It is easy to believe in the things that we see.  We live in a visual reality.

It isn’t that our eyes “can” deceive us.  It is that they “do.”  Perhaps more accurately put, we allow our eyes to mislead us by where we cast them and with what we occupy them.

Our eyes are simply windows that not only focus our gaze, yet also our awareness.

It is easier to believe in the things we think.  We are unconscious of most of the thoughts we possess.  We have allowed and enabled our thoughts to become so influential in our lives, we can almost see them.  Our thoughts conduct and control us more often than we may choose to imagine.

It is difficult to believe in the things that we feel.  Our society is not designed to support emotionality as a viable expression of living.  The most powerful and enduring experiences in our lives are those we feel.  It could even be said that “feeling” our way through life may actually be closer to truly living and being.

It is most difficult to believe in the things we do not see, especially if we cannot understand or relate to them.  Since the time we are very young, we are conditioned to believe in only what we see or hear within a narrow perception of reality.  All outside of this fine line of life is where the extraordinary thrives.

In a society of distraction, instant gratification, busy-ness, expectation and entitlement, how could we ever assume we are experiencing the fullest of our lives or the world?  Have we ever?

Every day, there is a remarkable measure of life we do not experience.  It is astounding when we realize how rarely we use our hearts and our souls in relation to our minds and our bodies.   We live in a society structured around the needs, wants, pleasures and pains of the body and mind.  Our emotions and intuition are often pushed to the back burner of our being, without us even knowing.

Our experience of life isn’t merely what we can see, hear, smell, taste or touch.  It is all of these sensory encounters and more.  It isn’t only in the actions we take, the words we speak, the emotions we feel, or the random spiritual experiences we may encounter.  It is when we engender a present-ness to and being-ness in our lives that allows us to connect and relate with something/someone much greater than the “I” (identity) we perceive ourselves to be.  It is even beyond who we envision and dream ourselves to be.

It is reasonable to consider that if we are attempting to perceive our infinite nature with our finite senses, we will never be able to behold everything that we are, let alone reach our full potential or our soul’s fulfillment.  Our sensory expressions are all useful aspects of how we choose to understand and live our lives.  Yet, this is merely a fraction of our potential as human beings, and our senses will only reveal a fraction of all that is out there to discover and experience.

As it has been said, humankind will search the heavens and the earth for what has always been inside of us.  Since the beginning of humanity, only a fraction of the population during any given time period, has ventured to intimate and ally with what is beyond the seen, heard and known.  Only a few have chosen to go beyond simply knowing themselves and their position in the world.  Few have been able to give up everything they believe they are to become everything they were created to be.

If our heart is the gateway to our soul, our intuition is the pathway to universal consciousness.  There is a basic alchemy that human beings inherently possess.  It is a four dimensional dynamic that consists of our bodies, our minds, our hearts and our souls.  We live in a civilization that isolates us from our hearts and our souls, imposing upon us a two dimensional reality.  It takes a great deal of effort and energy to go against the mainstream of human “doing” and “thinking” to connect to, relate with and express from our hearts and our souls as human “beings.”

We are all born with the ability to transcend our human nature.  When we choose to temper our physical desires, calm our persistent thoughts and detach from our unhealthy feelings, we create an alchemical balance within.  We free ourselves to experience, connect with and relate to our soul using our dormant sense, our intuition.

Within all of us resides a pineal gland.  What is essential about the pineal is that it can operate with the Chakras and the Kundalini.  When these systems are performing in unison, a pathway to higher dimensions of being is opened.  This pathway is our intuition.  It is the medium through which we access our vision, creativity, truth, life force, spirituality and love. Our intuition connects to and relates with universal consciousness.   It is the “high”-way to who we truly are, beyond our bodies, minds and hearts, even our beliefs.

There are many ways to connect with our intuition.  I imagine that it is different for everyone, perhaps as diverse as any human being’s uniqueness, perception or reality.  Silence is the most important practice in synchronizing with our intuition.  Not just a space devoid of sound.  Yet, silence from our thoughts, emotions, instincts, perspective, agenda, drama and attachments.  Silence is the key that opens the door to our intuition.

A common and effective way to connect with our intuition is meditation.  When we meditate, there is an exchange of energy and consciousness that calms, balances and revitalizes us.  This experience brings us into a present-ness of being, utilizing our intuition to connect our heart with our soul.  The practice of meditation sustains us in our ability to balance our body, our mind, our heart and our soul.  When we establish and maintain this equilibrium, we are able to convey consciousness into reality, transforming ourselves and our environment.

Intuition is the universal instrument through which we as human beings may “art”-iculate creation, consciousness and infinite possibility.  Imagine if we were living our awareness to its fullest manifestation.  Our intuition unites us with our soul and the universe and relates us with each other.  It frees us from the illusion of separation and restores us to our true expression of life.  It is who we are as a universal being, pure consciousness energy.  Our intuition returns us to our true connection with the source, our love.

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