Age of Experience

“Perception is the pawn of social reality.”

Veils of Vision:

Each of us adopt, invent and enact perceptual filters.  Some are instinctual, while others mental and emotional.  Occasionally they are intuitive, yet these are rare and fleeting.  Over time, our vision is clouded with so many facets of perception, we mature and live detached from our experience of life.  We seldom cause or live it.  We merely read and respond to our social and environmental stimulus.  Sure, we exist, think and sometimes feel our way.  Ultimately, we allow our anxieties, fears and insecurities to build a barrier between simply living to survive and being to thrive.  We aimlessly wander through the forest of our personal filters, unable to escape the kaleidoscope of collective reality.

Social Psychosis:

It can never be overstated how destructive, impactful, influential and enslaving social reality is.  Our innate desire to set the compass of our life to institutional relativity is how we destroy our creativity, imagination, possibility and transformation.  Being creative, extraordinary and unique is callously and fervently admonished as frivolous in the face of popular existence.  Meanwhile, our relatedness with ourselves and the universe is dismissed, distorted and thwarted by our ego’s selfish appetites.  Social reality casts a long shadow upon our consciousness.  In any moment, there are millions of opportunities to shift ourselves away from mainstream reality and commit to creating an empowering, enriching and inspirational experience.        

Forbidden Fruit:

Our culture is rife with knowledge.  However, contemporary wisdom is primarily intellectual.  For centuries, universal being and multidimensionality have been and are adamantly criticized, reviled as flights of fantasy, daydreams and existential nonsense.  Awareness is frequently threatened by denial, resistance, rejection and ridicule.  Universal experience transcends two-dimensional existence in the three-dimensional domain of social reality.  When it is discovered and explored, we encounter a perceptual paradox that challenges all we have been socially conditioned to believe, sense and think.  All that flies in the face of society’s common narrative is deemed sacrilege. 

Obscured by Clouds:

Social reality is pulled over our senses from the moment we are born.  Our inherent, creative expressions are replaced with conditioned, destructive desires.  Eventually, living in this paradigm renders us oblivious to the necessity of creativity, consciousness, enlightenment and transformation.  It obstructs our universal power to envision, intuit and manifest life experiences, inhibiting our ability to fulfill our personal destiny.  The further we distance from our heart, soul and the universe, the more challenging it becomes for us to experience everything beyond the facade of realism.  Breaking the spell of social reality is far easier than being free from the one we cast upon ourselves.

“We experience as we think, not as we are.”

Age of Illumination:

We are in the currents of a powerful, once-in-a-lifetime energetic shift.  As the global conditions of disease, greed, inequality, injustice, politics, racism, religion and war reign, our experience of this extraordinary age of conscious potentiality is quickening.  Our default patterns of survival serve to distract us from the remarkable opportunities that exist for all to discover, express and become their unique purpose.  Social reality is a hurricane raging around us.  It arouses and entices us to abandon our connection and relation with the universe.  The primary intention for conscious being is establishing the equilibrium between our instinct, intellect, emotion, intuition, soul and the universe.

Synchronistic Symmetry:

All of us have masculine and feminine qualities regardless of our physical gender.  All of us embody the attributes of each planet in the solar system, though we tend to characteristically exhibit two or three.  We all are composed of the four essential elements: air, water, fire and earth.  Therefore, multidimensionality is essential to our fulfilled experience.  The institutions of social reality strategically exclude diversity of being to prevent us from becoming enlightened.  Our dependence, focus, energy and engagement in the charade sustains its existence.  We become one with creation when we establish and empower the balance between our body, mind, heart, intuition and soul.

Creative Opportunity:

Social reality is designed as a method of endurance.  The forbidden fruit of existence is to envision our purpose, create our experience and fulfill our unique destiny.  Our lives are opportunities to transform any circumstance we may encounter.  We are expressions of this power.  Now that the energetic shift is happening, it is a hollow pursuit to simply observe our experience and be mystified.  When extraordinary events transpire, we feel empowerment in every dimension of our being.  The universe inspires us to be present and receive its infinite energy.  Every moment is an opportunity to accept, focus, balance, center, ground, intend and embody our experience.

Being our Experience:

Remarkable experiences are few and fleeting when we are victims of circumstance.  It is impossible for us to be present to our experience when we are continually engaged in the diversions of social reality.  We may appease our body and mind, and our heart may be moved, yet our intuition and spirit are forgotten, silent partners.  The equilibrium of our instincts, thoughts, emotions, intuition and soul is the foundation upon which we create our experience.  This balance sustains our being and inspires our vision, creativity, power and purpose.  When we align our focus, energy and intention with the universe, we become the expression of our personal destiny.  All we choose to imagine becomes our experience.

“Experience is the entrance to enlightenment.”

What is Real Beyond What is Real.

“Wake from reality, wake from your dream…”

Reality. It certainly is a subjective, seemingly flexible and very elusive element of human existence.

With all the structures, formats, programs, conditions, laws, rules and boundaries our society aggressively imposes to implement, arrest (pun intended) and almost religiously uphold and proliferate “order,” it is amazing to me how we have everything but. In an (n)ever-changing and, most would acknowledge if they were being honest, declining world, any rational and logical person would identify that nothing is rarely what it seems. The more “real” we are with our observations, the more we are able to see ”reality” for what it really is, an elaborate hoax, an illusion, a grand distraction, perhaps one of the greatest lies ever manufactured by human conception.

Upon first considering and becoming aware of this burgeoning truth, we may struggle through a great number of states of being. We may experience anxiety, hopelessness, helplessness, disbelief, disinterest, anger, frustration, upset, disappointment, confusion and collusion. We may find ourselves in a state of wrestling with two or more different beliefs in the presence of new ideologies, methodologies, perceptions, conceptions and understandings. It is in this new space of awareness, however difficult, challenging, excruciating, astounding or confronting it may be, when we are able to embrace a “new” vision beyond reality. A revelation in which we acknowledge one of the ultimate truths, there is no reality.

“…wake from the fear, that is tearing at the seems… of the world….”

“Reality,” as we are led and conditioned to accept and by which to abide, is an exquisite design constructed for the many by a small group of people around the world. People whom have the ways and means, time, arrogance, egotism, audacity, indifference, agenda, organization and false vision to manipulate, control, influence and, in numerous ways, incarcerate the many for the benefit of the few. It’s mind blowing to see how ”few” these people are, and how many their “reality” has imprisoned.

As you are reading this, you may begin to formulate an observation that what I am writing about in this paragraph could be termed as a “conspiracy theory.” In this “reality,” it is. Though, the term “conspiracy theory” was cleverly invented by the very organization of people who constructed “reality” to debunk and discredit anyone who chose to have the courage, fortitude and intention enough to question the relentless and ominous authority of reality. Yet, distinct from “reality,” there is a truth that is growing stronger and becoming more popular and evident with each minute that ticks off of the illusory clock we have been programmed to accept as ”time.” For “time” is one of the greatest illusions that “reality” uses to control and corral all whom fall prey to its insistent mechanics, gradually leading to the greatest fear initiated upon humanity, the persistent anxiety of death.

Yet, however omnipresent, all-powerful, ever-invasive and constant reality may “appear,” remembering nothing is rarely ever what it seems, this tapestry of illusion is built upon a foundation of one thing, fear.  It is this “dis-ease” of the “few” whom govern over the “many” that generates the very fear that fuels “reality.” Our freedom from reality is terrifying to this organization of people. Simply because we would no longer be enabling it to exist by surrendering our personal power through our agreement with it. We are no longer consenting to it with our false belief, apathy, disinterest and acquiescence. The illusion that reality is would cease to exist. In a way, those who are propagating “reality” are as much prisoners of their own design as those whom they target. They will never be free either. Freedom from reality is a liberty that is simply not available or afforded to us by “reality.” It never has and it never will. If we are not choosing to stand for, intend, create or cause our life, it will never be. Our life will just be a product of reality. The promise of fulfillment never achieved.

“…of the world, be the world.”

On a daily basis, we all have had moments diverse from reality, whether it is when we are sleeping, reading a book, watching a movie, making love, meditating, praying, exercising, hiking, having profound conversations with others or learning something new. When we wake up in the morning we are “fresh,” “new,” and in a way “reborn” from what we were yesterday. This is our best opportunity to break from the spell of reality. Before we begin to re-connect with our fixed thought patterns, emotional dramas and instinctual behaviors influenced and impacted upon through this common reality and carried by us like old and worn suitcases. We have a choice to create and apply an extraordinary vision to our lives distinct from the popular and imposed reality. This is our truth. We have the freedom to live outside of “reality” in our pursuit to sustain and express our truth, whatever we inspire it to be. Though it requires from and of us everything we are in everything we do with whomever we are related in everyday or our lives.

To many, this may seem an overwhelming task. The very notion of expressing our choice of will, intention and truth in everyday of our lives in everything we do may appear ultimately impossible, and downright terrifying. But it is not.  It only “seems” impossible and frightening because our faith, our hopes, our dreams, our goals, our purpose and our destiny have been confined to a finite, physical existence we experience as “reality.” We are infinite expressions of energy and consciousness. We are multi-dimensional, universal beings. We are all gateways through which the creation of all that exists flows. We are all connected to all that is and to every living being both on and beyond this world.

It begins by refusing the programming, rejecting the conditions, withdrawing our attention and compliance, removing our investment in “reality” through our acquiescence and participation, releasing our personal attachments, identifying and dismantling our insecurities and transforming our lives from being ”realistic” to being “truthful.” Once we willfully choose to practice this personal transformation daily, we begin to disconnect from the invisible chains of reality and see it for what it really is. A ruthless, malevolent vortex that feeds off the energy of our fear, claiming our lifeforce until the ”time” in our life expires.

Reality is easy to transcend when we “real”-ize that reality is an illusion and truth is all there is. And the greatest of truth will always be our love. Yet, it requires us to claim and establish our truth and sacrifice the only thing that keeps us imprisoned from ourselves.


“Dismantling reality with one truth at a time.”

Fairy Tale

In the middle of the journey of our life, I found myself again in a dark wood,
that the straight way was utterly lost.” – Dante Alighieri  ”Inferno”

Once Upon a Time…

There is a race of beings that exist on a distant planet millions of miles from the Sun.  When they are born, their birthrights are gifts and blessings of exceptional power expressed in their acceptance, amity, compassion, creativity, kindness, transformation and above all else, love.  They are spiritual beings of light that live in symbiosis with a physical body.  All have a mind that allows them to learn, grow, expand and live their wisdom inspired by the language of the universe, consciousness.  Yet, what unites every aspect of their being-ness is something quite extraordinary, their heart.

This race of beings lived in union with each other and nature.  They learned to build shelters, hunt and harvest food, conserve resources, record their history, perform sacred ceremonies and live as a flourishing clan.  For many centuries, these beings handed down their traditions to future generations for the stewardship of the planet upon which they lived and thrived.  Though their lifestyle was extremely difficult, they were very happy, healthy, hearty and peaceful.  Every aspect of their lives was a reflection of how they lived them by who they were being.

…all of the beings…

A darker time arose in their harmonious history, an era of fear, selfishness and conflict.  As their spirituality grew, so did their egos.  The members of this clan began to doubt, worry, envy, clash and disband.  They abandoned their centuries-old traditions that had sustained their culture’s abundant, creative, dynamic and enlightened way of life.  They surrendered their benevolence, empathy, purpose and destiny to pursue a path of vanity, intelligence, selfishness, decadence and superiority.  In the span of a generation, all that was customarily true and sacred to them had been buried beneath decades of pride.

The clan became many, each with its distinct tradition, belief, ritual and lifestyle.  They spread out over the land to distance themselves from whom they had become, and whom they had once been.  Their social standards deteriorated into anger, cruelty, hatred, violence and fear.  Their well-being and life expectancy yielded to disease, viruses, illnesses, plagues and ultimately death.  The mortality rate of infants and children decimated their clans.  The loss of their youth cast a long shadow over them, as the final strands of their communities were severed by their reckless abandon.

…all across the land…

Generations of time had come and gone, lived in apprehension, hardship, hopelessness and meager survival.  This Dark Age bred lack, politics, war, crime, corruption, depravity, manipulation and obsolescence.  The once strong and virtuous clan had descended into segregated inauthenticity, inequality, injustice, and insanity.  The common lifestyle the clans now separately lived was driven by the accumulation of wealth, possessions, land and people.  Monuments and statues were erected to impose a blind loyalty, devoted dependency, firm obedience and civic arrogance.

The natural world and the planet were impacted by the mere presence and existence of the clans.  Species of animal, insect and plant life diminished into extinction.  Entire ecosystems collapsed under the escalating appetites, demands, and consumption of their entitlement to the world.  The youth that survived lived in enslavement and under the tyranny of a social system that served the illustrious few at the cost of the impoverished many.  Those whom were intent on returning to clan life as it had once been long ago were ridiculed, chastised, discredited, imprisoned or put to death.

“This mountain is so formed that it is always wearisome when one begins the ascent,
but becomes easier the higher one climbs.” – Dante Alighieri “Purgatorio”

…transcended their silence…

The clans began to delve deeper into their planet to extract more and more resources to stockpile and employ as superficial value to acquire more and more power.  When conventional means of acquisition proved unsuccessful, more aggressive actions were taken that claimed the lives of millions.  Modern technology replaced or erased healthy, peaceful and empowered lifestyles with idleness, lethargy and expectancy.  The very devices that were designed to make life easier for the clans were causing them to be ignorant, isolated, distracted, divisive and terminally ill.

Their hunger for more produced a social vortex that consumed their energy, time, experience, relations, purpose, destiny and lives. They soon became detrimental to themselves.  Their very lifestyle was killing them.  Amidst the fear, horror and tragedy they enabled with their apathy, acquiescence and participation, they had forgotten they alone created the tapestry of lunacy to which they were enslaved.  Apprehension, delusion and oblivion were the common standards that kept the clans preoccupied with the simulated fairy tale their lives had become.

…and made their stand.

A new era began and something remarkable happened.  Something quite unexpected broke the surface of the clans’ repressed awareness.  It started with a simple few and grew to a movement of many across the land.  As gradually as the ancient, sacred traditions had been replaced with artificial life, the long lost gifts and blessings their earliest ancestors once lived returned.  The true color of life that had been tainted by greed, control, indifference and fear blossomed once again.  One by one, the clans emerged from generations of obligatory obscurity.

Within the wisdom of their recovered truth, consciousness and love, the many clans discovered merit in supporting, empowering, listening to and relating with their distant kinsfolk.  They focused on the ancient, native similarities they shared with each other and shifted their intention of simply surviving into one of truly thriving.  They found their true power in the expression of their acceptance, amity, compassion, creativity, kindness and transformation.  The clan’s individual wants were exchanged with a common need only one way of being could fulfill, unity.


Thousands of cultures around the world throughout the history of humanity have fallen prey to the vicious cycle of living a two-dimensional experience in a three-dimensional existence.  Most come and go from this world never realizing and manifesting their natural vision, truth and purpose.  The measure of our enslavement to our own personal fairy tale is a representation of our apathy, selfishness and fear.  It is quite ordinary to adopt and follow a fate that is a product of our society.  Though it is indeed extraordinary to create and live a destiny that is an expression of our love.

“…as a wheel turns smoothly, free from jars, my will and my desire were turned by love,
The love that moves the sun and the other stars.” – Dante Alighieri “Paridisio”