“Don’t you get tired?  Aren’t you fed up?  Pushing the agenda for the higher ups.

Could you be wise?  Won’t you be free?  Living an illusion for this fantasy…”

The Viral Man:

Since the first footprint left by the earliest civilizations, mankind has always sought, fought, built and destroyed to leave its signature.  Its very existence has become an antithesis of nature.  Its mind has made it such that the natural world is something to be conquered to measure its success, progress and worth.  Generation after generation has sparred with everything it has perceived to be a threat and challenge to its survival.  Monuments have been crafted to represent the artificial power, might and wisdom mankind has stolen from nature and manipulated with its timeless arrogant desires.

The natural world and all of its mysteries, wonders, majesty and life is simply not enough in its true, raw and rugged expression to satisfy mankind’s desires.  It had to remove, dissect, deconstruct, diminish and destroy nature in order to examine and exploit it.  Nature’s resources were extracted, altered, manipulated, boiled, burned and exhausted at an astronomical rate.  Whole ecosystems were sacrificed upon the altar of mankind’s progress, convenience, industry and wealth.  It gradually placed itself in the center of the cycle of life as it imprisoned the world with its greed, selfishness and insatiable hunger.

There is one term that best symbolizes what mankind’s reality has done to the Earth, “virus.”  It is interesting how viruses seem to originate and localize around human life.  It is vital to acknowledge and accept that viruses are a product and expression of the human race.  The very nature of a virus correlates so perfectly with mankind that the two have become synonymous with each other in life and in death.  Our toxicity as a species has reached a degree to which we have become a contagion.   This infection has wiped out civilizations, ecosystems and environments with war, disease, famine and human refuse.

“Cast your chaos to the rising tide.  Time to be present to the fear inside.

Kingdoms will rise.  Kingdoms will fall.  Truth is eternal when we heed the call…”

Society of Illusions:

There is nothing more devastating to a culture than the greed that corrupts it.  We can see it everywhere in our daily lives when we choose.  Advertisements, television programs, celebrities, professional athletes, politicians and even religious and spiritual organizations fall prey to it.  The mentality of excess has woven its way into the very roots of our society.  It has polluted our compassion, good will and need with vanity, self-righteousness and want.  It is much more than just a chosen way of life for those with the means.  It has become an entitlement that costs many the quality of life for the benefit of the few.

We were all born into a life of illusion.  Even before we breached the birth canal of our mothers, the wool was pulled over our eyes.  Our development through educational, religious and social institutions further indoctrinated and assimilated us into a reality of lies.  We were harnessed at an early age with a burdened inheritance of mere survival in a society designed to continually oppose us at every turn.  The machinery of reality persistently strips us of our free thought, emotion and creative expression, as we are bombarded with the many facets of conformity.  Ultimately, the harsh conditions of living in the contemporary world condition us into a lifestyle of apathy, denial, disinterest, cynicism and acquiescence.

“Will we pretend?  Are we asleep?  Hiding in the shadows from the fears we keep.

Will we arise?  Can we amend?  All that has fallen at the hand’s of men…”

Turning the Tide:

As diabolical as mankind’s global agenda may be, it is fragile and vulnerable to downfall.  Each one of us enables the chains of our daily slavery to society and its reality.  It is a vampire that takes everything we bring to it and provides little to nothing in return.  Yet we continue to feed this monster.  We crawl through the wreckage of our broken dreams, shattered imaginations and forgotten possibilities to prove our worth to a careless and clueless society.  As we weather the storms of our lives, we retreat to the false comfort and security of our abodes seeking fulfillment from entertainment and amusement.

There is a “breakthrough” point that occurs from either being enraged or inspired.  Many that are moved by anger tend to lash out in protest and become ensnared in the trappings of our totalitarian society. When we express ourselves negatively, we will always attract an equivalent outcome.  Authoritarian figures rely upon rebellion so that they may deal with dissidents with force, inequality and injustice.  It is used as a weapon to amend and enact laws and implement social regulations and restrictions to restrain and bury human creativity, consciousness and enlightenment.  Revolutions that were once loud, chaotic and unpredictable must now be silent, gradual and focused.

Contemporary society primarily continues to do the same thing in the same way over and over again expecting a different result.  The human life experience in many ways is a lifestyle of lunacy.  Our tendency as a society is to exist in a myriad of vicious cycles that keeps us in a perpetual state of drama, confusion, indifference, irresponsibility and duplicity.  When we blindly and defiantly defend our positions, we further entrench ourselves into our social captivity.  The human prison may be engineered and maintained by a select and secret few, yet it is we who allow ourselves to be enslaved daily with our participation and our choices or lack thereof.

“Cast your darkness to the rising sun.  Time to awaken for we are the ones

Nations will rise.  Nations will fall.  Life is eternal when we live for all.”

– Iam (lyrics from my original song “Awaken.”)


The human race as a whole has been asleep for a good portion of its existence.  The elements of our slumber have been our perceptions, opinions, intelligence, denial, self-righteousness and selfishness.  These are the bars of our personal imprisonment.  The accumulation and development of these qualities that “mature” our personalities are the very things that prevent us from becoming who we are truly meant to be.  In our attempt to belong to the society in which we exist, we automatically and willingly surrender our personal truth, power, purpose, consciousness and amity.  We turn our backs on ourselves.

Every day is an opportunity for us to choose to live a conscious life.  The more we create this possibility, the more we establish this reality, the more human beings will contribute to the communal awareness.  This is happening now.  We need to come together to be our fullest expression of being as a global family.  This is how it is in spirit.  No one else can create, establish or contribute our expression in this universal destiny.  When we choose to live our truth, creativity, imagination, ahimsa (non-violence) and kindness, we will transform ourselves and ultimately the world.

By Design

“Nothing is ever as it seems.”

Soul Sacrifice:

Life as we live it is an elaborate illusion devised by the few for the devout acquiescence of the many.  Most, if not all of us, don’t want to truly live.  We just act like we do.  We exist in a vacuum of being, conditioned to fear life as much or more than death.  The synthetic comfort of the common median separates us from the power of our choice, focus, purpose and destiny.  We allow “life” to tear our heart out of our chest while our spirit languishes in the purgatory of our reluctance and the custody of our self-righteousness.  We wager our present moments for the promise of our future to escape the torment of our past.

Smoke and Mirrors:

Nothing we experience in the three dimensional domain is real.  The authoritarian imposition of reality we are programed to accept and adopt or our staunch belief in it does not make it genuine.  It is a contemporary fairy tale controlled and manipulated to amuse, bewilder, distract, distort, entertain, and ultimately imprison us.  It is a colossal, elegant complex network of stimuli strategically timed and articulated to evoke emotional, mental and instinctual reactions.  We measure our lives not by our actions, creations or intentions, yet by our responses to totalitarian motivations in the global laboratory of society.

On Purpose:

There never were, are or ever will be accidents in reality.  Only circumstances and occurrences that string us along enough to ensure our engagement, investment and participation.  Where once we sustained social pandemonium with our attention, intelligence and money, now we intravenously enable it with our emotion, energy and soul.  We are desperately and hopelessly addicted to the casual rush of our inherently unique drama, lifestyle, opinion, perception and significance.  This is the formula that keeps us attached, engrossed and obsessed with the perpetual illusion of ordinary life.

The Human Schism:

Our learned fanaticism with all people and things shiny and bright has become a common psychosis of devotion and vicarious existence.  We are mere shadows of the human beings we were destined to be.  Before we have the opportunity to identify, develop and experience our personal power and purpose, it is slowly siphoned away from us by a myriad of energetic, social, institutional and professional entities.  Our lives were taken from us long before they even began, replaced with the American Dream of “someday, some one, someplace, somehow…”  It is a fantasy that isolates us from everything from the universe to ourselves.

Spinning Wheel:

All that we sense in the three dimensional reality is an inversion of perception.  Common sense, reason, belief, history, intelligence and meaning in society has been exploited and transposed into a deception of experience.  Reality has been spun and projected millions of times and ways over the course of human existence.  It is as mutable as public opinion, yet always intended for one sole purpose.  To blind the human race from its oblivious enablement and involvement in a relentlessly secret and insidious agenda.  For multi-national corporate, executive and financial organizations to accomplish a silent global takeover in the name of elitist conquest.

All the World’s a….

Our involvement in society is a performance.  When we are young, we are graded by a system of standardized examinations.  It is not to determine our potential from our intelligence and proficiency, but to prepare us for a lifetime of servitude.  We are institutionalized to be left-brain dominant drones to best serve the mental matrix. (Please see my article “The Heart of It All.”)  As we mature, our grading system is measured in monetary and status criteria as well as our rate of conformity.  We are a puppet upon the stage of reality.  We perform our part on the bottom of the pyramid never realizing if we walked away, the system of enslavement would fall.

The Grand Illusion:

Reality is not life and life is not reality.  These are two very distinct experiences.  Yet, they have been collapsed into one for the purpose of generating a more convenient and lucrative mainframe of human existence for the handful of organizations by whom it is controlled.  Everything in our experience of reality is altered and manipulated to further the agenda of the few at the cost of the many.  The world we see and accept as real is the dark side of the proverbial mirror of life.  It is not the truth that has become the greatest threat to humanity, it is reality.

Business as Usual:

Reality is a 24-hour business.  It is always open and selling illusion at a tantalizing price most can’t afford.  Reality is not bought and sold by us.  We become indebted to it with our apathy, compliance, indifference and resignation.  We willingly hand over our creativity, intention, love, passion, personal power and trust multiple times a day every day of our lives.  This is our true currency we exchange for artificial belonging, comfort, meaning and security.  Human reality is enabled with the investment of our attention, energy, fear and obedience.  The business of reality is to charm us with an illusion of life to restrict us from our truth.

Remote Control:

Every aspect of reality is controlled and manipulated.  Our air, water and food are riddled with chemicals to contaminate us and suppress our consciousness.  News networks use fear as a weapon to modify public perception.  Social media and the sports and entertainment industries are designed to distract us from and desensitize us to the atrocities, inequalities and tragedies their sponsors commit every day in their quest for profit.  Weather patterns are engineered to produce massive storms with an alarming frequency of devastation.  Scientists are now discovering that reality is a holographic projection from a distant, unknown origin in the universe.

The Architects:

There has always been a veiled network of elitist individuals whom have held sovereignty over the world for centuries.  They have hindered the progression of the automotive, energy, health, medical and technological industries all for the sake of reaping high yields from low investments for global domination.  They invented and manipulate the financial marketplace to ensnare their consumers into the slavery of debt.  Yet their most devious practice is preying upon human emotion and thought with fear using the media, politics, sports, religion and war to enslave the human race into two-dimensional reality.

Hacking the Ego:

Human control begins and ends in the complexity of the ego.  Our programming in this world is inevitable.  It is only a question of the degree of our indoctrination.  All of us have lived through years of imposed, intense conditioning.  As human doings we are defined by the boundaries, circumstances, environments, ethics, laws and standards set by the authoritarian organizations our egos enable.  Our false personality receives and sends distorted energetic frequencies to disrupt our intuitive and emotional potential.  We are first slaves to our own design well before we become victims to the villains of the world.

Courting Consciousness:

The acceptance and application of our consciousness is critical to the transformation of our present experience.  There is no place for apathy, cynicism, deception, fear, greed and self-righteousness in our enlightenment.  We either allow ourselves to be crippled by the iniquities of our human design or we choose to transcend them and express our true power.  It is up to each and every one of us to become the manifestation of our truth, love, purpose and destiny.  We are the emanation of all creation.  We are the personification of all possibility.  Each one of us is the only solution we will ever need.

“I never knew who I could become until I freed myself from who I am.”