Iam Saums is an author of articles on community, consciousness, creativity, music and transformation.  He has been featured on numerous websites, publications and social media.  His vision is to empower and inspire community through creativity.

“We are not a reflection of society, we are an expression of the universe.” (Quote from “A Source of Energy”)

A Source of Energy - "Only our enlightened emotion and intuition can free us from the spell of social reality. Our quest for creativity, healing, fulfillment and purpose begins with us. We must embrace and illuminate the shadows within to transform ourselves."
Kaleidoscope - "Our lives are defined by how we view them. Though we have various senses, our sight greatly impacts our experience. Most of what we become is a culmination of what we perceive.
The Reality of Us - "Perception is the most influential force in society.  In a civilization lacking creativity, faith and intuition, the social engineering and manipulation of observation is a business model for the industries we enable.  Power is not fame, politics, possession and wealth.  It is the ability to alter and control the way society perceives itself."
A Stirring in the Soul - "Each of us has the opportunity to manifest our destiny and express it into the world through how we are being. Our vision is the gateway to who we truly are. It is the embodiment of our soul. The realization of our vision is the emergence of our spirit into our life."
Rise and Shine - "Our vision is all that is real. Having a vision is the birth of our possibility. Living it transforms us and the reality in which we exist. This is the true expression of human being."
Enlightenment - "There are infinite pathways to enlightenment within the multi-dimensional experience of being. The path we choose to walk is a manifestation of our creation, declaration and expression."
Tis the Season - "The energy of the holidays bring visions of awareness, charity, community, festivity and illumination.  It is an opportunity for all of us to revel in the possibility of love, joy and peace."
An Unlikely Champion - "When we are present to the opportunity and realization of our enlightenment, our experience of life transcends our fears and the social limitations of our environment.  This is the true power of our soul’s illumination that transforms our being, perception and understanding."
Lakshmi - "All the songs on the “Lakshmi” album where inspired by and created through the practice of Mantra Meditation.  Mantra is a style of meditation in the Jain tradition using an ancient word or words that are associated with one of the seven chakras.  This practice allowed me to be present to the infinite possibilities of creativity during the composition, development, arrangement, performance, recording and production of the “Lakshmi” album."
The Ass and The Elephant - "Our system of democracy enables the antithesis of all it appears to embody.  Reality is a fairy tale that lulls us into acquiescence, futility and oblivion.  Our “choice” is a false power enabled by a superficial society."