness and love. This is the truest realization of life."