All About Us

Society is a reflection of how far we are from ourselves.

Social Stimulus Experiment:

The current virus spoke volumes about us and our relatedness with society.  One thing most evident is our social reaction when the world was turned upside down and inside out over an influenza strain.  Liberals turned conservative and vice versa.  Society ground to a halt.  Businesses dried up, many lost their jobs or companies.  Billions of people retreated to the confines of their homes to tune into the mounting numbers flashing across their computer and television screens.  Lockdowns were enforced as if war was eminent. In many ways it was and still is.

The optimistic angle to all of this?  The natural world was primarily relieved of humanity.  Pollution was down.  Traffic was nonexistent.  The animal kingdom was thriving.  The world was almost peaceful.  Personally, I felt it was an extraordinary opportunity for humanity to remove itself from the vicious cycles and rampant triggers of society and go within.  It was a chance for us to become related with ourselves and the universe, transcend and transform our social conditioning and programming, and empower and express our unique destiny.

Default Program

Perhaps this occurred or was happening for some.  Yet, like a computer program that encounters a virus, (be with this!) our social system was shut down and rebooted into a default mode.  Once again, we are essentially where we were in our collective evolution prior to the pandemic madness.  Society hit the ground running, rushing back to the way things were, armed with arrogance, consumerism, delusion, egocentricity, entitlement, greed, superiority, self-righteousness and violence.  The ideal cocktail for social distraction, disruption and destruction.

As mentioned in several of the articles I have published over the last few years, a universal energetic shift is occurring, giving us the opportunity to transcend the dualistic lunacy we have identified with as society.  Our ability to align with the universe by balancing our body and mind with our heart, intuition and soul is ever present.  However, this experience does not exist in the simulation of social reality.  Nor is it observed in a world enslaved by the institutions of its own amusement, education, media, politics and religion.

Privatized Priorities

Surviving society is a self-centered endeavor.  This is how it is designed, so this is how it exists.  Thriving in society is a transcendent lifestyle, empowering us to experience evolution, fulfillment, transformation and understanding.  Unfortunately, our social conditioning is so all-encompassing and extreme, we opt to merely survive in the presence of all possibility.  In our teens and into our twenties, most of us face scarcity.  This is far more influential than we choose to acknowledge.  All of us encounter a social shift that forces us into the oblivion of adulthood.

Recently, I was shopping in my home village and noticed a woman I would see frequently at the fitness center years ago.  She had been attractive and trim with a cheery attitude.  When I saw her recently, it was evident she had undergone her social shift into career, marriage and motherhood.  It suddenly occurred to me at that time, she had been primping herself into good health to attract a husband, which would lead to having children and arriving to where she is now.  When I saw her, she wore a scowl reflecting the watermark of her unfulfilled experience.    

“Our lives are only as fulfilled as we live them.”

Settle for Self

For most, personal and social life is all about compromise.  I observe and feel this in many people, family, friends, associates and strangers alike.  It is hard to witness, and even more difficult to feel.  In my youth, I recall the empowerment and inspiration many people I had known experienced.  In their unique time, these passions were wagered for social conformity, familial and peer pressure and personal survival.  Though these are seemingly justifiable reasons for social compliance, it is the “white flag” we raise every day we engage in the matrix of society.

Nightmares are not what we encounter when we sleep.  They exist for us within the comfortable codependence of familial, professional and social obligation and responsibility. Every day we live against the flow of our destiny, experience and purpose.  Our investment in life becomes a practice of negotiating and settling on a life of least resistance.  We emulate our forebears as they eventually did theirs.  Regardless of whatever fantasized self we choose to proliferate into society, it is as much of an illusion as reality.  Our settlement in life is our death sentence.

A Soul to See

Most of society does not want to see the clarity nor hear the symphony of the truth.  Most have been conditioned and programmed for decades and more into the narrow paradigms of sensual and intellectual insanity, set on a mission to draw meaning and reason from the mass chaos of society.  Billions of lifetimes cast in the mold of the “known” reality, in a vain attempt to glean the slightest glimmer of wisdom from the smoke and mirrors of the day to day.  Fortifying their defenses and reassuring their self-righteousness, while they sacrifice their soul.

We don the spectacles of reality’s kaleidoscope, believing what we encounter is “real.”  Creation and destruction, above and below, good and evil, life and death, the entirety of duality imposes its influence and inhibits our universal experience.  All these elements, however grandiose they seem, are only two-dimensional.  Transcending the prison of our inherent social perceptions frees us from the dominance of our mind and body.  Our heart is the gateway, our intuition is the path, and our soul is the origin of our empowerment, vision, expression and being.

All About Us

From the moment we are born, our existence is only about us.  For many, this is personal identity, purpose and stability.  Yet, it is also egotism, sociopathy and vanity.  Every day, billions of people con themselves, justifying their social atrocities and crimes against humanity to preserve the status quo of their beliefs, bank accounts, defenses, opinions and self-righteousness.  To many, this supersedes acceptance, authenticity, equality, honesty, justice, kindness, love and wellbeing.  Eventually, the virtues of humanity become as degrative as its sins.

Continuing to do what we have always done ensures we will only encounter more of what we already have.  We are rigid programs in the digital matrix of society, tethered to a formulaic mainframe of reactivity to constant social stimuli.  The engagement of our reaction defines our enslavement.  Therefore, our being, destiny and experience will remain forever unfulfilled.  Shifting the focus away from ourselves is a remarkable opportunity to transcend the incessant inclinations of the body and mind. And also, be present in our heart, intuition and soul. 

“To become one with our soul is to become one with the universe.”

7 thoughts on “All About Us

  1. Awesome article IAM! Constant Change is where Life is! Sitting around doing the same everyday is not for me and hopefully not for any of you either.


  2. It is within our realm of consciousness to serve others and love them whether enemies or friends. We have a responsibility to our maker to attempt to heal Mother Earth and be open to all people.


  3. Did you engage in a conversation with this woman? Did she share an overview of her life experience since you last saw her, to lend adequate judgment about her social trajectory, along with her personal motivations behind said social “shift?”

    How exactly did you arrive at the conclusion that she was primping herself to attract a husband?

    How exactly did you know that “attracting a husband” was her goal?

    How do you know she didn’t experience serious health problems, antithesis to an image-based construct, during hiatus from your view?

    Where does empowerment fit within a narrative of a person, in particular, solely based on appearance?

    If we remove ourselves from the vicious cycles and rampant triggers of society and go within, does attractiveness and waistline help us to transcend?

    Or are we just teetering on a feeble soapbox oblivious to underlying subliminal social constructs still insidiously interwoven within us we don’t even recognize being trapped by them, basing it all on an appearance checklist?

    How can one align with the universe while creating narratives, using broad brushstrokes in an effort to cosign the point, which is to make one feel “empowered”?!

    I had a relative fighting breast cancer. During the multiple surgeries & chemotherapy treatments, I helped every way I could. When she was well enough and had the energy to go to a store, I would drive and accompany her. Had she encountered someone who had not seen her in many years, it could easily look like she had “let herself go,” as society would criticize. After a round of chemotherapy, sometimes she would wear a scowl on her face, that could have been easily passed off as something else by a presumptuously uniformed person. That’s the point….we DON’T know!

    I do know that some days, I don’t always step out as my best self inside or outside. I know that I am doing the best I possibly can and I believe everyone else is doing the best they can as well. I also know that benchmark of “best” has infinite variations.

    Therefore , I have no way to know what another person’s experience is and can only worry about my own….not basing it upon any external queue that could lend me a critic-based crutch to lean upon.

    Each person has their own unique life behind them. With all its joys and sorrows, difficulties and decisions. Judging is very easy, but trying to understand is more difficult. If you’re not going to go the hard way and understand the fate of each person you condemn, you should not draw any conclusions at all. Most likely you will be wrong.

    As a step toward empowering us to more AUTHENTICALLY experience evolution, fulfillment, transformation and understanding, we can begin by abandoning judgments, strategically crafted narratives, assumptions & deconstructive criticism.


    • Rosie,
      Thank you for your spirited comments!
      It seems like a struck a nerve!
      I believe you took my “observation” out of context. Though you raise some valid points. It was not her appearance or her demeanor, it was her energy in comparison. I feel it is easy for people to collapse “observation” with “judgement,” especially in contemporary society.
      Living in a smaller village gives me the opportunity to see some of the same people often in my experience.
      The point I was making in this paragraph was to illuminate how much all of us consign our lives to encounters that are influenced greatly by our peer pressures and social environments in place of our personal experience with our soul and the universe. It doesn’t take “knowing” someone to pick this up. Most people don’t even “know” who they are, let alone others, even within their own family or community circles. And “knowing” pales in comparison to “understanding.” They simply can’t break free from the personal bubbles they build to defend their failures, fears and insecurities. We all have them.
      There are beautiful attributes to human nature, and then there are those quite vile.
      In my opinion, the most important experience is transforming ourselves from the social conditioning and programming we all endure throughout our lives, aligning with our soul and the universe and expressing our true destiny.
      It is about finding the eye of the storm amidst society and our self and being an expression of our soul.
      I truly hope you experience this resonance as often as possible.
      All the best!


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