The Heart of it All

“We are nothing we think we are.”

The Mind Field:

Our reality is an extension of our thoughts.  Our society is an invention of the mind.  We live within a matrix of mentality that is equivalent to the neural pathways in our brain.  Millions of neurons connecting and firing cause the fundamental functions of our intelligence and the rudimentary dynamics of our awareness.  Though we may believe we interact with and consciously command this network of existence, to it we are inherently enslaved.  Our captivity is defined by the energy we sacrifice upon the altar of our ego’s insatiable appetites, selfish gratification and vain quests for artificial fulfillment.

Inheritance of Thought:

Before we are born, our mind is in a subconscious state of development.  In utero, we are intimately partial to the impressions and influences that our mothers experience during pregnancy.  We breathe their air, eat their food, drink their fluids, think their thoughts, feel their feelings and even dream their dreams.  Our symbiosis is not only in the semblance of our ability, behavior, emotionality, genetics, perception and temperament.  It is also prevalent in the neural activity and tendency of our thought.  We are frequently oblivious to the experience of our emotions and even less aware of the persuasive mechanics of our mind.

Illusion Investment:

Our senses are the avenues of our mental enslavement.  All we see, hear, smell, taste and feel is gradually distorted by the mass manipulation we enable with our engagement.  The influence of our subliminal thought patterns cons us into a relentless web of ego, desire, want, worry and fear.  When we succumb to these stimuli, we invest in the illusion of reality and exchange our creativity, freedom, spirituality, truth and vision with our confusion, drama, dysfunction, fantasy and politics.  Our truth becomes a lie and a lie becomes our truth.  It is this self-deception that costs us our life.

Intelligence Dependence:

At some point in our maturation, our intellect becomes the measure of our worth.  We are processed though institutional conditioning to gain acceptance and qualification for positions of merit in the grand racket of the professional marketplace.  Once indoctrinated and initiated into its diabolical mainframe, we willingly acquiesce our health, heart and soul to the omnipresent, intelligence-driven program of advancement and survival.  It is our understanding and utilization of the system in which we exist that determines the watermark of our success.  Where the ultimate conquests come not from great achievements, yet by mastery through manipulation.

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.”

-Bob Marley

Mass Collusion:

We are under a global spell of social hypnosis.  This paradigm hinders our ability to truly see ourselves and the world.  It is a dream from which most of us never awaken.  A widespread epidemic of cooperative confusion and distortion we enable with our apathy, denial, drama, self-righteousness and fear.  No matter how much we attempt to influence the people, circumstances, perceptions and outcomes in our lives, we rarely escape the revelation of our self-imposed fate.  It will always be the illusions of our mind that seek to complicate, discredit, falsify and usurp the eternal expressions of our heart.

Distortion by Design:

The heart has no place in the mental matrix.  Within it, emotions are a foreign language.  Empathy and kindness have become criminal and our compass of conscience and insight has been surrendered to the ruthless nuances of our ego’s adversarial influence.  Intellectuality has become the mandatory currency of reality; without which we cannot function or survive.  The frequency of our heart center is disrupted and distorted by the neural labyrinth of material life.  Our multi-dimensionality is compromised and our focus, purpose and vision is distorted beyond our pre-programmed abilities.

In Shadow:

We have all been asleep.  We are lulled into an instinctual slumber with the gravity of reality, the artificial burden of society, the vortex of consumption, the captivity of our perception and the severity of our fear.  We have been wined and dined into a dreaming death by society’s many attachments, impressions, influences, opinions and vices.  The human race has been and is on virtual life support.  Its collective pulse dives dangerously below the measure of its lifeline.  We exist within the twilight of life as wayward spectators watching from the grandstands and rarely daring to take the field.  Yet, now more than ever, only the field remains.

“The journey from the head to the heart is much longer than from the heart to the head.”


There are random occasions in our lives when we are blessed with an epiphany of truth, purpose and understanding.  More frequently than we may choose to acknowledge, we are stirred from our walking slumber and become present to something distinct from the ordinary.  We tend to deny and discard these experiences of opportunity as fleeting flights of fancy and roll over in our adopted reality.  Yet, these are the keys to freeing ourselves from our mortal captivity.  These are the events in our lives that further entrench us into the neural matrix of intellectuality or offer us a powerful choice to transform our experience.

The Force Awakens:

A critical mass of awareness has grown over the past few decades.  It is not a new force of sentience.  It has always existed well before the dawning of humanity.  Yet the primary distinction in our contemporary age is our realization of and synergy with the eternal essence of consciousness and the fulfillment it inspires.  Our relatedness with this experience has been defined by our commitment and willingness to become its universal expression.  It simply requires us to transcend all that inhibits the natural expansion and presence of our soul in life.  This is our true human destiny.

The Center of Being:

Our heart center is the most powerful expression of our being.  It sources and radiates an electromagnetic force so powerful, even the most authoritative protocols of intellectual reality cannot alter or extinguish its emanation.  It is the gateway to our intuition, the medium of our creativity and the seat of our soul.  Our heart center is the nexus of our being that connects our body and mind with our spirit and the universe.  This vital multi-dimensional alchemy allows us to become our greatest potential.  Our enlightenment is made manifest when our heart center resonates with our soul.

Heart Star:

Our heart is our greatest expression of vision, truth and possibility.  It guides us through our challenges, conveys our experiences, composes our creativity and unites us all.  Its presence expands and transcends beyond the measure our mind can only fathom with our imagination.  We are not intended to acquire this energy solely for our personal benefit.  We are destined to receive this energy for the sake of sharing its infinite abundance with all.  It is our soul purpose to empower, inspire and sustain each other. This is the universal tapestry of being we express and experience as love.

“All that we give is all that we live.  All that we love is all that we are.”

Soul Purpose:

Being conscious in an oblivious society is no longer sufficient to transform the world.  Conversations and actions are mere stepping stones in becoming and being all that we envision.  Not just as human beings having a spiritual experience or spiritual beings having a human experience, but as energetic beings conveying the extraordinary expressions of our creativity.  The resonance of our enlightened being and its unique signature is essential in transforming three dimensional reality into four dimensional consciousness.  Imagine our experience of life if all humanity chose to be an emanation of their soul…

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