In the Name of Life

In The Name of Life

“We cannot truly live until we die.
Die to everything familiar, comfortable, secure and known.
We must be willing to live our every breath,
so we may be able to breathe through our death.”

The Illusion of Life:
We are eternal beings of energy with endless possibility that co-exist vicariously through the disillusionment of a three-dimensional, physical reality. The societal culture in which we “survive” programs, conditions, indoctrinates and frequently threatens us with the mere probability of fear. It isn’t even “our” fear we feel that is the source of our perpetual anxiety. It is the illusion of an imminent fear that poses the greatest peril to our well being. (Please refer to my article, “The Fear of Fear.”) The bait and switch of reality diverts our focus from life and replaces it with the imposition of death.

From the moment we claim our consciousness, we are inundated with the daunting undercurrents of our eventual, earthly demise. Whether or not we are present to it, a part of our awareness is always transfixed upon this physical certainty. It may begin as a reluctant acceptance, yet it ultimately becomes a silent, arresting force that can accelerate our destiny with it. The more we resist the ultimate truth we one day will pass from this world; the more we give our power over to it. This perception we unwillingly adopt leads to serving a sentence instead of creating a life.

In the multi-dimensional experience of the now we are constantly birthing and dying simultaneously. From our cells in our body to our thoughts in our minds and our emotions in our hearts, we are progressively and continuously evolving and expanding our being-ness. Yet, it is our chosen perspective of life that determines its quality, purpose and fulfillment. We do not live in a culture that promotes, expresses and sustains the energy of life. We exist in a society that imposes, controls and manipulates the belief in death. It is our conflict with our own consciousness that enables our mortal experience.

A Life of Death:
Everyday of our lives we are surrounded by death. Whether it is the casualties of accidents, addictions, crimes, diseases, famine, prejudice, religious conflicts or wars, our senses are assaulted with the graphic images of fatality. We have become desensitized by its frequent illustrations of horror and finality. The media uses depictions of death to hypnotize and terrorize its consumers into a perpetual state of apprehension. Even our perception of death has been manipulated by our authoritarian culture to reflect an ultimate fear instead of encourage an opportunity for transcendent experiences of being.

Our adopted perspective of life viewed through the common filter of death results in our expression of age. Those whom resist it or avoid its inevitability usually age more rapidly than those whom accept it as a part of the blessing of life. Living with an intention of evading death leads to a diminished quality of life, often resulting in illness, injury and terminal disease. When we allow our lives to be filled with the imposing presence of death, we sacrifice our life force to our subconscious self. We transmute our truth, potential, purpose and destiny into anxiety, apathy, dis-ease and fear.

Within and Without:
The natural world, the environment and our contemporary society are saturated with a violent toxicity this world has never seen. It is one of the greatest epidemics the human race has ever encountered, yet rarely acknowledges. It is chemicals and additives in our food and water supplies. It is chemtrails, fracking and the extraction and refining of fossil fuels. It is lethal energetic frequencies of Wi-Fi, “smart” products and cell phones and their towers. We are perpetually being irradiated by the very technology invented for our “benefit.” Modern convenience has made our lives a walking death.

Moment to moment, our consciousness is conceded to the “death” we adopt as “reality.” It is everywhere in everything. We have grown so accustomed to its presence and influence we have conditioned ourselves to accept it as truth. In our pursuit of status, recognition, success, and survival, we have sacrificed our connection with the eternal abundance of the universe for fleeting, material self-gratification. We are hopelessly and helplessly hypnotized by this mirage of human existence. Our entitlement to a decadent mortality ultimately becomes our eminent destruction.

The nature of our culture is contrary to the energy of life. Humanity’s critical mass has enabled a regression of existence by fixating on what it does instead of who it is being. Everyday we emulate death by how we choose, or rather don’t choose to live our life. The essence of life is determined by creating possibilities of who we are being with the power of our choices and how we express them. When we are unwilling to breathe intention into our life with our commitment to it, our existence is absolute. There is no room for inventing our life to be anything other than it is. Our life becomes our death.

The Measure of Life:
The natural progression of our spirit on Earth is illuminated by our intuition, expressed by our heart center, interpreted by our minds and manifested into our physical reality with our actions. As above, so below. However, the structure of our contemporary culture eventually eliminates the relationship we have with our heart and soul. It emphasizes institutionalized thought, belief and fear to stimulate an inferior, instinctual lifestyle steeped in a plethora of addictions, attractions, distractions, deceptions and impossibility. Our lives are dead long before we begin to truly experience them.

Our life shouldn’t be dictated by our eventual death, our death ought to be determined by our life. It isn’t about life and death at all. This is the two-dimensional trap of our three-dimensional experience on Earth. It prevents us from identifying and claiming our natural expression of being. In the temporal world, our being-ness is the only thing we are that is eternal. Everything else is an illusion. Death is a control pattern, a business, a competition and an egocentric endeavor. Life is a thriving experience of everlasting truth, growth, empowerment, inspiration and abundance.

In a world of death it is very difficult to truly live. As challenging as it may be to live in a society that is continually dying, it is by no means impossible. We must be willing to let go of the death we cause and allow in our lives. The measure of our life is best expressed in our commitment and intention to identify and transform the death we are living. This way of being requires our authenticity, integrity, inspiration and purpose.

It is our soul’s destiny to stand in the face of death and choose to live in the name of life.

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