A Force of the Universe

“Duality is the bane of existence.”

Heaven and Hell

Recently, I travelled to Northern Michigan to visit family.  Scanning through the radio stations in the rural areas I came across several religious programs.  While I waited for the station to change, I caught some of the content.  There were undercurrents of “Heaven and Hell.”  Most of it fear-based threats of dwelling in the latter if you didn’t believe.  I smiled, shook my head and pondered why so many people are obsessed with the paradigm of a dualistic afterlife.  Then it occurred to me, why does it have to be one or the other?  Are these the only options?  Intuition “saved” me from the instinctual and intellectual ping-pong of religion.   


A week ago, I returned from an annual event in which I participate.  It is difficult to describe with words, so I will not attempt.  I will say that it is a community experience where people work together and support each other in an extraordinary experience of relativity.  The event is so intense and powerful, I release all the things I am exposed to in my daily life.  When I return to society, the distinction between where I have been and what I am walking back into is a cultural shock to awakened senses.  The key is to sustain my connection with this way of being, amid society’s strategies to impose competition, conformity and duality.

By Design

Social reality is an artificial system of control.  If this is not apparent to us now, perhaps it never will be.  We all have a common choice to shift how we act, think, feel, behave and be.  Many of us invest in social reality, carving our little piece of artificial heaven, which often manifests as our personal hell.  Many of us may even believe our selfish desire to bolster our individual ego, experience, power and status is happiness.  This is furthest from the truth.  Yet, suggesting this to people often provokes their delicate dander’s in defense of what “they” alone believe to be true.  Truth is a way of being, illuminating, progressing and transforming our experience. 

Weapons of Social Distraction

The greatest distractions are those preventing us from observing and releasing our obsession with their triviality.  Society is addicted and dependent upon amusement.  Even the seemingly meaningful events in our lives are diversions from genuine consciousness, creativity, relativity and transformation.  Finding and sustaining our personal balance with all the dimensions of our experience is essential in manifesting our empowerment, enlightenment and transcendence from linear reality.  First, we must be present to and accountable for the distractions we allow to influence and alter our unique destiny.

“We exist in mind and body, devoid of heart, intuition and soul.”

The Truth of Reality

Our experience of life has been highjacked. We are influenced and programmed by covert, authoritarian organizations with the strategic purposes of exercising control, imposing fear, generating profit and projecting artificial power.  Beyond our anxiety, conditioning, denial, insecurity, oblivion and self-righteousness, all of us feel this to be true.  We simply believe negating their existence will prevent their agendas.  This is exactly what they desire.  To coin a phrase, “the greatest trick the Devil ever played on humanity was to convince the world he doesn’t exist.”  Millions of people have acquiesced into this collective obscurity.  

The Reality of Truth

Personal truth cannot be discovered or explored in a congregational paradigm.  Yet, society is rife with political, religious and social groups to distort and ultimately condition our individual understanding.  What is the bittersweet reality of being our truth?  It is a singular experience with little to no social encouragement, empowerment or support.  In every way, we face extreme adversity in our quest to stand in our authentic power.  However, personal truth can be influenced by our ego, transmuting it into delusion.  One collective truth transcends our pride and prejudice.  It is the universal truth with which we all resonate.  

The Empowerment of Being

All who choose to be an expression of the universe must release their individual interpretation of how their truth exists.  Being present to our universality empowers us to observe, envision, focus, intend and become its embodiment.  Knowing is an expression of our ego.  Understanding is the experience of being one with the universe.  It can be said that enlightenment is a fantasy of the mind.  Whereas empowerment is the force of the universe, inspiring us within the flow of its natural progression.  Freedom from instinctual and intellectual attachments empowers our being with universal energy.

Resonance and Relativity

Beyond our body, mind, heart, intuition and soul, we are a unique frequency of energy.  Becoming it requires us to establish and sustain an equilibrium with all elements of our being.  When we are aligned with the universe, our soul resonates through our intuition, emanates from our heart center, empowers our mind and body and transforms our experience and environment.  Maintaining this resonance is our purpose.  Expressing it into our personal lives is its relativity.  Our resonance and relativity are the cornerstones to being an expression of the universe.  They are the prime elements of our universality.  

Universal Experience

Standing in our truth is a challenging endeavor in a society imposing control, corruption, manipulation and the elimination of insight, vision, expression and being.  It is not just the cascade of contention we encounter in social reality.  It is the resistance within us which far exceeds the societal reactivity ultimately compromising our universal relativity.  When we stand against the currents of society, we are a force of the universe.  Our personal truth is merely a steppingstone to discover, embrace and align with universal truth.  Our common destiny is to transform our social encounters into universal experiences.   

“Universality is the expression of our soul.”

6 thoughts on “A Force of the Universe

  1. Dear Iam Saums,

    I continually nodded my head as I read your article. Yup – this is what I or anyone else who seeks the authentic truth of his or her being inevitably encounters. You hit it on the nail: “Social reality is an artificial system of control.”

    It turns my stomach that in most social gatherings, others want to know that you are following the same conditioning as them, even for matters of personal health. Everyone is expected to believe the same media-driven messages and if you don’t conform, you are immediately ostracized. Same with your way of life.

    You wrote, “Society is addicted and dependent upon amusement.” So true. Most people use their free time to watch TV and are consumed by the fear-driven “news” or else an obsession with celebrities. Being rich and/or famous or at least following these people seems to satisfy the masses. And if you don’t stay current with celebrity news, you are marginalized.

    Social media is another tool that conditions people. Participants want to do what everyone else is doing or possess the same consumer goods. This is their idea of “the good life” and that takes precedence. Sitting in silence, walking in Nature or learning to tune within is not even considered. Yet this is what I find myself doing.

    Your “community experience” sounds absolutely wonderful … too bad it’s only once a year!

    With the ever-rising frequencies on Earth, I wonder: will “society” ever change? It seems so many are focused on trivial pursuits and are quick to condemn anyone who steps outside societal “norms.” As a species, human crave a sense of belonging, but at what price?

    I believe we must dare to be ourselves and surrender our lower mind/ego to our Higher Selves. Then we can be led by our intuition, and we naturally attract synchronistic meetings and events.

    Society has it backwards, doesn’t it? To BE with others, we must first come into balance with all our bodies (mental/emotional/physical/spiritual) and listen to our Spirit. Once we are inwardly in harmony, we will feel the energy frequency of others more clearly and we know who or what resonates. Sometimes we gravitate towards certain groups or places for this reason. Do you agree?

    Thanks for sharing your perspective with us!

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    • Brilliant comment as always Thelma! Thank you for sharing your insights! Yes, the program is in full swing. I felt that we all had an opportunity to go within during all the shutdowns. Unfortunately it would seem society went right back to the defaults. I attempt to love people for who they are, and who they aren’t. All of us have the potential to transform and transcend. However, most do not choose to this way of experience. It requires us to break our conditioning and as you said, find the balance between the elements of our being and connect and relate with the universe. Most people live in a bubble sustained by their fears and insecurities. There is an extraordinary experience possible for everyone.


  2. Thanks, Iam. Yes, the lockdown gave people an opportunity to go within. Many have seen their values more clearly and made changes in their lives, especially regarding their careers, work/life balance and relationships. Still, like you say, “most people live in a bubble sustained by their fears and insecurities.” They are easily swayed by the consensus reality that constantly tells them they are under threat and must conform to stay safe.

    I had hoped that more truths would emerge about the control agenda, but the lies and deceptions go on. All the same, a new energy is emerging worldwide, with the masses rebelling against authoritarian rule. And a small minority has detached from the madness to go within and hold the increasing Light.

    We are living in extraordinary times!


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    • Thelma,
      Those who are invested in reality’s paradise are likely unwilling to see how enslaved they are. Or stand against its currents to create their own experience. Everyone has a choice where they place their focus and energy. I feel when people are authentic and true with themselves, their personal revelation may come and they will see how things are as they are, not as they seem.
      The bubble must be burst!


  3. Very interesting article about being one with the universe. Most of us aren’t even one with our planet. We need to stop the abuse of our earth and come together with a sense of love, listening, and becoming.


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