The Event Horizon

“Our soul expresses the energetic flow of empowerment.”

The Point of No Return

Whether or not we are conscious in this exciting new era, we have crossed the threshold of a universal, energetic shift humanity has yet to experience.  Through an excess of engineered, social events, we are being discouraged, diminished and manipulated.  Our natural progression of communal and personal evolution is being dismantled and destroyed.  Many may interpret my observation as conspiracy theory, initiated by their individual encounters with cognitive dissonance, and the narratives to which they subscribe.  Millions of people allow themselves to be deceived, disempowered and influenced away from the unique flow of their universal experience. 

Existential Inversion

The onus is not on those who have gravitated toward the oblivious bliss of ignorance, crafted from their circumstances, environments, misfortune and victimization.  It is upon all who have willingly conditioned and programmed themselves with a multitude of institutionalized education, mainstream media, politics, religion and science to defend their fear in the face of their truth.  We live in an age when disinformation is aggressively broadcast, while truth is violently discredited, ridiculed, suppressed and abandoned.  Identifying as “woke” in relation to being “awakened” is the distinction between those armed with ego and all expressing their soul. 

Social Pulse

Social existence is the greatest distraction to human experience.  In society, we do not have genuine belonging, only superficial relativity.  This is defined by whether we are proactive (positive) or reactive (negative.)  We are brainwashed to emulate effect with our engagement, rarely empowering ourselves to create cause.  We make it easy for authoritarian entities and organizations to proliferate instinctual fear, intellectual division, emotional trauma and spiritual deficiency.  We delude ourselves into believing educators, entertainers, the media, politicians and religious leaders have interest in our wellbeing.  They care only as much as they profit. 

The Cult of Society

Every organization in society is a cult, seizing our personal power, as they enslave us in social reality.  Cult, by definition: a relatively small group of people having beliefs or practices, especially relating to religion, regarded by others as strange or sinister or as imposing excessive control over members.  Sound familiar? If we are “real” about it, we will observe our inherent worship of the business, entertainment, financial, governmental, political, religious and sporting domains.  Inevitably, we invest.  We are motivated by the fear of failing to conform.  We buy in with our life, conditioning our mind, suppressing our heart and sacrificing our relativity with our soul. 

“Universality is our destined path empowered by our soul.”

An Investment in Enslavement

Our social conditioning programs us into a constant state of expectancy.  It is not just that social reality is a simulation, imposed to sculpt us into victims.  We are spectators of its virtuality and consumers of our own enslavement. (Be with this.)  The daily encounters of artificial existence overwhelm us with sensory hyperstimulation.  We acquiesce the energy with which the universe empowers us, enabling our enslavement with our institutionalized programming and obedient engagement.  Our dependence assimilates us into virtual existence, transmuting our universal being into an energetic vortex.  We extract our soul by distorting our intuition, repressing our heart, programming our mind, toxifying our body and embracing the prison of social reality.

Destined Calling

Before social conditioning and programming imposes its artificial impression, each of us has a universal purpose.  All of us become present to our calling, most often during adolescence.  Society misinterprets this revolutionary experience as “rebellion,” negating and oppressing our personal power before we can become its expression.  All who choose to pursue their destined path are labeled fanatics, ever confronted by the simulated orthodoxy of an engineered society.  Yet, the universe provides an abundance of energy in the form of empowerment, clarifying our vision, inspiring our creation and encouraging our expression.

Transcendental Shift

For the last decade, we have been and are in the flow of an extraordinary, universal energetic shift.  Many of us may not observe let alone experience it because it does not exist in the virtuality of common society.  We all have the potential to create our personal, transcendental shift.  Our soul enlivens us to transform our enslavement from social reality by freeing ourselves from its linear duality and becoming an expression of universality.  The universe is an energetic field of infinite opportunity and possibility.  It is our soul’s relativity with our intuition and heart which empowers us to express it into our experience.

Universal Momentum

We are all in the universal flow of the shift, regardless of our awareness.  The energy of universality is a multidimensional force of being, consciousness, creativity, empowerment, expression, fulfillment, illumination, inspiration and transformation.  Our universal opportunity is to embrace and synergize with the eternal currents of its energetic flow.  The body and mind are merely filters of our daily encounters.  Our heart and intuition are the gateways to our universal experience.  We are not humans defined by the effects of our environment.  We are souls omni dimensionally expressing our universal cause within a virtual matrix of social existence.   

The Event Horizon

An event horizon is a boundary beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer.  The point at which the gravitational force becomes so great, escape is impossible.  Believe it or not, this is where we are, our point of no return.  We stand upon the threshold of transcending the simulation of social reality to embody our universal experience with being.  We can either remain in our ego, the illusion of ourselves.  Or we can transcend the veil and be an expression of our soul.  Becoming one with and expressing the universe’s empowerment is our greatest opportunity for all lifetimes.  Flowing with the energetic shift is the event horizon of our universality.   

“Discovery is releasing all we know to experience all we are.”

4 thoughts on “The Event Horizon

  1. Dear Iam,

    Well said! It’s alarming how many have been assimilated in a false social reality (with all its programming) as well as a virtual one. It’s a world where spirit is ignored and people are pressured into going along with the mainstream consensus.

    The human ego has been exalted through different means (including celebrity worship, reliance on outside authority, the importance given to status and material wealth). What is required, from my perspective, is to surrender our ego to the divinity within.

    I feel we’re at a point of bifurcation and very few are interested in pursuing a spiritual path and opening to the universal energies now pouring in. It does feel like a great opportunity missed … though I believe those with a Divine seed (souled beings) will be able to resume their journey back to Source at another time.

    Not sure how this “point of no return” will play out going forward. I feel ready to experience a new reality that is organic in nature.

    Best regards.


    • Thank you for your insights Thelma! They were well written! IMHO it requires a daily practice of managing our egos. It is a fine line between ego and soul, and I observe how many people blur that line with selective interpretation, listening and understanding. Perhaps consciousness is the defining factor in how we express our soul in this construct of social reality. Social medium does not help either. Hope you are doing well!


      • I’m well, thanks! You’re right about daily practice to manage the ego; otherwise it tries to take over. I have learned that “surrendered ego” is the way to go (surrendered to the Divine within) and I affirm this every day (i.e. “I surrender to the Divine Light”). We need to transcend our human ego to make this transition and the majority of people have not.

        Good point about consciousness being the defining factor in how we express our soul here. Those who have not done the inner work or put any value on their inner connection are easily manipulated. Spiritual practices like prayer, meditation, and mind/body exercises such as tai chi or yoga can help.

        As always, I enjoy your articles! Thanks for your efforts.


      • Absolutely!
        Just did an interview about Intuition yesterday.
        We were observing the intuition is a stream of consciousness empowered by our soul and the universe. How important it is to connect and relate with it as often as possible.
        It expresses our universality.
        The importance of understanding our experience as we are being lead by it.


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