Iam Saums is an author of articles on community, consciousness, creativity, music and transformation.  He has been featured on numerous websites, publications and social media.  His vision is to empower and inspire community through creativity.

“Knowledge may give us the world, awareness gives us the universe.”

 (Quote from “Era of Awareness.”)

Era of Awareness - "Transcending duality empowers us to see not just the extraordinary in others, yet also in ourselves."
Quantum Destiny - "If there was ever a greater opportunity to shift our experience, energy and existence, it is now.  Reality and society are as ripe for transforming as they have ever been."
The Time Has Come - "The condition of our immunity is the pulse of how we can navigate through most if not all health and environmental challenges confronting us."
Opportunity for a Lifetime - "Now more than ever, our lives and those of others depend on our choice to transcend the boundaries of the illusion and become an expression of universality."
Universal Streaming - "Much as our mind invents dreams to subconsciously send messages, our soul inspires conscious experiences to encourage our universality."
The Soul of Sound - "Being creative is an empowering, progressive and transformational relationship with the universe."
The Art of Being - "My vision revealed creativity, epiphany and possibility beyond my imagination. I became engaged in a multidimensional dance with the universe."
A History of Mystery - "Discovery and transcendence replaced my anxiety and fear as I embraced the inevitability of the experiences in a quest to flow with the currents of universal energy."
Epicenter - "Our creativity is an expression of our truth. Living our truth is how our soul transforms our reality."
One for All - "We are the vision, mission, intention and purpose we empower. Our lives are opportunities to transform our selves, experiences and realities."
Transcendental Shift - "Our passion is the expression of our power. Whatever kindles our desire and will to evolve and transform sources our being."
Spirit of the Season - Originally posted on Iam Saums:
“Giving is the greatest gift we will ever receive.” Sugar Plum Fairies: As children, we were captivated and mystified by the glitz, glow and glitter of the holiday season.  The prospect of gifts we would receive carried us through the most difficult days of the year.  Every time the holidays…
Source of the Soul - "Intuition is the bridge that connects our creativity with our reality. It is the origin of our transformation. Our soul’s purpose is to intend our vision to become our possibility."
A Being of Power - "Though everything that is not our destiny will arise to challenge our intention, all we encounter further defines and strengthens our commitment. All we become originates and empowers our intent. Our personal power is the manifestation of our purpose."
In the Shadow of Brilliance - "Every option we choose contrary to our destiny takes us further away from who we are meant to be."
Eye of the Storm - "When we find ourselves confronted and overwhelmed by our personal storms, it is the opportunity to transform our experience. It takes those difficult moments to awaken us from the regimen of our waking slumber. Personal empowerment, insight and manifestation occurs when we release our attachments and embrace our possibility."
A Universal Being - "The destiny of our life expression is one best embodied by who we are being in the present."
A Band Beyond Description - "A growing collection of the faithful braved the chilly winds that blew through the city corridors. Several crashing the scene with fingers in the air looking for a miracle."
From Now to Eternity - "Destiny is not a linear path. It is a multi-dimensional experience that ebbs and flows with the energy of our empowerment, intention and purpose."
Signs of Life - "Our lives are much more than we live. We are beings of universal energy simultaneously existing in multiple dimensions."