Source of the Soul


Hollow Pursuits:
Social reality is an illusion. It is a subjective projection of distraction designed to dismantle our creativity, consciousness and the foundation of our being. Each of us is energetically, emotionally, intellectually and instinctually unique. Therefore, our true expression and destiny in this world is contrary to the nature of society. The density of reality distorts the creative force of our imagination and disrupts our ability to fulfill our personal vison. Most of us are not even present to our purpose or how to manifest it in our lives. There is very little opportunity in contemporary society for our soul to be expressed let alone thrive.

South of Center:
There is a myriad of elements in social reality specifically designed to keep us anxious, engaged and otherwise preoccupied with everything besides our personal destiny. The more we are amused, distracted, or entertained, the less likely we are to transform ourselves and the world. Before we can create or experience our life, it is highjacked by a plethora of stimuli that provokes our reactions of anger, denial, indifference and futility. These aspects of our daily experience hinder our ability to connect and relate with the universe. Eventually we become an invention of mind and body devoid of heart and soul.


Primal Instinct:
Survival is the standard of everyday life. Our innate social nature often dictates a narrow and shallow experience and perception. We are conditioned to exist in chaotic energies of instinctual, intellectual and emotional reactivity. Competition, desperation and selfishness blinds our vision, manipulates our thoughts and corrupts our feelings. It suppresses our enlightened mind and heart, ultimately compromising our relatedness with our intuition and our soul. We assassinate a part of ourselves everyday with our cynicism, fear and uncertainty. Our desire to survive supersedes our ability to thrive.

Smoke and Mirrors:
Our mind is an intricate forest in which we frequently wander and become lost. Thoughts often activate our sense of anxiety, doubt and irrelevance. Broken dreams and promises haunt our lives. We allow our minds to be polluted with self-condemnation, confusion and suspicion while we invent an inauthentic power and security. Our perceptions of ourselves, others and reality are often twisted into erroneous and fantasized delusions. The shield we wield against the world is the knowledge to which we are attached and conditioned from years of institutionalized education and religion at the cost of our creativity.

MN (2)

Stormy Seas:
We have yet to scratch the surface of our emotional awareness and expression. Our ego seizes control of our existence and influences us into becoming reactively engaged with and reliant upon social reality. When we do experience emotion, it is often a bi-polar encounter of random highs and frequent lows. We tend to be overwhelmed with feelings of anger, guilt, loss and sadness. Our addiction to and obsession with negative emotions confines us to perpetual cynicism and resignation. It dampens our experience of happiness, love, relatedness and success. The agendas of our mind constantly overpower the possibilities of our heart.


Fire of the Heart:
The heart is the key to open the gateway of multidimensionality. It emits a powerful electromagnetic energy that mystifies even our imagination. This lifeforce is the core of our being. It is what unites our body and mind with our intuition and soul. The heart interacts with the universe and is the center of our personal source. It is the epicenter of our creativity and the channel through which we express our spirit into the world. Our heart is the eternal fire that purifies our thoughts and actions and transforms our emotional experiences. When we are present to our heart, we transcend the ordinary and become extraordinary.


Helix of Insight:
Intuition is the sacred spiral that fulfills our inheritance of immortal being. When we synergize our intuition with the balance of our instinct, intellect and emotion, we free ourselves from the duality of social reality. Imagination replaces ego as we transcend the terrestrial dimension. Our being expands into an infinite experience. We are transformed into an expression of the universe. The energy of our consciousness connects us with our spirit. Intuition is the bridge that connects our creativity with our reality. It is the origin of our transformation. Our soul’s purpose is to intend our vision to become our possibility.

Heart of the Fire:
The greatest illustration of our multidimensionality is our soul. The equilibrium of our body, mind, heart and intuition manifests it into our daily lives. When we are seduced by the duality of instinct and intellect, our union with our heart and spirit is broken and we regress to default patterns of ordinary existence. When we are being an expression of our soul, our creativity inspires the extraordinary. This allows us to become our potential as spiritual beings living a human experience. How, why and who we choose to be transforms our reality. Our soul is our connection to the universe and our possibility of fulfilling on our purpose.


A Shift in Purpose:
Our experiences reflect the choices we make, our expression of being and our commitment to walk our truth. The intention we apply to our life is what empowers our purpose. Our full potential exists when we release everything that no longer serves us or our communities. It is within this clearing that possibility is born. Every day we have an opportunity to shift our energy and become a vessel of the universe. This allows us to sustain the vital alchemy of our spirit, heart, mind and body. We manifest our purpose when we relate with the source of all that is and ever will be.

Being of the Universe:
Everything we emulate in social reality is everything we are not. We invest in the stories we and others invent about us because we are afraid and/or unwilling to believe in ourselves. We are an infinite being of eternal energy with extraordinary possibility beyond even our imagination. We have been, are and will always be an expression of multidimensionality. Within each of us is the key to every mystery. We have an opportunity to empower our life in every moment of our experience. When we envision, create and manifest our purpose, the universe aligns with our intention and our soul becomes the source of our being.





30 thoughts on “Source of the Soul

  1. I quite enjoy the intricate forest, the wildwood of Broceliande, its roots that trip and its branches that entangle. It reminds me of the reason for being here. As one intriguing soul said:

    “O Seeker, O Seeker, a leaf in this place is worth more than all the leaves in Paradise.”


  2. For the first 36 years of this life
    I was sure I was just a boy ,
    Having an ordinary , human experience .
    The following 20 years of breakdown ,
    Awakening and total paradigm shift ,
    Convinced me I was a man having
    A spiritual experience .
    In the last few years I made a breakthrough .
    I know now , I am soul , having
    An extraordinary human experience !
    I Love so much about this life …
    But can’t wait for the next part …..
    Happy winter Solstice to all souls !


  3. I should add , I know I am soul ,
    Partly because whenever my wife
    Has been hard at work in the garden ,
    And I’ve been pondering a poem for hours ,
    She says to me…..Mark , you are soul ,
    You effing are soul ! She is quite perceptive .


    • I do, yet I don’t. But I still can’t look at suffering and laugh with divine disinterest. The gods only wish to be fed, love or fear will do depending on their place in the spectrum. Besides, Monty Python is still my favourite serpentine comedy.
      Memum send our best wishes to you and family.


      • Empathic , involved , yet detached .
        In my world… but not of it .
        And it’s all in me , anyway …
        I have no fear for your gods , only Love ,
        For the imagination that creates them ,
        And laughter , for the perceived plight
        And perverse pleasures of my
        Personal panoramic pandoras jar
        Of paradoxical potential possibility …
        And piss poor poetry !
        Thanks pal .


  4. An appropriate punchline indeed ,
    Basil…Cheers , also , for jogging
    Memories of 1977…The mighty
    Stranglers at Guildford civic hall ,
    A hometown gig for the boys .
    The band and crew spent all day
    Removing the seats from the stalls ,
    But the management insisted they be
    Reinstalled . Naturally , when Hugh
    Angrily announced , that , to us teenage
    Punks , we trashed the place !
    It was an exhilerating experience
    And the band was just explosive that night .


    • Ah, energetic memories indeed! I was but 10 years of age, and it was Star Wars and Grease that captivated my pre-pubescent mind. The band for me was Abba (though I kept that quiet in subsequent years and feigned allegiance to the likes of Rainbow and Saxon), for Freida was my Oedipus complex. But it was the year where one bright morning I awoke and knew everything was wrong, very, very wrong. l cursed both god and the devil, and began my search, starting with the tomes of G de Purucker – along with Robert E Howard and Michael Moorcock, of course. The glamour of ritual magick beckoned, until I realised the entities you have to deal with, but that was many years later. The play acting of Dungeons and Dragons was suffice at that age, where the genius of Gary Gygax enabled creativity rather than a digital interface.

      Ah, sweet memory. Never regret, just aim to improve.


  5. I’m surprised and impressed
    By the tender age you began
    Your quest for truth , Mick .
    One wonders if there was a
    Catalysing factor involved…
    Apart from Abbamania , of course …
    I forced myself to the cinema three
    Times , with three different girls , to see
    Grease and still didn’t wake up !
    After a few more years of punky
    Recklessness I joined her majesty’s
    Constabulary , chasing elva round the
    Fields of Hampshire in the early eighties ,
    Never catching the hare , I’m glad to say .


    • An ‘early’ start gives you more chance to get lost. Attachments can be acquired later that can take years to remove, if at all. Grains of wisdom are hard won, especially if the solitary path is chosen -blessings and curses combined, often in equal measure. Some memories of early childhood resurfaced in mid forties, not entirely pleasant, but intriguing – bait on a fisherman’s hook, perhaps.

      We are but horses, mate – horses lost in a sea of possibility 😘


      • On reflection, perhaps there is something about the year 1977, being 50 years from 1947, a certainly significant date in this scripted construct. I’m not heavily into gematria, as I consider it another algorithmic entanglement, but ’47 initiated shiftings and shuftings in t’aether. Eddies in the space-time continuum, you know. The only thing Grease woke up was a lustful desire for Rizzo 😍


  6. In the summer of1977
    I was savagely beaten and kicked
    By two large men in an unprovoked
    Attack . I felt no pain and disconnected ,
    As the blows badly damaged my head
    And face . I also felt no fear , oddly ,
    And when I pulled myself off the ground
    And shouted…That’s enough ! Both men
    Immediately stopped , turned and silently
    Walked away . Instead of being traumatised ,
    I acquired a strange feeling of invincibility ,
    Which has remained for life and served me
    Well in many dodgy situations . Since then
    I appear to have received protection from a
    Source unknown and feel very blessed still .
    Looking to the past is not a nostalgia trip .
    It really helps me to see and recognise
    The signs and serendipity at work in the
    Seeming chaos of this twisted but
    Compelling tragicomedy .


  7. That is certainly a remarkable experience on a personal level, and one to be cherished. But I don’t see much real good natured comedy, only sick and twisted humour. Creatures here suffer too much needlessly, and the levels of deceit are unfathomable. After watching documentaries on the lives of Tommy Cooper and Frankie Howerd, I came to realise that there are no accidents; all seeming chaos (and improvisation) is meticulously planned, the devil is definitely in the details. It is the Otherworld that rides this place as a jockey would a race horse, whether of light or darkness, and they truly have no humour as that is a human trait. Sure, they can mimic it and influence endorphin outputs to create euphoric states, but it is not innate. If you are invincible perhaps you should be altering the construct, initiating a true 4th dimensional rebellion. Most digital sites lead one in circles, and everything was said a thousand years ago. Ah, I can hear the church bells, how beautiful. I always thought campanology was the art of camping – boom, boom! – very high level joke, Mark san 😊


    • I strongly suspect that a true
      4 D rebellion began many years
      Ago ….in the so called fourth
      Dimension , by and for your
      Otherworldly entities to intrude
      Into this one . I also suspect that
      My wife and son are part of a human ,
      Reptilian hybridisation program .
      The good news is , they love animals .
      Alas , I don’t give much for anyone’s
      Chances once I’ve shuftied off into 5 D !


  8. Oh , woah ,
    Cool synchro , crow .
    Last evening we watched some episodes
    Of a favourite comedy of mine…Green Wing .
    In it , they often play a , make it up as they go ,
    Game , called…..Guy Ball !
    Cheers for that , I will definitely follow
    This great white rabbit hole bro…..x
    P. S.
    If you want to tell someone the truth ,
    Make them laugh , or they’ll kill you .
    Oscar Wilde ?


  9. Ah, the Green Wing, such an ace comedy (I also like Spaced). Guy Ballard ( I was being a tad facetious) was the creator of the I AM movement, much beloved by people such as Owen Walters and Keisha Crowther/Little Grandmother, and much of the New Age circuit these days. He lived in the 30s, but in the sixties a new form of the movement was comandeered by Elizabeth Claire Prophet and her Church Universal and Triumphant. It was Bailey’s Great White Brotherhood again and centred on the Violet Flame, a revelation allegedly from the Comte St. Germain aka the master Rakorszky. Here’s how popular and easy-peasy it is:
    Some astute soul once said that behind every occult front you will find the intel services, but then so-called material science has always been enmeshed with the mystical.
    Truth and laughter – Terry Pratchett did that best. He was likely an OTO member anyhow.
    Lizards! Apparently, Icke was brought the concept by Brian Desborough who also introduced him to Arizona Wilder. Do you know that Douglas Adams (creator of the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, and likely another OTO member) wrote about them years before in So Long and Thanks for all the Fish? “Take me to your lizard!”
    Apparently, the quote is ascribed to George Bernard Shaw:

    Nothing is ever as it seems and nor should it be.

    Hey, have a good ‘un to end the year x


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