Rise and Shine

“Fear is what happens to us when we deny our love.”

Social Distortion:

Humanity is afflicted with an inexorable disease.  It is a widespread epidemic that compromises our authenticity, ethics, integrity and sensibilities.  One of which we as a global culture have been suffering from since the dawn of our existence.  Its roots originate in our chaotic, obscure and unconscious lifestyle.  This social virus is an emotional instability, a mental phobia and inevitably becomes a physical disease.  All of us are infected.  No matter how we attempt to avoid, distract or escape ourselves, it is always there.  It thrives on our personal apathy, attachment, conflict, denial and dependence.  We are prisoners of our own fear.

Broken Foundation:

The decline of our society has accelerated. No matter what our belief, education, perception, politics or understanding, it is undeniable.  Humanity is in a perpetual state of fear.  Most of us are not aware of its full measure and impact.  We have been socially conditioned into a custom of dis-ease, disillusionment, distrust and indifference.  Cultural confusion influences all avenues of our daily experience.  From our early exposure to authority, education and religion, to the contemporary exploitation of the media, our peers and society, we are constantly overwhelmed by a blitz of aggravated anxiety.  Our fear is like water to the fish.

Feigned Obscurity:

Reality, as presented and perceived, has been distorted and manipulated to the nth degree. Its dynamics have been strategically altered beyond common understanding.  Those who pull the strings of the global puppet show make sure the design is complicated enough to prevent the majority from transforming it.  It is the energy of our own fear that sustains the reality in which we are confined.  We are not taught nor do we choose to learn ways to transcend this social prison.  Therefore, we sequester ourselves within the boundaries of our personal fear.  Reality is an artificial security that prohibits the fulfillment of our possibility.

Tapestry of Terror:

Terror sells, perhaps even more than fear or sex. It is a controversial terminology wielded by adolescent adults for the purposes of agenda, control and profit.  The impact of its implication provokes anxiety, hate, ignorance and oppression.  It is a contrived power that has altered history, law, perception and understanding.  Those who define it are often the guiltiest of practicing it.  It is a commercial, corporate, financial and political exercise to exploit the fear of nations for the manipulation of the global marketplace.  The true purpose of contemporary terror is to bewilder, distress, enrage and terrify humanity.

“The easier it is to look away, the harder it is to live with ourselves.”

The Bliss of Oblivion:

We have made it our inalienable right to be consciously unconscious. Selective reality is our common misperception.  We desensitize and acclimate ourselves to the horrors of inequality, injustice, prejudice and violence.  Social chaos, deception, destruction and trepidation have chased us into our proverbial rabbit holes.  We defend and hide ourselves from the mere threat of danger.  We settle for mere survival in the shadow of life.  Our motivation is socially distorted from fulfillment, purpose and service to amusement, escape and possession.  We savor the bliss of our self-conditioned oblivion, tethered to the vicious cycle of a virtual reality.

Imaginary Life:

We are all in a waking slumber. The monotony of society’s arduous routine has pulled reality over our eyes.  Our sedation is sustained by the multiplicity of our amusement, distraction, entitlement, obligation and responsibility.  We are culled into pedestrian roles as slaves to a complex matrix of indoctrinated education, elementary entertainment, divisive politics and idealistic religion.  Our attachment, consumerism, fear and obedience enable a ravenous social system of competition, exploitation, manipulation and obsolescence.  Everyday we voluntarily justify our part in defending and enabling an imaginary life at the cost of our freedom.

The Spark:

It happens to all of us in our own unique way. Our perception and experience shifts from our immersion in to our transcendence from social reality.  We see the illusion for what it is and become acquainted with our personal vision.  The quickening of our empowerment and enlightenment propels us into the embrace of the extraordinary.  Linear perception transforms into multi-dimensional experience.  We are thrust into expansive, new streams of consciousness.  All we have encountered and understood in our past and present is superseded by the illumination and inspiration of all possibility and purpose.  We are awakened.

Soul Signature:

Each of us has a personal power that extends beyond our experience, imagination, perception and understanding. Whether or not we are aware of this, it exists.  Our body may be a biological marvel and our mind a neurological phenomenon.  Yet, our heart is an electromagnetic force of multi-dimensionality symbiotic with our intuition and connected with our soul.  It is in our creativity that our spirit is able to manifest through our heart, mind and body.  Every person has the ability to be an expression of the universe.  Our unique vision is a vital element in the fulfillment of our purpose and the collective destiny of humanity.

“Only when we live our vision will we become our soul purpose.”

Keeping the Vision:

No matter how powerful our experience of awakening may be, seeing and knowing it is only the beginning. Enlightenment is established with our commitment to exercise a conscious lifestyle whenever an opportunity is presented.  The personal vision we receive is manifested with our creativity, devotion and intention.  In order for us to truly become this we must live it everyday, especially in the midst of great adversity.  Our vision is all that is real.  Having a vision is the birth of our possibility.  Living it transforms us and the reality in which we exist.  This is the true expression of human being.

In the Field:

The fate of the future depends on us all. There is no escape from this essential, universal truth.  The greater our resistance in claiming and embracing our personal destiny, the more grave the impact it will have on the fate of all living beings.  We are not spectators in the arena of life.  We are participants in an extraordinary experience that transcends our fear, perception and reality.  The expression of our personal engagement is the embodiment of our soul purpose.  Our commitment to the fulfillment of our life is our only true destiny.  Our personal power is realized when we choose to envision, embrace and walk our path.

Rise and Shine:

The only moment in which we will ever make a difference is now. Each of us has a dream that can become vision, intention, expression and purpose.  There is one true destiny for which we are all empowered into being.  It simply requires us to break through the boundaries of the fear we have enabled with our own anger, apathy, denial, hate and indifference.  The more we live an experience that inspires us; the more it becomes our lifestyle.  Transforming reality is not moving mountains or altering the course of the future.  It is our birthright as multi-dimensional beings.  It is our nature.  We must rise to the opportunity of our life and shine.

“The only life worth living is our own.”


“Entitlement is the shadow of enlightenment.”


Privilege is at the root of human nature. It is as accepted, endorsed and practiced as our instinct, thought and feeling.  We all don a badge of self-expressed elitism.  It is not just to compete, excel and survive in a cutthroat society.  It is a defense mechanism we all inherit and adopt to protect our personal egos, issues and vulnerabilities.  Our fear of being exposed before our peers for the divine transgressions of our empathy and kindness build the walls of our personal prisons.  We cling to this security blanket with all the empty intention and social obligation we can muster.  Eventually this prevalent lifestyle establishes the expression of our entitlement.

Vision of Oblivion:

The institutionalized propaganda of education, media, politics and religion has instinctively, psychologically, emotionally and intuitively rendered our culture oblivious. Whether it is our personal apathy, contempt, denial, fear or self-righteousness, we have become disassociated and desensitized to the bleak and bitter realities that consume us.  In the face of our endless possibility and potential, we have wagered our destinies for a synthetically comfortable and convenient existence of anxiety, debt, emptiness, opposition and survival.  We protect ourselves with the shield of our oblivion to avoid becoming who we truly are.

Divine Comedy:

Society is rife with a who’s who list of inauthentic “spiritual” leaders who present and promote their doctrines to the unconscious masses. Many are motivated to expand their fellowships in quantity at the cost of quality empowerment.  Most choose to represent the very antithesis of the principles their initial awakening inspired in them for personal benefit and profit.  The measure of their enlightenment is often notoriety, position, possession and wealth.  They exploit and manipulate ancient teachings and wisdom to engineer their initiate’s illumination at the cost of the relationship they have with their own soul.  It is a divine comedy of fantasy and ignorance.

The Veil of Reality:

“Reality” is a construct that distracts us from ourselves and our destiny. It is a three-dimensional structure with boundaries, dynamics and laws to confine us into a matrix of control, deception and manipulation.  Reality is an artificial projection administered by an authoritarian network to confuse, distort, divert, preoccupy and repress us with our own fear.  We become helplessly and hopelessly dependent upon the intoxication of our fruitless, intellectual prowess and the drama of our irrational emotional attachments.  Reality is the perfect machine designed to separate us from our heart and soul.  It alters our multi-dimensional being-ness into the captivity of duality.

Ghost in the Machine:

Reality is a methodical tapestry designed to enslave us into an impasse of instinct, intellect and negative emotion. Society’s machine is absolutely effective in its exploitation of our anxiety, cynicism, denial, fear, indifference and oblivion for the sustenance of its survival.  It is the perfect symbol of our culture’s insatiable desire to serve itself at the cost of its own humanity.  Reality consumes all our authenticity, creativity, empathy, individuality, integrity and possibility. Our greatest qualities are replaced with anger, frustration, futility, obedience and resignation.  Everyday we condemn our lives to the very oppression we despise.

“Enlightenment is an illusion of being.”

The Mind’s Eye:

We are all slaves of our own egos. The oblivion we entertain and enable with our pride, prejudice and partisan viewpoints tightens the proverbial nooses around our heart and soul.  We are mystified by our own social conditioning to the extent that we all vie for a superior position in the simulated hierarchy of human existence.  Our words weave complicated webs of academically infused concepts and philosophies to supplement the absence of our personal consciousness, intention, kindness, love and purpose.  We sacrifice ourselves upon the altar of information, knowledge and wisdom at the expense of our relation with our soul.

Spiritual Deception:

There is one common element that has been ever-present throughout the history of human faith. Many may believe it is communal prayer.  Yet, beyond it is the lie that may inspire or sustain it.  Congregational belief is the greatest diversion ever envisioned.  It is a strategic credence that distorts and destroys our universal connection.  Anything and everything that is conceived from or devised by a dualistic society bound to its instinct and intellect is only as proficient as its intended potential.  In other words, that which is created or exists within the three-dimensional paradigm cannot exceed or transcend its nature.  It is a paradox of human existence.

Archaic Soul:

Enlightenment has become an ideology established on the distinct vision of a few at the behest of the many. Therefore, it cannot fulfill mainstream well-being given the egocentricity of its origins.  The guidance, illumination and wisdom of a guru, minister, shaman or priest simply does not apply to the unique spiritual needs of the individual human being.  Where it’s intent may be to provide understanding, it only serves to distract and dismay the many into the obscurity of cynicism, futility and oblivion.  Religion and spirituality are profound testimonies to the commercialization and distortion of contemporary enlightenment.

Universal Calling:

We have all been conditioned to be dependent upon the superficial expertise and insights of authoritarian influences. We have sacrificed who we are, why we are here, our fulfillment and personal power for anonymity, ease and oblivion.  We have allowed ourselves to surrender to the currents of social acceptance, belonging and status.  Our culture personifies our fear and reluctance to rise and stand for the vision and wisdom we are destined to become.  There is no other individual meant to empower or occupy our experience.  The truth we are born to live can only be established by our choices and the manifestation of our purpose.

A Path Unbroken:

Enlightenment isn’t about seeing reality or the world as we would hope or like it to be. It is about experiencing it as it is.  The fantasy or ideology we may attempt to impose on ourselves and others only prevents us from being present to its existence and possibility.  Personal illumination is reliant only upon the initiate’s creation and commitment.  No other person(s) have the expertise or right to source the manifestation of individual destiny.  Enlightenment, in its true expression, cannot exist within the three-dimensional realm.  It can only thrive beyond the domains of our social and terrestrial experience.

“Love is the greatest expression of enlightenment.”


There are infinite pathways to enlightenment within the multi-dimensional experience of being. The path we choose to walk is a manifestation of our creation, declaration and expression.  Though there may be times during the course of our lives when each of our paths may cross and relate, they are individual expressions with personal meaning and purpose.  Only the boundaries of our fear, perception, thought and understanding inhibits our embrace with eternity.  Our authenticity, creativity, integrity and intention are the foundations for the transformation that shifts the duality of everyday reality.  Enlightenment is emerging from the oblivion of our ordinary fear and expressing the extraordinary power of our love.

An Unlikely Champion

“The world has changed.  I feel it in the water.  I feel it in the earth.  I smell it in the air.  Much that once was, is lost…”  – Galadriel of Lothlórien

Into Shadow:

Early in the second week of November, 2016, there was a massive shift in the world.  Many believe that this may have something to do with the American presidential election.  This was a cover event to distract and divert our attention away from a deeper shift.  One that has nothing to do with politics, but our perception and understanding of contemporary reality.  Our vision of our lives and our relationship with the world have been altered and distorted.  Clarity, intention and purpose has been replaced with chaos, confusion and cynicism.  We are victims of a grand deception.  One that has fallen upon our senses like a dense, energetic haze.

One Ring to Rule Them All…:

An ancient energy of fear permeates the very nature of the world.  Its omnipresent force moves through all living beings and things.  Even our vision and experience of our lives are stigmatized by the relentless projection of its chaotic, disruptive and elusive power.  We are conditioned to be energetic receivers and transmitters of fear.  Our internal, biorhythms are manipulated and suppressed into inferior energetic frequencies.  We are conditioned to use our fear as a weapon of survival in our daily lives with our families, friends and peers.  We are oblivious to how much this energy influences our choices, experiences, existence and perceptions.

The Shire:

We live our lives in the comfortable illusion of “reality.”  It is a common, human mechanism that disassociates us from our apprehensive and skeptical perceptions of society and the world.  We safeguard ourselves from the horrors we invent with our very own fear.  We build invisible walls around ourselves to give us a false sense of power, purpose, security and worth.  Most, if not all of us, have never experienced a “true” life.  It is only as true as we create it to be.  We are not indigenous to living.  Our quest is not of destiny, but of survival.  Our pursuits to find new and clever ways to exonerate ourselves from our personal power consumes our potential.

A Stirring in the Darkness:

What terrifies us most is not what stands before us, it is all that is unseen, unheard and unknown.  The potent undercurrent we all feel pulling upon the deepest strands of our conscience, instincts, thoughts and feelings is unavoidable, undeniable and inevitable.  A social shift has occurred, awakening something from the long-forgotten hibernation of our collective oblivion.  A darkness so sinister the mere memory of its existence strikes a terror like none other in the strongest of souls.  For good or ill, our social circumstances are empowering us into action, awareness, being and purpose.  We are being called to rise and stand at a most desperate hour.

“What is to be my quest?”:

There are instances in our lives when we are presented with the opportunity to claim our destiny.  We are only required to accept, embrace and live into its fulfillment.  However daunting, difficult or impossible its manifestation may seem, it is our only way to express our true nature.  The horror of an unfulfilled and unlived life is far greater than the initial terror we may face when we are confronted with the epiphany of our destiny.  The path we walk with our innate sense of adventure, courage, curiosity and inspiration shall always lead us to who we are meant to be.  It is our genuine willingness and wonder that leads to our freedom.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” – Gandalf the Grey

“The Mirror Shows Many Things”:

We sell ourselves short every day in almost every way.  We are the bane of our own existence.  The confidence we place in others far exceeds that which we hold for ourselves.  We negate our personal power to avoid our accountability, authenticity, charity, integrity and responsibility.  Most of us know little of the existence of such merits let alone express them in our daily lives. Our tendency to make our human virtues our social sins becomes the comfortable euphemism of our false power and self-enslavement.  All that we avoid, curse, deflect, deny and judge causes our inevitable eventuality.  All that we fear becomes who we are.

The Eye of Sauron:

For as many differences we all have, there are as many or more similarities.  Besides the obvious, the expressions we exhibit that matter most are our thought, feeling and intuition.  Yet, our egos covertly assume the utmost influence and power.  It is the silent partner that binds us in the darkness of our apathy, cynicism, denial, judgement, superiority and self-righteousness.  All our untended anger, contempt, hate and pain is seized in stealth by our egos, manipulated into a projection of our malevolent and willful vengeance.  At the heart of our inevitable immorality is the fear we harbor.  Fear is the power we give away.

The Fellowship is Broken:

We do not have community in the way that it is envisioned.  Our inability to relate with ourselves is the most effective and startling evidence.  It is an epidemic dichotomy of global proportions.  We are, have always been and perhaps will always be alienated from each other by our beliefs, egos, individuality and perceptions.  Distinction and independence is a double-edged sword that has been used most often for destruction instead of creation.  The watermark of social evolution has erased the notable achievements of humanity.  It has long been replaced with a mountain of archaic knowledge, selfish obsolescence and superficial worth.

Our Most Beloved Star:

Our vision is the genesis of who we ultimately become.  We are each empowered with a unique insight of possibility.  It is what inspires and terrifies us in the same breath.  Our potentiality is ever emerging, expanding and fluctuating into our reality with or without our commitment to it.  The consciousness we express is the measure for which we manifest it into our personal reality.  When we are present to the opportunity and realization of our enlightenment, our experience of life transcends our fears and the social limitations of our environment.  This is the true power of our soul’s illumination that transforms our being, perception and understanding.

The Turning of the Tide:           

We are beings of extraordinary potential, power and vision.  We possess all that we need to create and manifest everything our imaginations may express.  Our energy, focus and intent proactively shifts our experience.  Our opportunity to fulfill on our destiny is as vital as the air we breathe.  When something is missing in our lives, it simply requires us to provide that which is absent.  Society is aggressive, cruel, incomplete and vicious because we are.  We must first transform ourselves from who we have become and trust this will make the difference we long to see in the world.  Only we can become the champions of our own epic tale.

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” – Galadriel of Lothlórien

Our Choice

What we perceive as fear, is not “fear.”

It is simply a natural, raw energy we encounter.

When we transmute this energy into love before we begin to interpret and embrace it as fear, we will transform ourselves and our lives.

This is how powerful we are as human beings.

When we personify our fear, we are being lazy with our consciousness and potential.

When we express our love, we are “being” our consciousness and potential.

Human Traits that Are Slowly Killing Us

* Our unchecked anger to which we are not present.
* Our judgement and self-righteousness (yes we all have it!)
* Our negative reactions to events in our lives and the world.
* Our past experiences of which we have not let go.
* Not accepting people for who they are and who they aren’t.
* Allowing ourselves to be influenced by fear.
* Choosing to do anything but love.

Human Being

Human beings are extraordinary expressions of life.  Our intelligence, potential, compassion and creativity is unrivaled by any other life form.  Yet, when it comes to the practice of these gifts, our ideals rarely become our realities.  And it is bewildering how we fail to express these qualities with those whom are closest to us.  Our kindness oftentimes seems to be more fluent with strangers than it is our family and friends.

There is an important distinction to discover as we are living our lives on this earth that is continually overlooked in the midst of our daily distractions, dramas and preoccupations.  We can submit to “being human,” or we can choose “human being.”  Though it appears to be semantics, there is a massive difference.  The distinction is found in the expression of our consciousness, fellowship and love.

“Being human” is eating, sleeping, working, talking, driving our cars, watching television, debating, being entertained, comforting ourselves and ultimately attempting to escape the bitter agony of our common social reality.  It is a mental perception that perpetuates a lifestyle of conditions, expectations, entitlements and stolen advantages for the benefit of the one at the cost of others.  Being human is the default program to which we regress when we lack consciousness and compassion, thus sustaining our selfishness.  This element of our nature is displayed most powerfully in the quality of emotions with which we chose to react to the people and circumstances in our lives.

“Human being” is quite distinct from being human.  It is not merely an expression of awareness and conscience.  It is kindness, understanding, acceptance, giving for the simple opportunity to give and offering our service to others without attachment.  Human being is our natural expression.  It is not just reaching our full potential; it is living it, and in so doing, inspiring others to live theirs.  When we choose to transcend our conditions, fears, dramas, attachments and the entitlement of being human, we embrace our ability to love, yet as importantly, to forgive, which is truly what it is to “be” human.

“Being humans” are everywhere.  They cut each other off in traffic.  They resort to upset with each other when their expectations aren’t met.   They become frustrated when their agendas and strategies aren’t successful.  They may interpret this as a challenge to their authority or false sense of personal power.  They have a tendency toward manipulating and controlling others and circumstances through family and workplace politics, even unbeknownst to themselves.  Being humans are also very clever in their ability to utilize expressions of guilt, sadness and even depression to supplement the rackets they play upon themselves and others.

“Human beings” are focused on staying present in the moment and the lessons that the people and their experiences bring to their lives.  They are inspired and empowered toward being proactive and fulfilling upon whatever mission they commit.  There is an understanding and lifestyle of acceptance, faith, intention and belonging applied to everything they are and do.  The possibilities and perceptions they embrace and employ are boundless and eternal.  Human beings approach their life and living it equivalent to the wonder, curiosity and selfless honesty and innocence of a child.  Their authenticity is so endearing; nothing else within their environment can endure.

We live in a conditional society.   When we choose to be true about ourselves, we see that the roots of our conditions, rules, restrictions, stipulations and laws stem from the seeds of our very own fears, worries, concerns, failures, upsets, hurt and pain.  This is at the heart of being human.  Our dark nature and inclination toward enabling our unhealthy behaviors and patterns always lead to closing the windows and doors of ourselves from the world and throwing away the key for our safe keeping.

These are the conditions of our lives.  The barriers we construct from years of repressing our insanity and confusion.  We hand over our personal power to the invisible monsters that reside within us all.  We ourselves sustain the darkness in the world with our denial, unconsciousness, self-righteousness, disinterest, reactivity, envy and hatred.  Yet, these traits are never motivated by a person, event, experience or thing.  It is simply our loathing of the part of ourselves we see in others and the circumstances in our external environment.  It takes a human being to transcend the vicious cycles and schemes we run on ourselves.

This is why we are here, on this earth, at this time.  When we fail to receive these inner messages with our intuition, we may be introduced to someone who pushes the same buttons within us we push with ourselves.  They serve as a mirror to us offering a valuable key to the enigma we can be to ourselves.  When we continue to miss the lessons the people we attract into our lives bring us, we have experiences such as hurting ourselves, getting into an accident, or losing something or someone precious to us to remind us of the work upon which we must fulfill.  We are not meant to be slaves to our identity; we are created to be champions for our own freedom.

The very quality of our lives and how they eventually end is further testimony to whether we are living as a “being human” or a “human being.”  It is our destiny in this world not only to choose how we will live, yet as vitally, the degree of a difference we will make, not just in our lives, yet in the lives of everyone in our sphere of influence.  Everyone has a difference to make and it is our responsibility as human beings to discover this.

Perhaps what ultimately distinguishes us as a “human being” from a “being human” is the empowerment and inspiration we engender upon others, especially those whom consciously or unconsciously chose to perform the role of a reflection for us.  It is always when it is least wanted and with people whom may be our bitterest adversaries.

The greatest strength and courage we will ever discover is in our willingness to hear and accept the truth of ourselves and apply it to our daily lives.  All that stands in our way of transforming ourselves and achieving our fullest expression of living is our self-righteousness, fixed perceptions, attachments, reactions and fears.  It is the invisible prison we construct in our lives with our conditions that disrupt, distort and destroy the blessing it is of “human being.”  In essence, we are the only ones that get in our way.

We are both ‘being humans” and “human beings.”  It is simply a choice we make of who we are going to be in any given circumstance, in any given moment with any given person.  The greatest personal power we will ever achieve in our lives comes when we make the choice to be what we were born to be.

A human being.


(Don’t) Follow the Leader

Webster’s dictionary defines a leader as: “a guide or conductor, a first or principal performer of a group, a person who directs a military force or unit, a person who has a commanding authority or influence.”

However, it is wrong.

It isn’t “wrong” because of the nature of its reference, nor is it wrong from a standpoint of common acceptance.  It isn’t even wrong due to the term’s representation of how “leader’s” are perceived in contemporary society.  In my opinion, it is wrong mostly because who a “leader” is has been blasphemized, manipulated and “hi-jacked” to become everything that a leader is not.

From the time we are very young, before we are even aware enough to understand we are alive, we are conditioned, influenced, “advertised,” “entertained,” indoctrinated and even punished into believing and accepting things in our society that are not entirely true.  One of the more popular elements of this misrepresentation is how we recognize leaders in our communities and in the world.

Most of us have accepted the notion that politicians are leaders.  After all, we “vote” them into office to represent us and our best interests regarding important issues; health, well-being, security and our quality of life.  Yet, are politicians really “leaders?”  They certainly seem to be presented as such by their party bases, constituents, the mainstream media, the entertainment industry, the other side of the aisle, etc.  How many communication’s classes have politicians taken?  How many leadership training programs have they completed to be a leader?  What was their experience in “leadership” prior to their being elected into office?  In what type of dynamic (workplace, environment, project, collection of people, etc.) was their leadership experience?  What was the quality of their leadership?

My purpose in asking these questions is not simply to call for their qualifications to be “leading” hundreds, thousands or even millions of people, though we the people ought be doing this.  My intent is to point out the startling fact, in our mainstream educational system, there are very few classes one can enroll in to become a “leader.”  Let alone, how many “leaders” are really standing (supporting) for other people to become “leaders?”  What is a leader?

For a moment, ponder the people in your life, the people in our society that are considered “leaders.”  What qualities, characteristics, practices, behaviors and actions do they exhibit that emulates leadership?  Is it that they tell people what to do, or how to do it?  Is it that they conduct and direct every aspect of a project, an event, a job, an organization or an environment?  Is it that they are conducting a class, an interview, a seminar, a ceremony, a meditation or a discussion group?  Is it that they stand out in a crowd, are strong, influential, loud, bossy, expressive, outgoing and bold?  Perhaps it is all of these.  Perhaps not.  Perhaps being a leader isn’t about being aggressive, proactive, overbearing, influential, a “go-getter,” “out in front of the crowd,” or the person to whom people are drawn and upon whom they rely.

We all have had experiences when we found ourselves in a leadership role; with a younger sibling, in school, at our job, in our family and in our community.  We associate “leadership” to two or more people, a group, a team, a congregation, a workforce or a village.  Yet, how often do we acknowledge our own leadership?  How often do we embrace and practice the expression of our leadership in our “own” lives?  How often do we disregard, diminish, dispose of or deny our own leadership in our lives because of a fear of claiming it and what the ownership of our personal leadership may require of us?  How often to we surrender to the tides of our self-assassination?

It is easy for us not to empower or practice our leadership in our lives, let alone on a daily basis.  Perhaps it is even easier to take time out of our busy lives to check a box on a ballot in a voting booth once in a while and hand over our personal responsibility, power and voice to people that are more than willing to take it from us.  It would seem that it is easiest to stand in the shadows of our lives “dreaming,” “hoping” and “praying” that everything is going to turn out the way we desire it to be, without our intention, purpose or involvement.  Even waiting for our appointed “leaders” to bring us what our hearts and souls yearn.

Though it may “seem” much easier to settle on this approach, living this way is more difficult than we can possibly imagine.  So difficult that most of us may never experience the extraordinary opportunities and possibilities our lives may bring to us when we are living them to the fullest, when we are being leaders of our own lives.  So difficult that we may never experience the inspiration living our lives with leadership may empower others to fulfill upon a commitment to their own.

The fact of the matter is that we are “all” leaders, when we choose to be, as we are meant to be.  Being a leader is simply being our selves, the fullest expression of our potential.  Only you can be the greatest of who you are.  Only you can be you, in all your uniqueness and beauty.  When we are being the best of who we are, the solutions transform the problems into opportunities so we may thrive in our lives.  This success is measured in our health, happiness, peace, acceptance, creative expression, amicability, vitality and our relations with our communities.

Imagine when the majority of our society will live this way.

When we imagine this, it will become.  This is how powerful we are as human beings.

We just have to accept, claim and express our power through our leadership by who we are being.  It simply requires us to become who we are, in the fullest of our life expression.  We are the only ones who can claim for ourselves the leadership we were born to be.


Yin Yang

“Most will take and few will give.  Most die daily while few truly live.”

 A Shadow of Power

Society is rife with human beings whom are raised, conditioned and educated into selfishness.  It is a game in which there is always one winner and the rest are losers.  Yet, there are no winners in this game.  There is only envy, division, competition, greed and unfulfilled desire.  This is and has been the design of social existence since before there was human awareness enough to identify and quantify it.  Where once we stepped up to help another in need or extend our listening beyond base necessity, now we find it challenging just to show up for our own life.  Apathy, denial and cynicism have distorted the heart of human nature.

The dynamic of society is built upon the standards, wants, perceptions and strategies of the few at the cost of the many.  This insidious model stands as a monument to our daily enslavement.  It is a system that not only seizes our time and the best experiences of our youth and middle age; it claims our creative expression and life force.  The agendas of the few are most often relative to the sociopathic lunacy endemic in business, politics, finance and entertainment.  These are the societal domains that have become ordinary distractions promoting opposition, greed and artificial fulfillment.

There is one thing that the few have in common. They all embezzle power from others.  They are parasites that feed upon a host.  Unfortunately, we are the host.  As dependent as we may believe we are of corporations, governments, banking institutions and the media, the few are even more reliant of our participation in their diabolical rackets.  They alter the very nature of the reality in which we live to support their means to this end.  Without our involvement, their structures of control and manipulation would vanish amidst the brilliance of the critical mass, global consciousness that is growing evermore with every minute of every day.

Solar and Lunar Beings

Most human beings in the world are “lunar” in character, meaning they rely upon external influences for motivation, acceptance, purpose and reference.  They are the passive force of humanity, the wallflower who watches the world go by.  Lunar Beings cheer for their favorite actor, politician, athlete or personality and subconsciously live vicariously through them.  They are the effect, the echo and habitually the victim.  Lunar Beings qualities are most often defined from without and their footprints in the sand disappear long before they are made.  Like the moon, they rely upon the light of others to be illuminated.

Solar Beings are at the source of their lives.  They are naturally radiant with positive energy, inspiration and intention.  Their first inclination is to share, relate with and empower others.  They are transcendent yet grounded into their physical life.  Solar beings sense and live all possibility.  They realize that fear is simply a raw energy to be transformed into an expression of love.  They are mostly left and right-brained balanced with a solid connection to their intuition.  Their macrocosmic understanding and multi-dimensional lifestyle aligns them with something much greater than themselves.  The life of a Solar Being is one of service for the sake of all.

Solar Beings are often targeted, demeaned and ridiculed.  They are the lone candle in a dark room, easily seen, envied and chastised for their outgoing, confident and beaming spirit.  Where Lunar Beings tend to influence things in subtle, covert and gradual ways, their counter parts thrive in the radiance of their unbridled expression and their need to be related with all.  Much like the Moon with the Sun, Lunar Beings place themselves in opportune positions to reflect the vibrant and empowering energy of Solar Beings.  The only difference between a Solar Being and a Lunar Being is one’s choice to be the cause of their fullest potential.

The Eternal Dance

Our society is imprisoned in a three-dimensional reality manufactured for the sole purpose of distracting, hypnotizing, entertaining and terrorizing its victims into a walking, thinking and working slumber.  While we are idly competing and fighting for our survival and those of our families, the commercial, political and financial screws are tightened continually beyond their threshold.  We are pitted against each other in an ancient, secret, exclusive and costly game of thrones.  With casualties that far outweigh the spoils of this war we call “life.”

The design of our daily existence is a vicious cycle of selfishness embodied in our pursuits of status, wealth, possession, instant gratification and archaic, empty achievements.  Everyday, we willingly sacrifice our visions, dreams, creativity, energy, personal power and integrity to an elusive vortex that hides behind the tapestry of our contemporary societal structures.  We are segregated from all that is true, just, righteous and possible to sustain a reality of disease, lack, illusion, obsolescence, monetary acquisition and simulated control and power.  Our life is not given to us to live; it is taken from us to serve the few at the gravest cost, our soul’s expression.

Lion Heart

The world is becoming conscious of the inequality, inhumanity, hostility and the horrific and elaborate networks of financial, corporate and political influence the few hold over the many.  In the wake of these realizations, it is almost impossible to maintain our balance, optimism, sensibility, peace and possibility.  What is more vital than our awareness of these enduring issues is how we respond to them.  It is almost inevitable that conscious people will have an instinctual reaction of anger, upset, frustration, hopelessness, helplessness and resignation.  After all, these are the very states of being the few need from the many to divide, conquer and rule.

The powers of dark and light shift to and fro unseen and un-sensed by the many.  The social undercurrents we feel and often contest with our distractions, denial and right-brain intelligence gather gravity and potency to enable this age-old, ill begotten chess match for false power.  Few will rise to face and many will yield to fall for the grandest illusion ever devised in the history of humanity, the fear of fear.  For it is not the engineered reality we should dread.  It is our unidentified, un-manifested and unexpressed truth, purpose and destiny that are the greatest tragedies the world will ever know.

We are all both Solar and Lunar beings.  Whichever one we are primarily is based upon our choices, our passion, our intention and our lifestyle.  Global transformation calls for lion hearted people to stand and speak amidst so many whom are kneeling and silent.   It is our common life path to encourage and empower others simply by whom we are being. When our response is taken with rage, arrogance and agenda, we will continue to enable our enslavement. When our stand is made with creativity, amity, ahimsa, happiness and love, our freedom is fulfilled.


False Personality:
An oppression has grown stronger with the passage of each generation in human existence. It has claimed not just the health, well-being, sense of belonging, consciousness, purpose and destiny of its victims, yet also their very lives. A tyrant so clever and efficient it need not exert any of its own effort or energy to fulfill upon its devious plan. It simply relies on the apathy, denial, unconsciousness, self-righteousness and cognitive dissonance of its subject. What is spawned from this malevolent blend of self-oblivion is what every human being possesses, the false personality.

The false personality is a vortex that consumes anything that does not enable or supplement its control and manipulation over a human being. The most dangerous element of the false personality is that it remains virtually unknown and impervious to its unconscious and distracted host. It is analogous to cancer clusters growing in the human body, undetected until the tumors have established residency in the organs or tissues of the unsuspected. And when it has been discovered, the first obstacle to overcome is the greatest, the denial of its very existence.

The human race exists almost solely from false personality. Its mission is to keep us preoccupied from our true selves with our own indifference, confusion, drama, and feelings of failure. As our human conditions amass, we eventually begin to sacrifice our personal power both unconsciously and unconditionally. We are become hopeless, anxious and disempowered, fatalities of our own circumstances, environments and lives.

The false personality survives mostly on reaction. It is astonishing to discover how much of our society is reactive in nature. It would seem that there are very few genuine actions expressed in our common reality. If “cause” is the requirement of our freedom, “effect” in our society is in great supply. The human race is constantly responding to stimuli being broadcasted from an authoritarian structure based on belief, intelligence, entertainment and a hierarchical class rule. Yet, it is certainly not the external impulses that influence us the most. It is our false personality that renders us prisoners to our selves.

Our false personality is sustained by our desire, our self-gratification, our uncertainty, our upsets, competitiveness, envy and ill will. It thrives on our unwillingness to transform and our inclinations toward control and manipulation. We tend to put more stock into the disempowerment of others, and ourselves, believing this is our “real” power rather than accepting the truth of ourselves. We are our own inspiration.

True Personality:
The first step in reclaiming our personal power and shifting toward our true personality is in the realization that we ALL have a false one. In order for us to transcend its intricate matrix, we need to become our own observer. Only then may we behold the great degree of influence and impact our false personality imposes upon us. We must step outside of our beliefs, perceptions, expectations and entitlements to awaken and sustain our connection with our true personality.

Our true personality is who we were before we were taught, conditioned and assimilated into the common reality of contemporary society. It is our inherent virtue we tend to hide, inhibit or diminish. It is the part of our selves that most of us have surrendered to our adulthood. The qualities of ourselves we free when we are at our most genuine and vulnerable. It is the intuitive wisdom of ourselves we experience when we need to remember who we were before our conversion into society. Our true personality is our innocence, kindness, acceptance, potential, inspiration and universal need to relate and belong.

The false personality is dense in energetic quality, immutable and fixed. The true personality transcends the very nature and existence of reality. Its mere presence transforms the realism and dynamic of the environment in which it inhabits. Its expression is engaging, intimidating, exhilarating and revolutionary. Our true personality thrives upon the potential to explore, discover and express higher levels of consciousness and infinite energy. It is the emblem of eternal creativity and possibility. When we are living from our true personality, our false personality ceases to exist. A gateway to higher realms of being is opened. Our true personality is the key to the greatest expression of our being in this reality, our authenticity.

It may be challenging to draw distinctions between our “true personality” and our “authenticity.” After all, they seem to be the same thing, yet they are not. Our true personality is a facet of our existence as a human being. Our authenticity is how we express and share our true personality with society. Authenticity is not just a choice; it is an expression, a way of being. It begins and ends with fulfilling upon what we say we are going to do and who we are being while we are in action. It is our integrity, our commitment and all for which we stand in our lives. That which inspires us sources our energy, our focus, our intention and leads to the fulfillment of our destiny.

Our authenticity is not just a measurement of our accomplishments or even our being-ness. It is the expression of our willingness and dedication to transform not just our own lives, yet the lives of others. It isn’t about succeeding and surviving; it is about thriving and empowering others to flourish as well. It is the philosophy that when one person creates powerful insights for themselves, the community to whom they belong stands to benefit. How can we discover and experience this quality of realization if it is not a shared endeavor? Authenticity is lived for the advantage of the many at the cost of the false personality.

Being authentic is the greatest work to which we will ever commit. We can never be authentic with others until we are first authentic with ourselves. Being authentic with ourselves is choosing to accept our self for who we are and who we aren’t. If our consciousness relates us with our true personality, then authenticity unites us with our soul. When we choose to free ourselves from our false personality by being authentic, we are making an investment in the vision of who we truly are. We are living it as only we are meant, to the best of our possibility. Authenticity is the cornerstone of transforming ourselves and ultimately the world. When we commit to living an authentic life, we are devoting ourselves to making a difference. We are the source of our creative expression, benevolence, relatedness and love. This is the truest realization of life.



Elemental Medicine

The primary blessing we are given when we are born is our breath. This is the first medicine without which we would not survive. Our ability to take and give our breath is also our initial expression of life. The awareness of our breath is the true measure of our consciousness. As present as we are to our breath is as present as we are to our life. Yet it is not just the breath we take that is vital. What has become essential in our contemporary world is the quality of air from which we draw. Our environment is more lethal than it has ever been. We are killing ourselves with our own chosen toxicity.

Our breath sets the tone of our lives. We all breathe, though it is so ordinary to us that we arent even sentient of our breath. It eventually becomes another automatic element of our existence. When our breath becomes habitual, we tend to breathe primarily through our mouths. We dont receive the full benefit of our breath. Only when we breathe deeply and rhythmically through our nostrils do we obtain the optimal filtration our lungs provide. The quality of our lives and how long they endure is dependent upon the commitment and consciousness we exercise while we are breathing.

Our breath is the heart of our human experience. The greater our intention to breathe an abundance of purified air, the greater our ability to cleanse ourselves of the toxicity that has grown within us. Our lives begin and end with our breath. Our conscious breath can instantaneously transform our vision, perception, mood, behavior and life. The measure to which we are aware of and exercise our breath is equivalent to the measure we draw from the essence of life that thrives within and around us. The quality of the breath we inhale and exhale most certainly impacts all with whom we are related.

Our body and the planet upon which we live consist primarily of water. Water is the second medicine. It is the most cleansing and purifying element of our existence. Yet it is also the most destructive and fatal. Water by its very nature is a perfect reflection of its environment. It is a force both mutable and powerful. Its relationship with air is unique in that it cannot exist without it. Water creates air by evaporation whereas air creates water through density. It is no coincidence that clouds are the children of air and water. The union between the two is the most sacred and vital synthesis.

Much like its predecessor air, water is a cornerstone in the foundation of all life. The more water we consume, the more we cleanse ourselves of the toxicity we may carry. However, the quality of the water we drink, cook with or bathe in determines the measure of our purification. Water is the most powerful healing agent available to living beings. It sustains our body’s natural ability to heal itself of most ailments and injuries. When we drink water we are not just being revitalized or hydrated, we are also oxidizing ourselves from the inside out. We are refreshing our blood, cells and organs.

Water is the most essential element. Purified water improves and transforms our health by assisting our immune system in protecting our body from the plethora of viruses present in our contemporary society. The extraordinary healing and purification properties of water create an environment within us that makes it very difficult for illnesses or infections to exist. Waters conductive purposes are as powerful as its natural ability to hydrate. It is not just the water itself that sustains our health; it is also the energy we put into the water that carries our intention.

The third medicine is Earth. It grants us equilibrium, stability and relativity. It gives us the solidity upon which we may ground. Yet, it is not just the permanence it provides that allows us to exist upon its ever-evolving landscape. It is also the energy emanating from its core to its crust that enhances our consciousness, creativity, purpose and destiny. This energy sources our experience of life in ways that are beyond measure, meaning, worth and imagination. It empowers our body’s natural healing and regenerative powers. Earth is the foundation of our three dimensional being-ness.

Everything the earth provides is medicine. From the vitamins and minerals in rocks, stones and crystals, to the dirt, mud and sand, to the roots, plants and trees. Nature in all its expressions provides a surplus of elements to nourish, cleanse, heal and sustain us. Our only requirement for the ability to utilize these gifts is the appropriate knowledge and commitment to harvest, apply and replenish them. The synthesis of our relationship with these medicines determines the quality and fate of life for both the earth and our selves. Yet it is up to us to choose this extraordinary opportunity.

Before the first ember was fanned into flame by our ancient ancestors, the darkness of the night reigned unchallenged. Fire brought with it warmth, light and comfort, yet also conversation, community and illumination. It offered confidence, courage and hope and eventually aspiration, passion and fortitude. Fire enhanced the experience of life for our earliest relatives. It gave them focus, insight, purpose and wisdom. The mysterious and fluid light and motion of fire alone has captivated generations. Fire is the heart of our society bringing us all together unlike any other element.

The fourth medicine offers a diverse and unique purification and healing. Its heat, light and intensity burns away our toxins, ailments, thoughts, concerns and fears. Fire instantaneously transforms our behavior, mood, environment and experience of life. Our body’s natural fire emerges as a fever to process our toxins, stabilize our imbalances and heal our illnesses. The human traits of creativity, insight, inspiration and empowerment are related with this element. Our inner fire manifests as our passion, desire and dedication to transcend all that prevents or prohibits our enlightenment.

There is nothing in this world more misunderstood, misrepresented, commercialized and exploited than the fifth medicine. All that is of spirit is primarily ridiculed, manipulated or discredited. Our society is structured in a way that separates us from our soul. This distorts our natural ability to experience many diverse dimensions of being. Our energy and focus is constantly disrupted by a multitude of artificial elements designed to distract us from our souls. When we chose to live a lifestyle as an expression of spirit, it can be revealing, challenging and overwhelming. Yet it is rewarding, illuminating and fulfilling.

Our four dimensional consciousness cannot be achieved until we create the necessary elemental alchemy. It requires the balance of the four medicines of our being, our body (earth), mind (air), heart (water) and soul (fire). When this equilibrium within us is established and maintained, we are able to become present to our intuition. This is the gateway to our soul allowing us to relate and commune with our spirit in the energetic frequency most commonly felt and experienced as love. This gives us access to an infinite resource of creativity, intention, healing and energy.

Spirit is the multi-dimensional essence that unites all the elements. It is the invisible presence that inspires and sustains all life. Our soul is what empowers our being to thrive to our greatest potential and possibility. It grants us the vision to see that we are accountable for, beholden to and interrelated with all living beings both on and beyond this world. This is the fullest expression of our multi-dimensional existence. We are the medicine for which we have yearned. Our souls are declared only by the integrity of our commitment to fulfill our natural purpose and become all that we are destined to be.