“Loving Through Challenging Times” Interview with Lorenzo Malowane of “The New Agora” on “The New Now.”

Video Interview with Lorenzo Malowane of “The New Agora” presented by “The New Now.”

“Love is an experience of being related.”

Being the Love We Are

We all need to be loved, even when we are not being loving to ourselves or others.  One of the most challenging aspects in practicing love is our ability to see how often we are not loving ourselves.  When we neglect to grant ourselves this necessity, we cannot express it towards others.  Our self-loathing compromises our genuine ability to share love with all.  My experience with loving is accepting others for who they are and who they are not.  Authentic relativity is observing the uniqueness each of us offer and understanding the blessing it brings to the world. 

The Universality of Love

Most often in society, love is as an instinctual desire.  It is often misinterpreted and misrepresented as sexual attraction.  Once this itch is scratched, many move on to satiate the next one.  This is the lowest level of relativity.  If a connection is made between the individuals, an intellectual encounter occurs.  Though, this experience is one steeped in duality where many reside here to relate primarily with their minds and bodies. 

When we allow ourselves to open and be vulnerable, we enter the emotionality of relationships.  For many this takes years of relation for it to begin, and even this may be an instinctual form of feeling.  However, some do choose to connect on an emotional level and develop and nurture their heart center.  This is where the magic begins.  Given the heart is the gateway to the soul, when two people choose this experience, their intuitions guide them to the universality of love.

Acceptance and Understanding

The two most absent qualities in the last couple of years has been acceptance and understanding.  In a society where communication, relativity and workability have broken down, it is plain to see how detrimental their absence has been in regard to our collective evolution.  Acceptance is a cornerstone of love and understanding its foundation.  In these times of isolation in the interest of health and well-being (someone explain that one to me!), it isn’t the distance we have with others, it is the separation from ourselves and more accurately our souls.     

The Freedom Within

We are separated from ourselves.  Most are not able to accept let alone understand this reality.  Being in the experience of love calls us to be related and in love with ourselves so we may share it with others.  Each of our journeys is unique.  We will not find love for ourselves when we seek it in those around us.  We can only experience it within.  Given that most of us do not know who we are, this makes being in love impossible.  We may believe we are, yet belief and being are very different things.  Creating and becoming love empowers us to share in its experience.        

“Love is being in the moment so much that nothing else matters.”

6 thoughts on ““Loving Through Challenging Times” Interview with Lorenzo Malowane of “The New Agora” on “The New Now.”

  1. Thanks for the interview and article! It’s true that for most people, love is limited to the instinctual (or intellectual) level and never reaches its larger potential. Also that the ability to be vulnerable with our feelings, which is essential in a loving relationship, is actually quite rare.

    In the video, it is mentioned that people are often willing to sacrifice love in order to be “right.” In recent times, where people have chosen sides in the handling of health issues in a global pandemic, this is especially relevant. Unfortunately, many families, friends and couples have become divided and many have not put love first. While I feel it’s important to do what is right for us, we also need to let others make their own choices and not judge them harshly because their beliefs differ from ours. It’s about self-acceptance and the acceptance of others at a fundamental level.

    And how can we have love otherwise?


    • Thelma, exactly. Choice is another thing that has been easily disregarded. Self-righteousness runs rampant though society. The unfortunate aspect about that is most often it is a self-defense mechanism to protect people’s fears and insecurities in accepting the truth of current events. So, many adopt a narrative that best suits their perspective, and attack everything that is diverse from it. I have seen these outcomes as well in my relations with others. Definitely a time to stand in our truth!


  2. You are so right about people’s “self-defense mechanism.” They will stick with their chosen narrative until something hits them in the face (and even then, may remain in denial). I would say that those more spiritually attuned may have a different perspective on truth because we FEEL it inside. To ignore our inner knowing to adhere to the mainstream consensus is to deny our own essence, our Spirit. And that is what, I believe, it has boiled down to.

    Loving ourselves (the foundation for loving others) in these trying times requires us to simply do what is right for us, especially when it comes to the health of our own bodies and our spiritual connection.


    • Absolutely! I believe people settle into their interpretation and the narrative is born from that, sustained by all who are in agreement. When the ego impacts us it is about “our” truth. When the soul empowers it is about “the” truth, which is the energetic resonance of the universe. It just is. It is a delicate balance between being what is true for us and being of service to others for the sake of all.


  3. Yes, and sometimes the truth cannot even be spoken, when we know it cannot be received by others. And finding the “delicate balance” you mention can mean staying silent when certain truths will have a negative effect like spinning people into fear. Our intuition will tell us what is for the highest good.


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