Light in the Clouds

Culture of Confusion:

A global perplexity has distorted the essence of humanity’s awareness.  Its influence and impact is experienced in widespread dissonant energetic frequencies.  Generations of human beings have unconsciously cultivated an archaic, suppressive and contrary history of existence.  Confusion is used as a shield of defense against personal authenticity, accountability and understanding.  We embellish and gratify ourselves with social customs to flex our false power.  We have invented clever ways to avoid, discourage and discredit all that contests our true sensibility, possibility and purpose.

All of us adopt, emulate and project our personal confusion.  We have grown so accustomed to it that it becomes our nature, and ultimately our weapon and downfall.  Our confusion clouds our vision, perception and comprehension.  It blinds us to our truth, love and destiny.  Our focus is distorted by the contemporary enchantments of “real” life.  A myriad of distraction is designed and exists to further divert our attention toward the entitlement of our amusement.  We willingly sacrifice our personal intention and talent to conform and assimilate with society.  We hide our power for fear of claiming it.

Popular Vertigo:

It is a nameless and faceless dis-ease that has always been a human epidemic.  We learn to inherit the security blanket of our confusion to justify our excuses, indifferences, failures and fears.  It produces barriers in our personal intelligence, understanding, intent and the manifestation of our purpose.  We plague ourselves with our own cognitive dissonance from which we so desperately yearn to escape and transcend.  The lethal concoction of our apathy, disinterest, envy and self-righteousness breeds our confusion.  The source of our greatest struggles is not found from without.  We enable it within.

Our condition of confusion grows in dimension, influence and complexity.  It becomes a perception we assume that eventually alters our reason, veracity and ideology.  Our focal point is dismantled and consumed by the vortex of existence we interpret as reality.  We turn our backs on the truth of our selves so that we may invent virtual relationships with superficial people in an artificial world.  We survive calculated circumstances, which yield simulated comforts and conveniences.  This racket we run on ourselves harvests aimless ambitions and unfulfilled lives.  In essence, we die more and more, everyday.

Inherited Uncertainty: 

Confusion is not our natural state of being.  Yet it is a daily routine to which we all subscribe.  It seems much easier to immerse our selves within our perplexity rather than claim and embrace the power of our choice, expression, truth and love.  We have been programmed into a habitual state of subconscious anxiety.  In the midst of our daily occurrences, we are perpetually exposed to a myriad of toxic stimuli that distorts our perception and experience.  Our apprehension and indecisiveness predominantly causes our entitlement, expectations, unhealthy relations and egocentric desires.

We become accustomed to living our lives between what was and what may be, rarely in the present moment.  We are conditioned daily to be afraid of our opportunities, choices, abilities, lifestyle and even love.  Our first impulse is to discredit our inspiration to express ourselves as we truly can be.  Our second instinct is to dismiss and ridicule others when their opportunity for empowerment may transpire.  The third inclination is to bury our brief encounters with our destiny and enable an ordinary life to which we are held captive by our own fear.  This formula holds us in a continual state of uncertainty.

Era of Epiphany:

We are living in an extraordinary era of insight and possibility.  A great deal of awareness and wisdom is more readily available than has ever been in the history of humanity.  There is a universal flow of energy rushing into the three dimensional reality dismantling our two dimensional captivity.  Our greatest barriers to fourth dimensional information, comprehension and consciousness were once a handful of arrogantly elitist, ridiculously wealthy and manipulative few.  Now, we are the only ones who can suppress or prohibit the expansion of our focus, talent and intention.

Our personalities, behaviors, fears and lives are being presented to us in illuminating HD clarity.  Everything about ourselves that we have enabled to restrict us from discovering and achieving our passion and purpose is emerging for us to release.  It simply requires us to choose, practice and become who we need to be for ourselves and others.  When we are living in the rhythm of epiphany, service and humility, we embrace all the truth, light and love that are eternally available to us.  This creates the opportunity for us to emanate the energy of creativity, insight and empowerment.

Moment of Clarity:

The confusion we allow and enable in our lives is our greatest obstacle.  It is the source of our worries, challenges, failures, divisions and fears.  We aren’t even present to most of the confusion we experience.  It is what we don’t know we don’t know about ourselves and our lives that confounds us.  The only time we are remotely aware of it is when we are confronted by adversity.  It is a conscious choice to observe what none of us really wants to see about ourselves.  We are able to transform our confusion into clarity when we embrace the truth that we alone hold ourselves back from truly living life.

Our personal power can only be claimed and expressed upon a foundation of authenticity and integrity.  This is the sacred design of universal being.  The achievement of our enlightenment is an eternal dance.  It is ever flowing toward and receding from us.  It simply begins with a choice.  One to which many of us may be either unaware or unwilling.  The acquisition of our consciousness and its inclusion into our daily lives is vital in the revelation, expansion and expression of our being.  It is the lucidity of our vision, choice, purpose and lifestyle that fulfills our truest destiny.

The Heart of It All:

It has been said that our energy flows where our attention goes.  Most of us are primarily unconscious of this truth.  The nature of our focus defines the reality in which we exist.  Our intent is our compass and our action is the manifestation of our true choice.  We either choose the abundant energy that is our birth rite, or we defer it to our external reality and become captive to an artificial existence.  The soul distinction that is harvested from our experience of life is our choice to embrace and share the greatest expression of our being.  This is all for which we are truly destined.

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