A Being of Power

“Who we are being is the origin of our power.”

As It Seems:
Social reality is an intricate tapestry of chaos, duality and oblivion. It is a human invention we enable and sustain into existence with our participation. A paradigm imposed upon us to provide a societal orientation, standard and structure. We live it into being with our apathy, dependence, doubt and indifference. Yet, it doesn’t benefit or serve us. It only maintains a routine status quo to give the impression of empowering opportunity, though delivering a fraction of the potential it promises. Reality is a slight-of-perception con that preoccupies us with perpetual distraction. It is a security blanket we use to avoid our purpose.

So It Is:
We are all captive to linear existence. Duality reigns with a strong arm of constant opposition. The burden of surviving far overshadows the freedom of thriving. Our pursuit to carve out a paltry role for ourselves within society diminishes our vision and passion to create and fulfill our destiny. Social regulation and restriction stymy our ability to transcend all we know of life to embrace all that is possible. Familiarity and predictability are anchors that tether us to our artificial comfort, security and understanding. Our lives are only as abundant and expansive as we choose to live.


Innocence Lost:
Social reality is pulled over our eyes from an early age. The ruse is more apparent to us in our youth. Our curious observation allows us to see things as they truly are before we are methodically indoctrinated into its deception. As we grow accustomed to the illusion, we invest our lives into it. Eventually, we divert our energy and focus away from our awareness, creativity, destiny and truth. We replace our purpose with desire, chasing a life that is not our own. As we mature into adulthood, our intent becomes one of satisfying the desires of our ego instead of cultivating the fulfillment of our soul.

Against the Grain:
We must disengage from our personal dramas, judgements, opinions and vices to escape the enslavement of reality. What makes our freedom seemingly impossible is our addiction and oblivion to our behaviors, habits and thoughts. Our pursuit for advantage, control and self-righteousness diminishes our ability to express our personal power. We lose it only when we surrender it to others or our circumstances. Our fear of claiming and living our power prevents our potential to become it. Far too often we obstruct our own way and negate our possibilities well before they appear.


Paradigm Shift:
When things in our life are not working or as well as they could, we have an opportunity to transform them in ways that transcend our expectations. What we need most is a necessity for centering, grounding and living. Breathing instantly shifts our awareness. Focusing on our breath as we inhale and exhale gives us the ability to become present to much more than ourselves and our environments. It allows us to shift from an existence of doing to an experience of being. When we are conscious of our breath, we reclaim our balance, expression and power. Our breath is our fountain of youth.

“Our power is in the stillness beyond its strength.”

The Journey Within:
The greatest dilemma humanity will ever encounter is seeking outside of itself for what can only be found within. Social reality is teeming with billions of actions and thoughts all ricocheting off our collective cognizance. The universe within is far more beneficial than the one around us. Simply closing our eyes to the visual world and becoming an observer of society and our self transforms our experience. We awaken to all that is possible by synching our body, mind and heart with our soul. When we free ourselves from the encompassing imposition of reality, we begin to embrace our true power.


Present in the Present:
When we disengage from the reality around us through our breath and observation, our being shifts into a multi-dimensional experience. Everything that preoccupied our instincts, thoughts and feelings disappears. All we are aware of is now. How we are present in the present establishes the relationship we have with our essence. The moment in which we are conscious expands into eternity. We become a universal expression through which we empower ourselves and others. We coexist with all that was, is and ever will be. Every imaginable possibility is available for us to intend and embody.

Universal Voice:
We are creators. Whether we are artists, musicians or writers in any form of medium, we all have the capacity to envision and manifest our spirit into our reality. This is the foundation of who we become and how we exist. The purpose of our creativity defines the power we personify. It is up to us to choose how, why and who we are in our life. Our intuition conveys the energy and purpose of our soul to inspire our imagination. Our heart feels and our mind articulates the insights we encounter. We are all messengers of the universe, destined to be an expression of the source.


The Power of Purpose:
Power is not a force we impose on others to gain an advantage or supplement our fear and insecurity. Nor is it a means to an end. It is the pathway that guides our destiny. The focus of our intent is what manifests all we imagine. Our purpose is what inspires our vision and mission. Our daily practice of it fulfills our calling. Though everything that is not our destiny will arise to challenge our intention, all we encounter further defines and strengthens our commitment. All we become originates and empowers our intent. Our personal power is the manifestation of our purpose.

The Art of Being:
We are not the sum of our ability, belief, education or wisdom. These are all reflective features that merely complement our identity. Our instinct, thought, emotion and intuition define our experience. The balance between the four dimensions of our being sustains our relationship with our spirit. Our commitment to express our soul into reality is who we are in the present. This is the key that opens us to everything beyond what our body can perform, our mind can think, our heart can feel and our intuition can envision. Our ability to create our life is a blessing beyond our imagination. Who we are being is our power to transform ourselves and the world.

“The only power that will ever fulfill us is our own.”


24 thoughts on “A Being of Power

  1. Me , my cells and I .

    The individual self creates ,
    Observable , so I narrate ,
    See and feel , imaginal cell mates,
    Entangle , in our quantum state .
    Intentional , faster , all vibrates ,
    As particles accelerate ,
    To immaterial phantom fates ,
    Still , Loves ideal will emanate .

    Sublime Site , Iam


  2. Thankyou , Iam and Mik .
    Serendipity ,
    And Sagacity methinks !
    I’ve been failing to train my
    Irish Setter to be my Fylgja .
    He flatly refuses to fetch…..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You mean He’s your organ grinder.

    “Dance, Monkey, dance!”

    Now, as insinuating as the above may seem (and i am not casting nasturtiums) there is a serious metaphysical message…honest guv.


    • Serious ?
      Speaking as one who has recently
      Weathered several seriously dark
      Nights of body and soul , I declare
      Seriousity way overrated !
      There’s far more seriousness in
      This plane of existence than is required ,
      Hence my constant but loving irreverence .
      Gods Monkey , the Dogs Bollocks !
      The Power of Love , beats
      A love of power…..


      • Ah, the long dark Teatime of the Soul that follows on from the Void of the Afternoon (generally around 3pm) to be transformed into the Evening of Perspicacity.

        I’ve indulged myself on occasion, though I prefer Jennifer Rush to both Celine Dion and Laura Brannigan.


    • Frankie may go to Hollywood but Debbie does Dallas.

      This time we go sublime
      Lovers entwine, divine divine
      Love is danger, love is pleasure
      Love is pure, the only treasure

      I’ll protect you from the Hooded Claw (Heyulp! Heyulp! We’re coming Penelope!)
      Keep the Vampires from your door (Listen to them, the children of the night, what music they make)


      • It must be a relief for elva ,
        To see us littering Iams space
        With our self indulgent detritus ,
        Rather than cluttering up her
        Comments section as usual .
        I trust that Iam and elva forgive us
        Our trespasses and send Love
        And gratitude to both…..
        Ta for the banter , Mick . I’m gone …


  4. One is never gone, just absent for a while on Hotel Earth.

    Forgiveness is never necessary, we live in a Loving World.

    Besides, who else is going to create the cluttering.

    Toodle-pip for now.


  5. Ha !
    Us Keighley farrars flew South
    Back in the fifties and stayed put .
    Yorkshire dinosaurs on the
    Jurassic coast . Keep spreading
    The Love , our Mick .


    • I lived in Keighley for a few years back in the eighties. The town was the inspiration for Royston Vasey. It was a local town for local people. Mainly Pakistani now.


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