When we are born, we enter this world, this reality innocent, pure, open, amazed and spellbound by the endless wonders that this life offers us.  We are passengers upon a ride filled with thrills, chills, highs, lows, birth, growth, age, death and everything in between.  Of course, this is before the honeymoon wears off and everything offered is gradually taken from us in very unique, cunning and seemingly elusive ways.

We are observant witnesses until we are old “enough” to participate, or better stated, to unconsciously contribute and enable a societal system that, more so than ever before, benefits the few at the cost of the many, and the many grows with every breath we take.  This structure of secrecy really doesn’t sink into our understanding, if it ever does, until well after we have consistently and mercilessly been conditioned to “accept” it as the “norm” of society.  By then, we may never see it for the injustice that it is, even if it is right before our eyes.

This happens at a very young age.  In school, we are bombarded with intensely left-brain information that creates an overload and imbalance in our minds.  For 7-8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 9 months a year, we are “taught” (programmed) with language, mathematics, history (mostly revisionist) with a light, very light these days, sprinkling of music and art.  Most of us were set on this path of “education” long before we developed our personality, comprehension, distinction, beliefs, morals, ethics, interest, listening and discernment. To me it seems quite scary to consider the reality that most of these characteristic traits we all possess were so potently influenced by an institutionalized educational system.

Most of us may have been subjected to participating in another “congregational” life event, religion.  We may have resented the fact that our parents woke us up early on a Sunday morning to clean ourselves up, dress up and sit in a pew for an hour or more to participate in a ritual of singing religious songs, reading passages from the Bible, and listening to the minister, preacher, priest, etc. drone on through a sermon about the duality of saints and sinners and how if we were good, we would go to heaven, and if we were bad, well, we wouldn’t, all the while pretending to be happy and friendly that we were there.

Eventually, when we are old “enough” to either understand or develop a “conditioned” interest, we start watching the news to become “informed” with what is going on in the world.  And yet another system of programming begins, a system of “dis”-information, or rather the “mis”-representation of information.  It is the “spin” of the story, the context in which it is broadcast that carries the strongest message and the most powerful impact upon the society it targets.  The networks make us feel better about ourselves in giving us a superficial notion and ideal of intelligence by swindling us into being informed of the current events, though the majority of the content being broadcast is of a negative and tragic nature.

Last but certainly not least, we are manipulated by something much more powerful and omnipresent, our own egos, incessant thoughts and the very perceptions, conceptions, viewpoints and lifestyles we ourselves fashion on the path toward “growing up.”  As we “grow” into these “fixed” characteristics, we gradually annihilate our youth, our truth, our openness, our possibility, our purpose, our power, our destiny and most importantly our freedom on our way to “adulthood.”

You see, when we were children, everything was possible.  We could do anything.  We could be anything.  We woke up in the morning with a burst of energy, excited to experience the newness of the day and the adventures it would bring.  We ran around barefoot in the grass and woods.  We played until dark with our friends from the neighborhood.  Every night, we fought the inevitable of surrendering to our parent’s nightly sentence of going to sleep.  We were the personification of life, as though every cell in our being, every hair on our head and every limb of our body was infused with an everlasting energy that ran at 100 miles per hour most of the day.  Now, as we have grown older, we have “conditioned” ourselves to stay awake for just as long as we need in order to “participate” in a commonly accepted “reality” just to survive and endure until the great inevitable occurs.  We have sacrificed our youthful lifeforce to emulate the focus of our teenage angst, we have become “adults.”

Though this may be a shocking revelation for most of us, it is even more sinister than this.  Since the days of our youth, through education, religion, information, society and the common “reality” we have all adopted as relevant and absolute, we have become slaves.  Though it may “seem” so, we are not enslaved by our school, our church, the news, social ebbs and flows, the marketplace, the banking institutions, governments, corporations, the oil and gas industry, the medical industry, etc.  We are imprisoned by ourselves.  More specifically, we are incarcerated by our minds.  It is these same “fixed,” incessant thoughts, perceptions, conceptions, viewpoints, beliefs and lifestyles we incorporate into our lives that form the links to the chains we burden ourselves with every day of our lives.  We become so accustomed to our enslavement, we eventually forget who we are, why we were born to this earth, what was our purpose, what was our destiny and the true meaning of our life.

“What is it?”
“…it is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.”
“What truth?”
“That you are a slave born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch, a prison for your mind.”

Though it may appear to be excruciatingly daunting just simply to recognize and accept our mind-imposed slavery, this is the beginning of transitioning into freedom.  Once we have broken through the spell of our denial, disinterest, disbelief, disillusionment, cognitive dissonance, societal programming, familial conditioning and our personal “stories,” we begin to become present to how tethered we are to this “reality.”  We begin to see how dependent and almost addicted we are to the chaos and drama of society.  For many of us, the very thought of living without this man-made “reality” we enable has become more terrifying than most things we may encounter.  To the extent we ultimately succumb to the fear that without this machination of society, we would not survive.

“We don’t need to free our minds, we need to free ourselves from our minds.” – David Icke

Freedom isn’t in “believing” we are free, or accepting that we are because a collection of politicians, news anchors, entertainers, sports figures, military officials, friends and family members repeatedly (program) tell us we are.  Freedom isn’t found in fighting a war, outwitting a business adversary, winning an argument, earning millions of dollars, possessing things or expanding our intelligence.

Freedom is first found in recognizing we are all slaves in the social system of “reality.”  Freedom is found when we realize how often we are lying to ourselves when we “think” we are free.  Freedom is understanding that “true” freedom is possible.  Freedom is found in our willingness to break the chains of our enslavement by choosing not to continue to enable this “reality” with our personal power, our attention, our energy, our money, our acquiescence, our fear, our apathy and our disbelief.

Freedom is found in claiming, with everything we can muster, our vision, our power, our purpose, our destiny and our birthright to an extraordinary and fulfilled life, and living it with the same youthful, everlasting energy we expressed when we were children.  Freedom is found in our willingness and dedication to stand for our transformation, and in so being, standing for the ability of others to see for themselves the possibility of their own.

Perhaps the greatest freedom is acknowledging that none of us are alone in this.
We are all in this life together.
In many more ways than we may imagine, we are all one.
It will take ALL of us to create this freedom.
When one of us fails at freedom, we all fail.
When one of us becomes free, we are all free.
First, we must choose to stand for our own.

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