We Are All Related

The Perfect Illusion:
One of the greatest lies ever invented in our society is that we are separate and alone.  Though we live in a world with billions of people, we tend to accept this belief.  In doing so, we engender and even enable a reality of separatism and loneliness.  We may believe that this is what gives us our strength, our purpose and will lead to our destiny.  We allow ourselves to become devoted to this belief, even with our spouses, our children and our family.

Such is the paradigm of the “reality” in which we have been programmed and conditioned to live our lives.  It is the realism of life that has become more of an oppression and less of a liberty.  We have become dependent upon the very lifestyle many of us condemn.  Sure, we may wake up once in a while make some noise in our frustrations of how things are and how we don’t seem to have any control over them.  Yet, after the anger and upset subsides and the daily distractions kick in, we search for the artificial security blanket that our authoritarian society is more than eager to provide.

We hand over our personal power because we simply do not know what to do with it or how to be it.  We are terrified at the notion of experiencing it, let alone living it.  We entrust it to people, organizations and things that we believe (hope and pray) will protect and provide for us.  All the while running a racket of self-distraction with our denial, egotism and our self-imposed victimization.  These are the delusions of our daily experience.  The most effective illusions are the ones we accept and adopt as our way of life which inevitably becomes our reality.

Soul Schism:
The truth is we don’t trust ourselves with our personal power, let alone acknowledge its existence.  We struggle to begin to understand what our true possibility is as a human being.  We fumble around in the shadows of ourselves we enable with our apathy, self-righteousness and cognitive dissonance.  This is sustained by our conditioned social “intelligence” and our sensual desires.  We search for the vital elements of ourselves while we spend the majority of our time burying them either consciously or unconsciously to avoid being responsible for our lives.  We have made integrity and accountability our personal demons.  Our distrust, insecurity and fear have alienated us from our souls.

We become imprisoned in this world.  We allow ourselves to be drawn away from our heart and our soul and captive to our mind and our body.  This is the “Soul Schism” and it is occurring everyday in every moment with every breath we take.  Our current society does not promote or support practices and lifestyles that sustain our relations with our souls.

Many religions teach us we are unworthy in the eyes of God.  Education conditions us to conform to the intellect.  Authority figures enforce us to obey and acquiesce under fear of penalty and loss of freedom.  Entertainment hypnotizes us, when we are lost in the shadows of the life expressions of others.  These influences ultimately seduce us away from our hearts, our dreams, our creative abilities, our purpose and our destiny.  We gradually succumb to worry, insecurity, uncertainty, the pressure from our peers and the distraction of society’s structures.  This is evidenced by our lack of trust and confidence in ourselves and our lives.  We willingly sacrifice our relation with our soul and its expression for fear we won’t survive, succeed or belong.

“Where the darkness uses manipulation, the light creates inspiration.
We know we are projecting darkness when we believe we are alone.
We experience the light when we realize we are one with all.”

The Threshold of the Soul:
We have been taught to live contrary to our souls.  We have been conditioned to believe that spiritual living is equal to daydreaming or fantasizing.  Our natural expression as spiritual beings has been cleverly discredited, regulated and in many cases prohibited.  It does not fit into the standard of society’s “reality.”  This widens the chasm between our selves and our souls.

It can be terrifying to begin to unravel the enigma of ourselves from the influences and impressions of our family, friends and society.  It is equally frightening to acknowledge the unique and beautiful aspects of our selves we have willingly surrendered or distorted during our process of maturity and integration into society.

There is no greater feeling in life than being related with others.  Of course, before we can experience this union, we must first be connected with ourselves.  To some degree, we are all acquainted with ourselves.  However when it comes to knowing ourselves beyond recalling our personal history, likes and dislikes, positives and negatives and what motivates us, we may find we have distant friends and relatives we know better than ourselves.  We discover that we don’t really know who we are, what our truest expression is and what is our purpose and destiny.

It is extraordinary how our life thrives when we are present.  All of the answers to every question we have ever asked about ourselves are simply an expression of our realized authenticity and integrity.  When we are truly experiencing our life, we gain the necessary insights we require to expand our awareness and transform ourselves.  In doing so, we relate very powerfully with our soul and the universe.  The measurement of our relation with our soul is in the quality of the expression of our consciousness.

When we are connected with our soul, we are able to see the invisible barriers and boundaries within ourselves which keep us from becoming who we are meant to be.  We attract into our lives people whom are reflections for us to witness what it is about ourselves we are missing when we are unable or unwilling to see it within ourselves.  It is usually the characteristics or behaviors in other people that aggravate us the most.  When we are willing to acknowledge and accept this truth about ourselves, we can choose to perceive our relations as expressions of ourselves that lead to our personal freedom and power.

The greatest gift we will ever receive in our life is the wisdom that everyone whom is a part of it reveals insights to the mystery of who we are.  When we are struggling or challenged by the people or circumstances in our lives, we can choose to recognize it as an opportunity to identify the obstacles within ourselves we can transcend. What better way to expose our limitations than through the expressions of those closest to us.  What more powerful way to relate with others, ourselves and our souls than through uniting and belonging.

The truth is we can never authentically feel like we belong with others until we accept and embrace belonging with ourselves.  This may be the most difficult work to which we will ever commit.  However, when we establish the relation with our soul and become expressions of the universe, we transcend the boundaries of society and experience life as we were truly destined.  It is in our presence of being and being present to all.  We relate with all because we are in everything and everything we experience in life is in us.

We are all related.



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