“In Love’s Power” Interview with Lorenzo Malowane of The New Agora for The New Now

Video Interview with Lorenzo Malowane of “The New Agora” presented by “The New Now.”

In Love’s Power. Please join us today as we chat about love, power and relationships.

Out of the box, and perhaps, out of your comfort zone, the real purpose of love’s journey, could be seen as a means to clear up all the fears we have created that could be blocking our ‘Happy Destiny’.

Not the ‘sappy-happy’ kind of love but a potential life path of honest integrity and serious challenge towards the ultimate goal of living ‘In Love Unlimited.

Iam Saums has been writing articles, poetry, short stories and songs for over twenty years. He is a student of the Fourth Way School and practices Mantra Meditation and Lakota Ceremony. He uses intuition and emotion as conduits for creativity. His inspirations for writing are consciousness, ontology, self-expression, truth and transformation.

Iam is also a musical artist and multi-instrumentalist. He plays guitar, piano, bass guitar, percussion, drums and sings. He has written, performed and recorded original music in many diverse genres including blues, bluegrass, country, folk, fusion, jazz, improvisation, latin, ragtime, reggae, ska, spiritual and soul. The subject matter of his music is akin to that of his articles.

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Transcendental Shift

“We are the key to the universe.”

Opposing Forces:
We are our greatest adversary. Our tendency is to emulate doubt, fear, indifference and self-sabotage. We demonize authenticity, accountability, integrity and purpose because we are programmed by the social dysfunctions of arrogance, egocentricity and self-righteousness. We obsessively analyze and dismiss most of our opportunities because they do not fit our desired perception of how we believe they should be. Every day we assassinate more often than empower ourselves. Our societal conditioning suppresses our consciousness, evolution and transformation.

Life in Illusion:
Reality is not real. It is an archaic social deception designed to amuse, distract, entertain and preoccupy us from becoming extraordinary beings. Every day we are beholden to abide by and sponsor the commandments of society. Yet, it is an instinctual and intellectual prison for our emotions, intuition and soul. The more we accept and conform to the parameters of reality, the more we comply and surrender to it. Eventually we begin to believe embodying and enabling a lie is easier than creating and becoming our truth. In a world of illusion, what is true is often perceived as an inconvenience.

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The Opportunity of Fear:
Fear is the destroyer of worlds. It impacts and influences us on a cellular level of being. Because we do not possess an equivalent consciousness, we are unable to conquer let alone identify our own fear. It is an inevitable dance with the enigma of our existence. One that seemingly eludes our every intention. Fear becomes a part of our nature and experience. The very thought of it passes a debilitating impression upon us long before we are aware of its presence. Fear is simply our unconscious interpretation of raw energy yet to be transformed into our personal power.

Spark to a Flame:
There are many instances in our lives when we are given opportunities to live our destined path. These occasions are happening in every moment of the present. It is our choice to acknowledge and claim them as they transpire. Though it is not feasible to fulfill on every prospect we encounter, these experiences empower and inspire us toward a life we love. They are most evident in the expression of our contentment, happiness and the difference we choose to make. The spark of our vision ignites our intention to reveal infinite possibilities for the manifestation of our purpose.

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Flame to a Fire:
Our passion is the expression of our power. Whatever kindles our desire and will to evolve and transform sources our being. When our heart, mind and body are in alignment with our intention, our intuition connects us with our soul and the eternal, infinite energy of the universe. Possibility emanates from the synergy of our multi-dimensionality. How, why and who we are being is the essence of our instincts, thoughts, feelings and insights. The quality of our consciousness accelerates and expands all we express into the world. We are universal ambassadors personifying energy.

“Energy is the currency of consciousness.”

Stroke of Insight:
Revelation is the mother of transformation. When we shift our perception from the ordinary to the extraordinary, our experience is expanded by the expression of our consciousness. Freedom from our everyday life requires us to release the known of our existence and become aware of the infinite, ever-present possibilities. Everything we already understand of ourselves and the world only inhibits our full potential. Our opportunities are only as diverse as we perceive and intend them to be. We must be willing to step out of the image we portray and the reality we adopt to become multi-dimensional beings.


Power of Authenticity:
We shift our experience when we are being authentic. This is almost impossible in a superficial, social reality. Authenticity has become a pastime practiced most often in exclusive company. Yet, it is at the heart of our transformation. Personal power is not expressed by our criticism, judgement and opinion of others. True integrity and vision are found in our ability to accept ourselves and others as we are and as we are not. When we appreciate and honor our strengths and weaknesses, we empower ourselves to express consideration, kindness and understanding for all.

The Will to Serve:
Many are called, yet few are chosen. Leadership isn’t about authority, dictation or management. The true expression of how we lead is found in the measure of our service to the world and how we empower others to claim their own. There is nothing more gratifying than making a difference. This inevitably creates an enriching social reaction of evolution, good will and purpose, inspiring others to experience the fulfillment service provides. We are not just born to achieve our own agenda, need, want or survival. We truly thrive when we choose to share our unique contribution with the intention of transforming the consciousness of humanity.

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There is an energetic flow to everything at every time in every experience. The dynamics vary dependent upon our circumstance and our awareness. However, we always have an opportunity to shift our being according to the present so we may rise above the chaotic, dense and destructive frequencies to embrace those that are conscious, positive and progressive. It is not something we can encounter merely with our instinct or intellect. It is something we feel with our heart and intuit with our soul. We are always at the center of our experience. Therefore, we have the power to transcend and transform.

True Emanation:
We are a soul empowering our life through the experiences of our heart, mind and body. Our intuition is a multi-dimensional pathway that connects our consciousness with the world and the universe. We are a lightning bolt of energy expressing our soul into reality and transforming it with our creativity. We are a bridge of potentiality sourcing our experience by who we choose to be. The totality of our being is the instrument through which we cause our personal shift. All of us are developing and transitioning ourselves into our universality. Our life is an opportunity to express our soul and become who we are meant to be.

“Enlightenment is consciousness of being.”

ts xi


We are our greatest ally and we are also our most bitter rival.  As much as we have the potential for boundless creation and life, we possess the possibility for devastating destruction and death.  We have the inherent ability to inspire and support our selves and others.  We also have the learned inclination to thwart and disempower.  The extent of our existence is the measure of our expression, with whatever nature we choose to live.

Before our ego rises with the passage of our innocence, we possess a natural yearning to support those around us to thrive and expand their consciousness, thus fulfilling upon and relating to our own.  Though it would appear that the pendulum swings to and fro between our spirit’s aspiration to express this sacred service and our ego’s agenda to recover the power it believes it has lost.  This human equilibrium eventually lulls us into a hypnotic state of duality, entrapping us into the eager embrace of two-dimensional existence. Eventually, our personal power soon follows.

Many of us are unaware of the negative elements of our personality and behavioral patterns that may lead to our decline and eventual demise, let alone the positive qualities that guide us into the domains of our transformation and destiny.  Even more of us are oblivious to the impacts and influences these characteristics may have on our lives and the lives of others.  Whatever choice we make to be the best of ourselves or the worst of ourselves determines whether or not we are the heroes of our lives, or the villains.

Ever wonder why it seems like we are working against ourselves?  As though an unseen force stands between us and the life we were born to live?  A presence that hides in the darkest recesses of our being, waiting, ever watchful, ever patient and ever-present for the perfect opportunity to impose its force and influence over us.  It is our “INeME” (inner enemy).  As soon as we become conscious to its existence within us, it retreats back into the shadows to await another opportunity to wreak havoc upon our lives.

Many of us mistake our INeME as our “dark side,” “our evil,” or even depict these parts of our being as our “inner demons.”  When confronted with the truth of ourselves, most of us would opt to point the finger at others, thus furthering the contrary agendas of our INeME.  Yet this is false and in most cases may prove to be as harmful as our unchecked imaginations running away with our energy and our lives.

We would probably be amazed at how often during the course of a day this happens and how much of our personal power we sacrifice.  It is astonishing when we reflect upon how the quality of our life is diminished by the meanderings of our own willful perceptions, agendas and dramas.

Our INeME hypnotizes us through the monotony and triviality of daily life.  The clouds of our own collusion and indifference begin to form with our constant, catatonic consent.  We become lost in a dark forest of ourselves, reaching out and clinging to anything we may find in the hopes of making sense of our self-endorsed confusion.  We even begin to believe that there is worth in our drama to the degree that we defend it with everything we believe we are.  Eventually, we submit to the adversity, opposition and anarchy of our INeME.  We fall prey to its trappings, triggers and stimuli, as we hand over the last remnants of our personal power.

It is only with consciousness we may discover who the real oppressor is in our lives.  It is only then we may realize who we are truly up against.  An adversary that is second to none.  Someone we will never evade, defeat or escape.  We give our power over to our INeME whenever we fail to acknowledge, claim and express it.  The INeME is the part of us we rarely see or know exists.  It has been pulling our strings in ways more clever than we could have ever envisioned.  It is the veil we pull over our eyes that hides us from the truth of ourselves.

There is an eternal force within us that is similar to the current of a river.  For most of us, this current runs one way for the majority of our life, from our ego to the rest of our being.  It does not flow “our” way, though we condition ourselves to believe it does.  It directs us from a place intertwined within the multi-faceted intricacies of our mind.  It is a perfect internal storm of our base animal instincts, our unbridled thoughts and our unhealthy emotions associated with attachment, expectation and entitlement.

Amidst this inner storm, we may feel victimized and repressed.  Not by our family members, friends, employers, communities, society or reality.  Yet by our very own patterns and behaviors we have enabled and sustained through our unconscious and selfish desires and lifestyles.  This is a self-imposed illusion.  It only seems this way because of the power we give to our external experiences.  Beyond the linear perception of life and reality, we cannot just be the victims.  We are also the antagonists.  Though it may be difficult to identify and accept, we are our only INeME.

Our contemporary society simply does not prepare us to exercise the integrity and intention it requires to fulfill on the accountability and purpose of being human.  Nor does it preserve, encourage or value our responsibility to evolve, expand and express our consciousness.  Our world is rampant with distractions to draw the focus of our awareness away from transcending and exceeding our selves.  Yet, the distractions we may encounter around us are merely a reflection of the disruptions we invent and sustain within us to discourage us from confronting and overcoming our INeMe.

Our INeME is only as powerful as we enable it to be with our unconsciousness and fear.  It can be befriended.  Our very perception that it is against us grants it even more influence over us.  It is what we create it to be.  When we choose to accept it for what it really is, it becomes a potent ally.  The INeME is simply the mirror image we reflect to the world.  The greatest gift we can receive from our INeME is claiming the opportunity to transform it from our inner villain to our inner hero.  Only then will we emancipate from the slavery of our self.  Only then will we become who we truly are.



The “I” Gene:

As human beings, we inherit a trait we accept as a belief that is conditioned into us during our social development. Inevitably, it becomes our common reality. It is a system fashioned on the principles of compliance, reliance and oblivion. For the sake of distinction, let’s call this trait the “I” Gene. The “I” Gene is an internal “schism,” (division). It is a separation not only from our external surroundings and the people in our lives; it is a severance from our self.

Before we have the opportunity to be introduced to ourselves, we are bombarded by society’s imposition of who we are expected to be. This collective obligation goes greatly unchallenged and is globally obeyed by humanity. As a species, we have maintained this solitary lifestyle for thousands of years. The “I” Gene has repressed our relatedness with our family members, our friends, our communities and ourselves. It has inhibited our consciousness, relatedness and fulfillment.

The “I” Gene is more than just a thought form, a feeling or an instinctual desire for our personal space. This trait has embedded itself into every aspect of our being. Its impression has been influencing us on a genetic level our entire lives. The “I” Gene uses our ego against us to keep us distracted with our worries, conditions, expectations and fears. Where the proactive side of our ego creates our personal power, the “I” Gene surrenders it. It is an inner “slight-of-hand” that may be the cleverest racket we run on ourselves.

We are preoccupied by our personal survival, the distractions in our daily lives, the relentless influence of our ego and our emotional dramas, upsets and attachments. We become the “I” Gene and it eagerly embraces us. It is a collapse in our being between who we perceive ourselves to be (which isn’t who we really are) and how society’s aggressive nature programs us to maintain its standards. The “I” Gene is so clever in its strategy; it conditions us to believe that who society desires us to be is who we are meant to be, and how our lives must to be lived. We not only obey it, we worship and promote it with our achievements (most often individual), yet curse it for our shortcomings. This is how we give away our personal power.

As children, life itself was creative and adventurous. It was customary for us to gather with our friends and wield our imaginations, wills, passions, talents and heroism freely and fully. We believed that anything was possible, until the demands of life, family, reality, school, career, and society methodically began taking our virtues, abilities and destinies away right under our naïve and unconscious noses. When we were young, the very notion of being alone and separate from our friends or family was absurd. Now it has become our commonly adopted “reality.” We are tethered to it by our fear, failure and social intimidation.

The “We” Gene:

Deep within the recesses of our repressed human nature resides our pure potential and possibility. These qualities connect us with the human race, nature, the universe and our selves. The “We” Gene is ever-evolving, all-conscious and all-inclusive. The “I” Gene ceases to exist in the presence of the “We” Gene, much as the darkness in the presence of the light. The “We” Gene is the magnificence we were when we were born, and who we are to become when we pass from this earth. However, it need not be only in our birth and death we experience this communion. It is possible in every moment of our lives when we transform the focus of our purpose from ourselves to all our relations.

There is something uniquely extraordinary when we experience the feeling of belonging. It enlivens and inspires us. It bestows upon us the wisdom of value, purpose, confidence and sustenance. In the now of this synchronicity, we achieve transcendence from our daily, ordinary life and we reclaim the innocence, wonder and enthusiasm we lived as children. It is not an “action” or even a “knowing.” It is our connection with true being. The majesty of belonging happens when we choose to experience oneness with all. A network of energy unites all whom are resonating on this energetic frequency. “Reality” disappears in the presence of awareness and the truth of our existence as human beings emerges in the expression of our consciousness.


“If we don’t live together, we’re going to die alone.”

At some time in our lives, we were misled to believe that we alone are the sole sustainers of our lives. This is not true. We have all been corralled into institutionalized education, established religion, political viewpoints and social hierarchies. We have allowed ourselves to be placed into positions contributing more to our society’s problems than its solutions. We see the wisdom and strength of community only when our lives are severe and challenging. Only when our experiences humble our egos are we able to witness the faults in our social paradigm. The question we should ask ourselves is why has it become so natural for us to retreat back into the co-dependent security of ourselves?

We have been conditioned both within by our ego and without by society to not listen to others, therefore we don’t listen to ourselves. When we don’t allow ourselves the freedom and power of trusting others, we don’t trust ourselves. When we don’t convey confidence in others, we fail to establish our own. When we struggle with offering compassion and kindness to others, we aren’t able to be empathetic with ourselves. When we condemn the character of others, we denounce our own. When we are unwilling to express unconditional love and support to others, we will never be able to embrace the pure joy it is to love and be loved.

There is only one way to experience community. It is in the expression of our service to others. Not the service we provide to society for which we are compensated. It is the unconditional service we choose to give for the sake of giving. There is no greater fulfillment we will experience than the relation and belonging genuine service to others inspires. It is the essential foundation of our present and ultimately our future. When we as a society view community as an option, we will merely survive. When we as a society choose to experience community as a necessity, we will always thrive.

Community is our living truth as human beings.

It is our destiny.

It is the only thing besides love that will transform our world.


A Universal Instrument of Energy

The Tide and The Undertow:

Our society has strayed further away from the natural world. In many ways, we have attempted to distort and destroy nature for the sustenance of our modern day conveniences, comfort zones, innovations and pocketbooks.  We wonder why we starve for the basic necessities of clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, clean food to eat and clean environments in which to live.  It is more difficult to ensure the purity of our needs in a world that sacrifices them willingly for power, position and profit.  It is insane to believe that there is a viable justification for what we are doing, how we are enabling, and why it is deemed socially sensible to be biting the hand that feeds us.

How we breathe and live is much like the crashing and receding of the waves and the ebb and flow of the tides. There is a universal blueprint in the majesty of this often-overlooked expression of nature.  Yet, below the surface of the sea, something equally unseen and significant is happening.  There is an undercurrent that draws upon us; much like the opposing force of a magnet.  It pulls at our bodies, our minds, our hearts and even our souls.  It is the force of life we cultivate with our willingness and it is the force of death we enable with our resistance.  It is that which remains unnoticed that makes the strongest impression and passes the greatest influence.  It is only the circumstances we feel that allows us to sense beyond the diversion of reality and express our truth.

As conscious human beings we see the undertow everywhere in everything. It is in the extreme swings of the financial markets, the shifting power of the political arenas and the misguided strategy of the established medical industry.  It is in the contrived broadcasts of the media outlets, the romanticizing of spirituality, the false heroism of the sports industry and the sensationalized fantasy of the entertainment industry.  It is in the marketing of thousands of unhealthy products that lead to millions of deaths a year.  It is the declining undercurrent of our society.  It is a global vortex that exists solely for the sake of consuming.  It is the ugly face of humanity’s collective ego that devours with an appetite never to be fulfilled.

Transcending the Currents:

We live in a social structure we identify, interact with and to which we are tethered that we commonly accept as “reality.” Within this formation of existence, we are constantly influenced and conditioned by continual social undercurrents.  Some of these currents are very constructive and life giving such as love, creativity, healthy relations, community building and childbirth.  Even if we are not particularly conscious to the presence of energy currents in our daily lives, those of a higher frequency are undeniable.  They usually result in the release of natural endorphins that elevate our perceptions, vitality, mood, motivation and experience of life.

However, most of the currents in our contemporary society are very destructive and deadly. These artificial tides shower us through news broadcasts, entertainment, sporting events, religious propaganda, advertisements, misinformation and even personal and family dramas.  When we are caught in the undertow of these lower frequency currents, we are left tired, drained, depressed, hopeless and powerless.  As human beings, we often struggle to establish a healthy awareness of them.  These denser energy frequencies push and pull us to and fro, overwhelming our vision, senses, purpose and life.  They possess authority over us when we allow their energetic exploitation.  It is only when we concede our intention of consciousness we surrender our power.  When we do, we separate ourselves from the eternal spring of energy that the universe provides.

We are in the midst of an energetic conflict and its impact and impression is as constant and relentless as the ominous fate looming within and around us. Whether or not we are conscious of this secret battle does not take away from its potency and the burden of its probable outcome.  We are confronted by an energetic conundrum every year, day and breath of our lives.  We feel it when we wake up till the time we retire to our sleep.  Its presence permeates every facet of our being, most often without our awareness and understanding.  Our ability to thrive amid these social currents is dependent upon our willingness to differentiate and choose which energy we will adopt and represent based upon the nature of the expression of our lives.

In The Flow:

There are numerous sources in our world that radiate energy. Whether it is the Sun, the Earth, the winds, the rivers, the tides or even people, we are provided an endless supply.  Yet, the energy source that is most available to us is ourselves.  We are a biological system of life that generates and expresses an immeasurable amount of vitality.  Our body is constantly producing energy through breathing, digestion and hydration.  Our mind continuously fires neural activity as it sends commands to our body and relates us with our intuition.  Our hearts emanate life force through the circulation of the blood as well as the boundless electromagnetic energy that connects our heart with our soul.  Our soul is our direct connection with the source of all life in the universe.

We are eternal energy. All that exists is within us.  It is not an external entity that limits our capacity or takes our power from us.  It is our personal denial, self-righteousness, judgment and acquiescence that causes our diminished existence.  It is we who give our power away when we decline to become all who we are.  It is only we who can recover the energy we surrender to the chaotic undercurrents of our society’s turbulent, energetic tides.  It is in our nature to become multi-dimensional expressions of life in this world.  After all, we already are.  It is our living inheritance to claim our common destiny by fulfilling ourselves with the life force of all creation.  Everything that we need to thrive in our life is already within us.  We need only identify, accept and radiate our universal expression.

We are an instrument for the universe. The nature of instrument we will be is dependent upon the expression of our energetic birthright.  We have the potential to conduct the energetic currents that flow into this world.  We have the choice to be in flow with the universal energy and the collective stream of consciousness.  We have an obligation as living beings to stand strong amidst the social currents as they ebb and flow to challenge the bearings of our destiny.  We have the right to transform the fractured tides and undertows in our lives and in the world toward a convergence of energetic evolution.  Our lives are opportunities to express and share energy.  All it requires of us is to be the truth of our existence.  All it requires of us is to be what we are, a universal instrument of energy.


Being Present in the Present

Living History:
We are surrounded, enamored and consumed by our past. It is in everything, everywhere and everyone we know. It is our comfort zone, our personal security blanket to protect us from the world. Our past does not haunt or stalk us. It is in us. It lingers in the shadows of our minds like infinite echoes eternally bouncing off of each other. When we choose to view our lives through our antiquated filters we are living in our past. Most of us avoid releasing our past from our perception. Eventually, we fail to see how much of our past is in our present and inevitably our future.

It isn’t that the past is particularly safe, comfortable, enriching or illuminating. The past is relative. It is only beneficial to us when we may overlook something advantageous in our present. Its greatest value is in the expression of our awareness in the moment. Consciousness is the true measurement of our experience. The more conscious we are in our present, the more we will harvest from it when it has become our past. Who we were and who we may become ultimately creates who we are.

Our society is living in the past. We are constantly conditioned, influenced, entertained and frightened into its familiarity, certainty, docility and false security. It is an illusion we consciously and unconsciously construct and sustain for the sake of our selective remembrances, possession accumulations and professional achievements. Our past is a fragile and diverse fantasy we enable to escape the severity of society’s present reality. This survival strategy we adopt disconnects us from our lives and imprisons us with our own apathy, pride, cynicism and fear. We become enslaved by our experience with the artificial safety and finality of our relativity.

Over the Horizon:
As human beings we have an extraordinary power to focus our attention, project our energy and connect with anything we choose. Whether it is a healthy or unhealthy expression, the ability to do so is inexplicably misunderstood, disregarded, invalidated and unemployed. We live in a social structure that has gradually diminished and destroyed the necessity and importance of being the pioneers of our true path. It scatters us into various directions leading us away from our lives and ourselves. We have been persistently distracted, traumatized and emasculated into our soul’s sacrifice.

Whereas our past may dictate, alter or consume our present, the probable future can be equally as ominous and influential. When we fantasize about what may be, we inevitably compromise the awareness, quality and possibility of our present. We become a perpetual pendulum swinging between what was and what may be. In so doing, we rarely occupy our present long enough to give ourselves the opportunity to identify, cultivate and manifest our truth, mission and life. Our present is annihilated by the existence of our archaic memories, empty dreams and unconscious fears.

Our future is dependent upon our insights, thoughts, choices and actions in our present. It is in a continual flux until the moment we manifest it into our present reality. When we have produced an outcome in our lives, it becomes a fixed experience that instantaneously becomes our past. Even when we alter the dynamic of its existence, it is simply a variation of an obsolete life experience. More often than not, we are kicking the proverbial can of our future further in front of us just before it is actualized. Even our ideal perception and desire of what we would like our future to be can alter its creation and existence.

The Present of the Present:
At any time in our life we may find ourselves a split second ahead or behind expressing our purpose and creating our destiny. Unbeknownst to us, the achievement and success of our intended fate is often earned or lost within the slightest degree of experience. This slim measure is the distinction between living in the past, the present or the future. We neglect to generate and maintain a functional consciousness that would allow us to acknowledge and distinguish this minute diversity. We are rarely effective in our ability to keep our lives, let alone ourselves in the moment.

However difficult it may be to ground and center ourselves into the present, it is vital to our evolution. It is only in the present when we are able to connect with our intuition. It is only in the present when we find the sacred balance and harmony within that allows us to obtain and express our vision, purpose and destiny. It is only in the present we can fully become who we were meant to be. It is only in the present when we are creating our life. It is only in the present when we can fully experience love. The past and the future may appear real. Yet, the present is all that is true.

Beyond Now:
There is an infinite emanation of life occurring in the present that is beyond our senses, comprehension, competence and imagination. Before we are able to acknowledge, understand and interact with the multiplicity of the present, we are inundated with social diversions. Our three dimensional reality, social conditioning, common sense and beliefs compromise our consciousness, creativity, possibility and intuition. This temporal battle rages within us. It sources our insecurity, uncertainty, indifference, cognitive dissonance and fear. We become that to which we concede.

The present is a proactive, powerful, creative and extraordinary life expression. When we are in and aware of the present to the best of our ability, we live everything as we were intended. What once appeared to be linear in dimension, perception and experience transforms. We become aware of the multi-faceted existence of being. This is not something that is initiated simply by our shift in consciousness. It is the natural dynamic of universal experience. The present is an eternal gateway that allows us to exist in concert with numerous realms of being.

The present is not the destination of our journey. It is simply the foundation upon which we choose to live. The present is as unpredictable as the future. It is a multi-dimensional experience of being. Infinite possibilities are expressed from the womb of its presence. When we seek to control, inhibit and manipulate its outcome, it results in only what we individually think or believe. The present isn’t intended to satisfy the ego, desire and will of the few. It exists to transform, inspire and empower all. When we are conscious and related in our lives we truly experience it. Only then are we able to be an infinite expression of the present. Only then are we able to create, share and be the fulfilled nature of its possibilities.