A Vision of Truth

The Incorporation of the Self

There are events in our lives that incite personal uprisings within us.  No matter how calm, quiet or peaceful we may be, in less than a breath we can become ablaze with upset, frustration and rage.  Something else happens in those moments when we come alive.  We are inspired, motivated, empowered and called into action and, most importantly, being.

These are the moments that make the greatest difference in our lives.  It is in the possibility of the present when we are able to acknowledge the true potential we are and can express when we choose.  The choice is simple.  We can succumb to the traditional conditioning of the fear we encounter through our distress and confusion.  Or we can transcend the self-induced boundaries of our being and embrace what has always been present for us to claim.  Our humanity.

Throughout our lives, we are energetically attacked mentally, emotionally and spiritually to the extent that we begin to adopt the thoughts, words, behaviors and actions of our authoritative assailants.  Be they our parents, siblings, friends, foes, teachers, preachers, co-workers, significant others or ourselves.  It is inevitable we will begin to talk the talk, enforce our false power and act out the given role for which we settle.

Whether it is one that we are coerced into, a family tradition or whatever may seem appealing to us, rarely is it one that we create for ourselves.  So it goes, the eternal revolving merry-go-round of life that promises thrills, chills and fulfillment.  Yet rarely, if ever, delivers.  Eventually, we begin to devise an artificial enlightenment.  It is developed from the weight we throw around, our temperament, intelligence, social status, achievements and the product of all of these, our self-righteousness.

Inside Job

At the heart of our self-righteousness are our greatest insecurities we safeguard with our very life force.  We all don a brave face to survive the daily melee of age, work, family drama and social turbulence.  Our personal boundaries gradually transform from the innocence and awe of a child to the clever and cunning false personality of our adult defense, our unbridled ego.

It is the subliminal development of our ego by the educational, religious, political and popular social paradigms to which we subscribe that commands the tone of our lives.  We have a tendency to acquiesce our true power simply because we do not know how to access, let alone share it.  We are not properly prepared to identify, develop and express the power each of us has been given.

Eventually, we begin to invent appearances, perspectives and beliefs that eventually result in a lifestyle of judgment and superiority.  These opinions construct our personal, perceptual prison that exists to keep us from obtaining all that is possible in our lives.  The focus of our life experience shifts from one of the heart and soul to one of the mind and body.  It is then we surrender to adulthood and the vision of our destiny dies.

The more personal power we concede to our self-righteousness through our own ignorance and arrogance, the more its benefactor influences us.  Our ego is so clever and cunning, if left to its own agenda; we become the victim of our own being, the ghost in the machine.  Unbeknownst to us, our ego uses our self-righteousness against us to control our lives, causing our uncertainty, adversity and needless suffering.

Facing the Music

We are all in a maze.  From the richest to the poorest, the healthiest to the sickest, the compassionate to the careless and the conscious to the unaware.  No matter how much we may believe that we are not shackled to the invisible boundaries of reality, we are.  Simply believing that we aren’t is the manifestation of our soul slavery.  Our self-righteousness suspends us in our own fantasy.

Our personal mystification, romanticism and indifference capture us.  We are at the cause of this epidemic of our being.  The allure of what is not tends to divert us away from all that truly is.  Our daydream lifestyle enchants and hypnotizes us, while an imposed, man-made reality frightens, entertains and anesthetizes us into a waking sleep.  This is the Matrix.  One in which we enable with our apathy, oblivion and life force every day.

We apply numerous filters to the vision of our lives and the world.  We adopt them from others or we devise them for ourselves from our fear, hurt, vanity, defensiveness or pride.  A collapse in our being occurs.  We begin to believe that we are our filters.  In these moments, our heart and soul is confined to our mind and body.  Most of us don’t know when this happens in our lives, and the majority of us don’t even notice that it has.

The Truth of Our Lives

The tapestry of personal filters we have adopted has blinded us to the mere possibility of living our truth.  The fact that living a true life is optional in the wake of reality is the reason there is such a lack of it in our own or in society.  When introduced to the truth, often our first response is resistance, cynicism, criticism and judgment.  What is really there for us is our fear and insecurity of all that we are unaware.

The greatest aspects of ourselves to which we are unconscious are our natural desires for creativity, compassion, empowerment, leadership community and love.  These are all the cornerstones of truly being human that are rarely taught, emphasized, encouraged and practiced.  These are the only qualities that can enlighten the human race toward the greatest of its potential.

Walking our truth is lived with strife, challenge, hardship and pain.  Our true path is not as excruciating as it may appear.  Those who powerfully choose to live their truth must do so in an artificial environment.  This is the most difficult endeavor.  There are few points of reference.  There is very little relativity with those around us.  After all, it is not possible to establish our own truth based solely upon that of another.

We are living in an era when pure possibility is more accessible than ever.  A powerful movement in our society has woken and risen to identify and claim their personal power.  A new experience is emerging from the declining constitutions of what we have accepted as real.  Those whom retrieve their forgotten truth will see it.  Those who stand for their truth will express it.  Those whom live their truth will be it.

Our truth is the vision of who are meant to be.


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