Iam Saums is an author of articles on community, consciousness, creativity, music and transformation.  He has been featured on numerous websites, publications and social media.  His vision is to empower and inspire community through creativity.

“Conscious breath is our choice to be in the center of our experience.”

 (Quote from “The Center of All.”)

The Center of All - "Who we are is often established by the people and circumstances influencing us through our energetic reactions to them. Chaos within begets chaos without."
The Greatest Conspiracy - "The truth about conspiracy is we secretly believe because we feel the resonance of its truth, we simply fear the social impacts, ridicule and scrutiny."
Who Is Iam Saums? - "I choose to believe my literary endeavors are shared experiences between my personal expression and the universe. At least this is my vision."
What Will It Take? - "All of us, yes all of us are universal beings.  This is our birthright as souls living a human experience."
On a Personal Note - "I choose to believe we all have the potential to observe ourselves from within and transform our way of being to the best of our ability in the spirit of making a difference."
The Birth of Power - "Observation empowers us to draw pivotal distinctions, preventing us from falling prey to social pressures and enabling the schism between our soul and the universe."
“Empower Yourself” Interview with Lorenzo Malowane of The New Agora - "Relationships are multidimensional experiences. Finding the balance between the masculine and feminine inspires us to get present and into the listening of others."
“Breathing In Courage” Interview with Lorenzo Malowane of The New Agora - "It's an individual, personal choice to connect with what's going on in the universe to transform ourselves, find our creative voice and express our imagination. We have to find it for ourselves."
An Essential Choice - "Our current era is defined by choice.  We become what we choose."
Age of Experience - "Every moment is an opportunity to accept, focus, balance, center, ground, intend and embody our experience."
The Awakening - "The ultimate expression of creativity is transforming ourselves. It is a universal declaration to acknowledge, embrace and embody the creative force empowering us to shift the dynamics of our being."
A Cure for Wellbeing - "Most of us are focused more on our finances than our health. This is the primary reason why this virus has had such a widespread impact."
Plan Be - "Who we are being energetically manifests the universe into social reality. We are this powerful!"
Center of Attention - "To where, who and what we guide our attention sets the course of our existence. Our focus determines the realization of our being, energy and intention."
Assembly Required - "There is a vital balance between establishing and sustaining relations and empowering and evolving our truth."
Era of Awareness - "Transcending duality empowers us to see not just the extraordinary in others, yet also in ourselves."
Quantum Destiny - "If there was ever a greater opportunity to shift our experience, energy and existence, it is now.  Reality and society are as ripe for transforming as they have ever been."
The Time Has Come - "The condition of our immunity is the pulse of how we can navigate through most if not all health and environmental challenges confronting us."
Opportunity for a Lifetime - "Now more than ever, our lives and those of others depend on our choice to transcend the boundaries of the illusion and become an expression of universality."
Universal Streaming - "Much as our mind invents dreams to subconsciously send messages, our soul inspires conscious experiences to encourage our universality."