“We have been sitting down for so long, we have forgotten how to stand.”

Dawn of Possibility:

There is nothing more significant in our life than our commitment to make a stand. This is the most potent form of our self-expression.  It is in the authenticity of our integrity that we truly thrive.  Before we embrace the opportunity to seize the power of our stance we must first be willing to acknowledge it.  We then need to integrate it into our lives by who we are being.  Our society does not empower, encourage or support the genesis, ownership and application of our personal stand.  In order to claim it, we need to be open to and at cause with its possibility.  We must be willing to surrender all we know we are to become all we can truly be.

Cast in Society:

We are multi-dimensional beings existing in infinite experiences simultaneously in any given moment.  We must accept this cosmic truth before we are able to channel it into a focused expression of being.  Our perception is conditioned by society’s two-dimensional reality.  The multiplicity of our consciousness is condensed and suppressed into a narrow vision of the universe.  Our relations with others are regulated by the linear boundaries to which we abide.  Reality is based upon the laws and limitations of educational, religious and scientific institutions.  Our social evolution anesthetizes us to the truth of who we are.

Rose-Colored Glasses:

Reality is imprisonment.  In our inverted world, even the most alluring freedoms are still forms of slavery, for they exist within a paradigm of illusion.  It is simply the nature of the perception we adopt.  If we conform to experience life through the filters of education, religion and science, we automatically abandon the majority of what is and what is possible.  Eventually we will enable and resign ourselves to the rules and restrictions that keep us engaged in a bait-and-switch matrix of engineered and suspended animation.  Ever reaching for an elusive truth we frequently ignore and resist in the exact moment we become present to it.

Artificial Authority:

We have been giving away our personal power long before we were even aware it existed.  Most of us are oblivious to our personal empowerment and only experience it in accidental, fleeting moments of confrontation, difficulty, stress and survival.  The energetic quality of the power we emanate and exercise is chaotic and dense in vibration.  It begins as a genuine expression of the heart yet is ultimately distorted by perception and reality.  It is often transposed into an aggressive and explosive energy.  Instead of inspiring others with the presence of our authentic power we frequently allow it to be manipulated into a force of violence.

Existential Savior:

Many of us have been waiting for someone or something revolutionary in our lives to open the doors of opportunity and possibility.  Though there are numerous times when these prospects present themselves to us, we seldom choose to acknowledge and embrace them.  We opt for a lifestyle of fantasy, romance and suffering in our perpetual quest for an easier path.  Yet, the cost for artificial achievement, convenience, gratification and security is not just our life, possibility and truth.  It is our heart and soul.  We have been running away from ourselves for so long we have epitomized the divine comedy that is the “human race.”

Springtime of Truth:

Humanity is asleep, yet is beginning to awaken.  There is far too much evidence, movement and truth manifesting from the obscure confusion of contemporary social reality.  The vast super structure of cause and effect that was once our forebears’ captivity has now progressed into an emancipation of awareness, creativity, expression and community.  We are becoming present to the realization that possibility is the nature of the universe.  Its infinite opportunities empower our experience of life.  Possibility transforms our being with multi-dimensional consciousness using our intuition as a gateway to the universe.

Rise and Shine:

All of us have experiences that inspire us into enlightenment, action and being.  We are all motivated by circumstances and events that define the what, why and how we are empowered.  Our commitment to petition for it is the foundation of our expression.  Our focused intent manifests what becomes our vision, mission and purpose.  Who we are and how we express it in our lives determines the nature of our stand.  We are a vessel of possibility for the world.  It is our purpose to create and sustain this sacred space.  There is nothing as vital as the awareness we bring to our life.  Our stand is the compass of our consciousness.

In Our Power:

Identifying, embracing and conveying our personal power can be an awkward and terrifying experience.  The practical arenas of reality rarely if ever foster or endorse individual empowerment, let alone accept its mere possibility.  Personal power is the antithesis of the foundation upon which society is engineered.  This is the primary reason why it is exceptionally challenging to consistently and successfully apply it to our everyday lives.  Its extraordinary nature is essential to the manifestation of our transformation.  The only true expression of our being is sourced from our personal power.  It begins with our choice to be.

The Calling:

Our lives are ripe with opportunities to claim our truth and choose the nature of our stand.  Usually it is something that inspires us to step out of ourselves, professions and the structured reality we adopt.  Our perception expands, our heart pounds, our mind races and energy courses through every element of our being.  We are present to possibility, yet we are also conscious of something new.  In the epiphany of our realization, we are acquainted with our empowerment.  In these pivotal moments we have the choice to either ignore our calling or claim it and become all who we can only imagine.

Eternally Empowered:

No one else can bring into our lives and the world all we have been intended and gifted to give.  No one else can conduct the energy that the universe sources us to generate, express and share.  No one else can be inspired by our lives to the degree that we are empowered to stand for them.  No one else can live for us an extraordinary life that transcends the possibilities of our being.  No one else can experience our unique creativity, evolution, insights, transformation and destiny.  We are the only ones who can become, cause and emanate the greatest manifestation of our lives.  To this we are immortally called.  For this we need to stand eternally empowered.

“We must stand for something, or we live for nothing.”

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