Are We Experienced?

“Perception is the deceiver of experience.”

A Fleeting Glimpse

We believe, hear and see only what we desire.  It is human entitlement to gratify our wants instead of satisfy our needs.  Life is perceived through a filter of our selective reality.  Therefore, we are merely surviving instead of thriving.  It is impossible to fulfill our experience when we build a personal fortress of imaginary interpretation, perception and understanding around us.  We rarely “experience” life, we simply surrender to the constant oppression of social reality.  For example, we react with oblivion instead of proact with creation.  The distinction between perception and experience is consciousness.      

The Perception Deception

The proverbial wool is pulled over our eyes well before we begin to develop our personal acumen for diverse and transcendent understanding.  Institutional “intelligence” via education, media, politics and religion processes our experience into perceptual duality.  Entertainment, economics, information, social media, sports and world events enable the common illusion we all accept and apply.  Our minds are preoccupied with authoritarian programming, while we congratulate ourselves for our social mimicry and reiteration.  We deceive ourselves with virtuality to avoid being with the truth.  We allow ourselves to be conditioned as projections of artificial intelligence.    

Once Upon a Time

Social reality is a fairy tale written by royalty and sustained by peasants.  This is an excruciating observation and realization.  When I became aware of its actors, storyline and endgame, I was angry, apathetic, hopeless and resigned.  As I awakened, I became empowered and inspired by the possibility reality’s antiquated plot could be transformed.  However, I realized the greatest obstruction to this transformation was my own social conditioning and programmed perception.  There are billions of emulations of interpretation enslaving humanity into the digital matrix of reality.  Within its paradigm, we are captive to our ego, oblivion and self-righteousness.

The Silent Surrender

Perception is developed when what is without becomes who is within.  This is the imposition of social reality.  Most of us inevitably acquiesce to dysfunctional behaviors, habits, impulses and thoughts because we are not empowered or inspired to fulfill our personal destiny.  Well before adolescence, we are lured away from who we truly are and may become.  We submit to and establish our ego as the core of our identity.  As we engage and integrate with the simulation of society, we give all our possibility and power to our ego. This severs our relations with our soul and the universe. 

“Perception is what we adopt.  Experience is how we create.”

Origin of Experience

One of my most innovative introductions into experience was when I took hallucinogens in High School.  It expanded my vision, creativity, expression, perception and understanding in ways I would have never imagined.  I remember returning from these extraordinary journeys wondering why so many people chose to define and perceive themselves within the narrow parameters of reality.  It opened a doorway to my experience with “universality;” the multidimensionality of being relating us with everything that ever was, is and will be.  Though I have not partaken since, I acknowledge and appreciate the benefits they inspired in my awareness, creativity, expression, imagination and relativity.   

Beyond the Rainbow

When I was 18, I had an encounter that transformed my vision from perception to experience. (Ref. the article “A History of Mystery.”)  For over 30 years, I have continued to have these extraordinary, multidimensional journeys.  Some are amazing and enlightening, some dangerous and terrifying, while others are cryptic and profound.  These experiences gradually shifted my perception, eventually empowering my existence, insight and understanding.  The intention and practice of personal observation allows us to transcend our enslavement to duality.  Beyond our reflection is the focal point of our awareness and the origin of our consciousness.

From Empowerment to Energy

Social reality does not empower or inspire us.  It takes all we are willing to give, refining it into a dense energy to sustain the artificiality of society.  We are eager to accept this as “reality” because we dismiss and neglect our common destiny of creative expression.  When we choose to observe, envision, focus and intend our unique purpose, we receive an abundance of energy from the universe.  As we exercise our legacy of being, we connect and relate with its flow.  Eventually, we occupy this space within ourselves, becoming the expression of our soul.   

Symmetry of Experience

Occasionally, we have epiphanies and insights to kindle our authenticity, creativity, possibility and transformation.  It is not our perceptions; it is our experiences that inspire us to relate and resonate with our being.  The universe empowers vision upon our soul, expressing it through our intuition and heart center, into our mind and body.  This exchange happens more often than we consciously acknowledge.  However, the primal desires of our thoughts and senses distort and manipulate them into perceptions.  Experiencing them to the fullest involves the alignment and balance of our body, mind and heart with our intuition, soul and the universe.

The Dawn of Being

For centuries, we have exalted and prided ourselves on human doing instead of human being.  The daily watermark of our worth is valued by monetary prosperity.  Being has become “spiritualized.” (Ref. the article “Spiritualized: The Ego of Spirituality.”)  It intrigues us.  Yet, when it comes to fulfilling a daily intention, we often preoccupy ourselves with mindless and heartless endeavors.  We are in an extraordinary era of enlightenment, evolution and transcendence. One humanity has never encountered.  This dawn of being is an opportunity to transform our focus from the perceptions we emulate to the experiences we become.

“Experience is our relativity with being.”

6 thoughts on “Are We Experienced?

  1. Dear IAM,

    Your articles are like a breath of fresh air to me, sweeping through the fog and cobwebs of our illusory reality to highlight another way of being.

    These days, our social reality has become even more restrictive and confining, dividing people into different streams of opinion and then condemning those who dare to step outside their imposed boundaries. What are we for or against? We are coerced into choosing our position without realizing it’s just another side to the same coin of duality.

    Our perceptions of who we are and what surrounds us are filtered by the beliefs we hold, and most of those beliefs have been programmed into us at an early age as you mention, whether through family, “authorities” of every stripe, the educational system or mainstream media, including TV and movies. Who would have thought that each of these influences carries its own agenda?

    To me the biggest problem is identifying with our ego and lower mind, as you point out. Only when we enter stillness to connect with our spirit can we feel the Presence that pervades everything. Many years ago when I meditated for the first time, I asked the question “who am I?” I learned to observe my thoughts and realized they were separate from who I was in essence — “I” exist as a conscious awareness beyond them.

    You wrote: “Social reality does not empower or inspire us. It takes all we are willing to give, refining it into a dense energy to sustain the artificiality of society.” So true! We are seldom encouraged to be who we are or to express our creativity or individuality. It’s all about conforming and doing what “others” say in order to “belong” in the group.

    The vast majority goes along with a prescribed agenda where “material success” is the goal and spirit doesn’t even enter the equation.

    We forget that we are human BEings, not DOings, and to express the spirit within, we must first tune in. Of course our social reality will never urge us to sit in stillness. Like the ego, it depends on our feelings of inadequacy to keep it going. How else would we become the consumers it wants? As you say, “we often preoccupy ourselves with mindless and heartless endeavors” that cannot satisfy us.

    I too believe we stand at the precipice of a huge shift in human consciousness – the potential is there if we choose it. If we let ourselves be guided by our hearts, what we truly feel and value, we can see that choice more clearly.

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    • Thelma,
      Your comments are truly inspiring.
      I am grateful for your words!
      It was a great summary of the article.
      It is quite simply a choice for all of us. Whether we create and express who we truly are, or we succumb and surrender to the mimicry of social reality. I used to believe it is simply a matter of conscious intention. The more I am with it all, it is born of our relativity with universality and how we express and manifest it into our experience.
      So glad you enjoy the articles!


      • True, it’s our choice, based on how we perceive ourselves and our relationship with the Universe. Which is why we must not impose our views on others, who are often on a different path. It’s like the Beatles’ song, Let It Be. All we can truly change is ourselves. And then the world reflected back to us will eventually change too.

        Looking forward to more of your articles; they are quite profound and expressed with such care. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


      • Thank you Thelma! Glad you enjoy them! Absolutely, I have learned it is about accepting people for who they are and who they are not and just holding a space for all to be.


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