The Light in the Darkness

Into Shadow:

Millions of people around the world believe in evil as depicted in many ancient texts.  Human acceptance of what is portrayed as such is significantly why it exists in grand fashion.  It is very difficult to prove that it does without a shadow of a doubt.  It is more challenging to present or even discuss it without it becoming a debate about religion.  As contrary as they are, it is interesting how linked the light and the darkness appear to be historically and in contemporary times.  They are eternally bound to each other by belief, interpretation, exploitation and fear.  This imposed duality of common opinion has enslaved human kind since the dawn of time.

It is startling how human beings rarely if ever achieve a lasting enlightenment.  We may catch a glimpse of illumination, yet it is a fleeting epiphany that fades as the speeding luminosity of a falling star.  It is lost and forgotten amidst the relentless shower of diversions our society provides.  We allow the distractions to consume the quality and power of our lives.  We surrender to our personalized confusion with our lack of interest in creating them.  This is the ultimate darkness.  Not one that waits for its perfect moment to influence, command, embezzle and seize our energy.  It is one that we enable with our attitude, behavior, entitlement and emotional drama.  We sustain our own darkness with the conditions and restrictions we apply to our lives.  Our darkness is the measure of our human potential unattained and unexpressed.

Soul Persuasion:

We have been conditioned to live almost exclusively from our mind and body.  We exist within a social paradigm commonly adopted as “reality,” primarily steeped in left-brain activity and interaction.  Much as the fish that swims in water not seeing the limitations of its existence, we too are chained to the invisible boundaries of a manufactured lifestyle.  This is one way we align ourselves with negative energy.  We allow the darkness into our lives with our silence, selfishness, disinterest and the anesthetizing of our sensibilities.  We become vulnerable to the chaotic, lower frequencies we tend to perceive as “evil.”  These dark forces attempt to transmute our energetic signatures into a form easier to control, conquer and consume.

We witness the evidence of evil in society on a daily basis.  It is reflected in human behavior with war, destruction, genocide, inequality and injustice.  Darkness thrives in the malevolence of murder, rape, domestic violence, character assassination and the tradition of competition found primarily in politics, business and sports.  These attributes of human existence run rampant around the globe.  They bombard us with such frequency, impact and effect that we become desensitized to their horrors.  Yet, evil is not the monster under the bed or the demon in the darkness.  It is not an existential entity that preys upon our apathy, unconsciousness and fear.  It is we who sacrifice our personal power by the quality of our thoughts, behaviors, actions and emotional and energetic expression.  These traits expose us to negative energies that become hate, anger, vengeance, selfishness and cruelty.  Eventually, we render ourselves susceptible to these dark influences and they become our nature.  We become a conduit of darkness.

Bittersweet Truth Speak:

Our darkness does not appear to us typically as mythical, legendary, religious or commercial.  It is never as it is portrayed in a movie, a television program, a book or even a sacred text.  Our darkness is a customized expression of our being.  It is a reflection of who we are, unrivaled and unfounded within humanity and its communities to which we belong.  The generalizations of human darkness may seem similar, yet the specific qualities each of us conveys are as diverse as night and day.  There are over six billion people in the world with different perspectives, personalities and lifestyles and over six billion potential expressions of darkness.  It is only when we recognize our own contribution to the evil in the world that we may begin to transform its existence and impact.

We are not born to be dark or light.  We are brought into this world with all potential and possibility.  How we live and who we are is a state of being we gradually acquire with our chosen lifestyle, whether we are a shadow of darkness or an emanation of light.  As much as we would like to believe we are victims of circumstance, condition, reality or society, we are not.  This is the lie we tell ourselves when we are unwilling to find the strength and courage to take responsibility for our thoughts, choices and actions.  The more we surrender our personal power, the more we can be influenced and the more our darkness controls the course and expression of our lives.  When we acquiesce to our seductive tendency toward darkness and the false power and pleasure it provides, we yield our connection with one that is true.

The Light in the Darkness:

Darkness is so clever; it uses our own effort, energy and life force against us to further its agenda.  It exploits our ego as a channel to silently and constantly influence us toward choices and actions that go against our reason, free will, common sense and intuition.  The more we are aware of our darkness and its impression upon us, the more we are able to utilize it instead of the contrary.  After all, it is a powerful facet of our being.  It is ever present, no matter how much we attempt to avoid or deny its existence.  We can transform this expression of our being into a positive force that benefits our lives.  It is simply our perceptual fear of the raw, unknown power of our darkness that intimidates, weakens and immobilizes us.  We hand our power over to what may be, not what is.  With every fearful breath we draw, our connection with darkness strengthens and the fulfillment of our destiny wanes.

We are incapable of sustaining a capacity of being-ness for enlightenment.  Our lives are lived ever striving to become something that we can only be in spirit.  Perhaps this is the great mystery of life.  It has been said that the most powerful light is harvested from the greatest darkness.  Within this darkness there is only one thing that awaits us, our fear with which we react to the unknown.  Fear is the demon we all must face.  When we do, what once looked like a monster suddenly becomes a masterpiece of being when we see it for what it really is.  An illusion of existential authority enabled subconsciously by the power of our own fear.  It is an opportunity to draw strength from the deepest recesses of our being.  The meaning of life isn’t to become enlightened.  It is to free ourselves from the devices of our own darkness.  It is to face and transform the only darkness that truly exists, our own.

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