Down to Earth

“We are present only when we are grounded.”

Social Influence

We are not taught how to have the greatest experience of life, or even how to optimally live.  We are conditioned through the institutions of education, entertainment, genetics, politics, religion and society.  Engagement in social reality overshadows the empowerment of the universe.  Spirituality, intuition and enlightened emotion and intelligence are all extracurricular activities, chosen by the few yet abandoned by the many. 

Within the egocentric, social parameters of accumulation, achievement, advancement, security and status, all things universal are forsaken, even our very souls.  All of us have infinite opportunities throughout the course of our lives to create our unique path.  When the direction of our course in life drifts one degree from its center, we eventually find ourselves arriving many miles removed from our intended destination. This is when social reality hacks our experience. 

The Bane of Banality

For those who have read the articles I post, it is evident I am not a fan of social reality.  I am mainly inspired by creativity, community, consciousness, empowerment, evolution, imagination, multidimensionality and transformation.  In my observation, these are the foundations of universal experience.  I choose my words wisely when representing the universality I aspire to embody. However, they pale in comparison to the essence I attempt to articulate. 

It is not just the phrases and terms assembled to express what it is I experience.  It is the energy between the lines that encourage diverse levels of understanding.  One that has taken me decades of personal evolution, observation and transformation.  I do not perceive myself as “enlightened.”  When we interpret ourselves in this light, we often wager our vision, intention, purpose and destiny for artificial power, recognition, self-righteousness, significance and vanity. 

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Binary Being

Transposing the universal into the terrestrial for the sake of application, manifestation and transformation is my intention in translating the omnidimensional into the literal.  This is my purpose.  It is evident we live in a three-dimensional construct, existing as two-dimensional beings.  What does this mean?  Our reality is a domain with three dimensions, length, width and depth.  This is how animate and inanimate objects appear to us as “real.” 

As human beings we experience our lives through two dimensions of interpretation, our instincts and intellect.  Yes, we all have emotions, and occasionally we have intuitive epiphanies and insights.  However, our mind and body hold the reigns of our being.  As we experience our lives through these filters, we are enslaved into duality.  Therefore, conflict and division rages between us.  Yet, the battle and distance within us is far more hostile and vast.      

Eye of the Beholder

Our experiences are defined by our perception.  However simplistic this may seem; we make it more complex.  Our perspective often lacks three essentials: discernment, evolution and observation.  When we observe our experience, it is an expression of consciousness.  When we practice distinction, we create a transcendent vision, progression and understanding.  This elevates our perception and empowers the evolution of our being. 

These practices cultivate our transformation.  However, experience is greater than perception.  Our perspective is simply a filter.  Our senses have been socially distorted, highjacked and manipulated for the purpose of diversion, preoccupation and oppression.  The triviality of society is in stark contrast to the embodiment of our soul.  It is the social beast we feed with our fear and engagement. If this is not evident in current events, then we are in conflict, denial or oblivion.

“Evading our soul is a crime against humanity.”

Know Thyself

We exist in the vacuum of a virtual reality transpiring as a tragic fantasy.  We are more engaged in interacting superficially in our relations with others, we have neglected our relativity with ourselves.  Most of us don’t even know ourselves.  Who we believe ourselves to be is almost entirely dependent on how we are perceived by others.  Our inner criticism, judgement and reticence traumatizes us to the point of non-existence.

We are shadows of who we are destined to be.  The truth is, we are the cause of our unfulfilled experiences.  Our obsession with amusement, distraction and information is our avoidance of being present to our personal dilemmas and social crises.  Whether it is our career, family, politics, religion or social life, we often evade authentic belonging to sustain artificial, conditional relations.  This is most evident in how we conceal and defend our personal deficiencies.   

Up on the Downstroke

We are all now challenged in ways we have never experienced.  We have been driven well beyond the boundaries of our conditioned tolerance.  Most of us are overwhelmed with despair, depression, isolation and sadness.  It is one thing to be aware of the impacts these social elements impose. It is another matter entirely to observe their effects, focus our attention, shift our intention and expression and transform our experience. 

We must transition from programmed causality to create something new amidst the antiquated patterns of our personal captivity.  The common design of reality is one of enslavement, no matter what the nature of our engagement.  In essence, we are anesthetized, desensitized and traumatized into the quandary of human existence, it is as water to the fish.  In essence, we are unable to see the personal prison to which we sentence ourselves. Our social conditioning has condemned us to a life of death.

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Circle of Life

We tend to believe the burden of personal and social transformation is solely on our shoulders.  Yet, the more we stand to hold a space for others to evolve and transcend, the greater energy we generate to empower the circle of life.  Breaking the chains of our conditions, entitlement, expectations, judgement, insecurities and self-righteousness inspires the awareness and freedom necessary to manifest our personal and mutual destiny.

We are all related.  What happens to one of us impacts all.  Not being our true self inhibits our unique expression. Our greatest opportunity is to create, empower and transform how experience exists for all.  This shifts our social inclination from personal greed to community need. Understanding and practicing acceptance, empathy, encouragement, listening and sponsorship is our collective rite of passage.  It is a declaration of our commitment to make a difference.

Ground Zero

However spiritual we perceive ourselves to be, it is futile unless we apply, express, intend and manifest it into our experience.  As impossible as it may seem to transform reality with our chosen practice, the fullest expression of its empowerment is best established collectively.  Personally, I challenge the objectives of all who proclaim, wield and weaponize their spirituality in the wake of our present global circumstances. 

As difficult as it may seem to intimate with our personal and social encounters, grounding ourselves into our experience is the only way we will transform.  Beyond the fantasies we invent to escape the harsh reality in which we exist is our opportunity to inspire universality for all.  Our observation, focus, balance and intention empower our potential to relate with others and ourselves.  Experience becomes wisdom when we bring the universe down to earth. 

“Experience is the gravity of grounded existence.”

8 thoughts on “Down to Earth

  1. Dear IAM,

    I enjoyed reading Down to Earth (also read previous two articles). Thanks for sharing your perspective and insights.

    I find our social reality constantly boxes us in, depending on whatever groups, organizations or affiliations we “belong” to. Even our families or acquaintances, conditioned by social programming, can feel threatened when we take a different stance or go down a different road for our own evolvement. As you mention, most people are dependent on the opinion and regard of others and this in itself is very confining.

    Personally, I have always found freedom in the realm of imagination (as a fiction writer) and understand that our imagination is linked to our spirit. Creative expression is another way to encourage and inspire others if that’s our intent, don’t you agree?

    “Our experiences are defined by our perceptions.” I find this very true. By “observation” and “discernment,” do you mean staying in neutrality, out of emotional reaction? This seems vital to me especially now, during such a massive shift of consciousness.

    Also, I wonder if an experience is “just” an experience or is there often a higher learning for us? For example, I just sprained my ankle and must stay off my foot (I love walking). I am forced to be patient in the healing process and to “accept” my circumstances and maybe that is what I am learning. Do you believe our higher levels instruct us through our experiences?


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your comment Thelma! Appreciate it. Absolutely, Social Reality has become first nature to us as human beings, being observers in the spirit of removing ourselves from it and aligning with our souls is vital! Emotional reactivity is the primary trigger, and when we don’t know how influential this is, it becomes our attachment to social reality. I believe every experience holds an opportunity for transcendence. And our “experience” always has multidimensional potential. In my experience, there is a synergy between our souls and the source that, when kindled through whatever practice(s) we have, allows us to have this universal connection in every experience.


      • Wonderful response, thank you! I find this profound: “Emotional reactivity is the primary trigger, and when we don’t know how influential this is, it becomes our attachment to social reality.” I see it more clearly now. People gravitate towards others who hold the same beliefs and opinions, the same emotional reactions to events because this makes them feel “supported.” No wonder so few actually break away from the social reality they’re in. It really means we need to listen to our souls above all else.

        I also appreciate your comment on the potential transcendence of every experience. It’s hard to know what we’re learning sometimes, but if we bypass our emotional reaction and feel into the situation from a higher level, we may get a glimmer of it. By “practices,” I assume you mean spiritual or mind/body/spirit exercises like tai chi or yoga, etc.? It makes sense that we need to foster this synergy in different ways, and the more we appreciate and acknowledge it, the more we can feel it.


      • Thank you Thelma! By the time most people begin to become aware of the dynamics of social reality, it is often to late to break from it. It is a vortex, i.e. black hole that we all fall into. Some make it break from it, most do not. But this is all a choice for each and every person. Not choosing is also a choice, albeit a lazy one!
        For me it is prayer, meditation, yoga, walking, writing articles, writing and playing music and being related with others as much as possible. I attempt to express conscious breath as much as possible. This is key to my experience. Breathing for me has become an alignment with the universe.


  2. I have a feeling that for most, it can take many lifetimes before they make that choice (to break from social dependency). I find my love for others has become more unconditional in this lifetime and often extends to humanity as a whole instead of being centered on a few. It’s just where I am on my path.

    Thanks for sharing your own methods for staying connected with your spirit/soul. I hadn’t thought of the conscious breath – I read recently that it’s helpful to breathe in Light and breathe out Love. Makes sense when we see ourselves as a fractal of Divine Source.

    I look forward to more of your articles. I hope you are enjoying the writing of them.


    • Anytime Thelma! Yes, I find the same thing regarding my unconditional love for others as well! I do enjoy writing them, though transposing the universal into the literal is a daunting task indeed!


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