Spirit of the Season

“We are not solely inspired by the spirit of the holiday season. We are empowered by the natural expression of our soul.”

Iam Saums

“Giving is the greatest gift we will ever receive.”

Sugar Plum Fairies:

As children, we were captivated and mystified by the glitz, glow and glitter of the holiday season.  The prospect of gifts we would receive carried us through the most difficult days of the year.  Every time the holidays arrived, we would miraculously transform our behavior in a last-ditch effort to prove we were indeed more nice than naughty.  We dreamt of the moments when we would leap from our beds and tear open the presents littered around the tree.  We were consumed within the fantasy of our own wants.  For those brief and long awaited moments we were adrift in the blissful oblivion of all we had received.

Yuletide by the Fireside:

The enchantment of the season is both authentic and evident.  There is a brilliant energy of giving, good will and tidings to empower and inspire our…

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2 thoughts on “Spirit of the Season

  1. Every breath we make, every inhalation, every exhalation is a gift of wonder and gratitude.

    Every day is Christmas Day, for the Universe provides for us constantly, though we may not see it.

    And yes, they will always be watching (before Mark clicks on to that one).


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