The Fear of Fear

It is in our thoughts, in our hearts and in our bodies.  In fact, it is in every cell of our being.  It is instinctual and in many ways, it has wound its way around the very roots of our human nature.  It may be the first thing we awaken to in the morning and the last thing we ponder before drifting off to sleep.  It has even compromised and devoured the health and well being of our breath and our lives.

It is in the air, the water, the fire and the earth.  It is projected and broadcasted on radio waves, in television signals, in municipal sirens, upon the printed page, on advertisement billboards, at our workplace, our family reunions, temples, churches, our bedrooms and even in the arms of our significant others.

It is everywhere.       

You may believe that I am writing about fear, and it would be relevant.  However, I am not referring to “fear” as the general reaction we have been conditioned to “believe” it is, or even feel.  I am choosing to see it for what it really is, and that is simply energy.

Everything is energy.  From the food we eat, the water we drink, the voice we project to eachother in conversation, when we are walking, running, driving, speaking, listening, exercising, reading, working, making love and even when we are sleeping, energy is being emitted from and to us at all times.  A constant cycle of mutual exchange as vital and present as our breath of life.  Everything that is is an expression of energy, for if it didn’t convey energy, it simply would’t exist.

So, what does energy have to do with fear?  Everything!

What we call “fear” is just a raw, unrefined force that has yet to be proactively transformed by us into a useful, beneficial and eternal energy.  As all energy is, this form of it is very powerful and often misinterpreted.  It only becomes what we term as “fear” when we choose to perceive it as distinct from what it really is, energy.  When we do identify with it as “fear,” we automatically give our power over to it, thus we succumb to the “fear of fear.”  More often than not, when we find ourselves influenced by feelings of trepidation, anxiety, panic or fright, it is not the energy itself by which we are impacted, it is merely our perception, response or reaction to this energy that brings us to this state of being.  We are not afraid of a person, experience, situation or circumstance, we are fearful by our perspective, and ultimately our way of being, that we adopt about those people, things or events in our lives.  We are triggered mentally, emotionally and instinctually into what we acknowledge as “fear” by our perception of it, not the energy itself.

In fact, it is impossible for us as human beings to inherit or embrace this “fear.”  It simply doesn’t work that way within the natural dynamics of being human.  We first have to “believe” that the “fear” exists, is threatening and is influential, then allow it to impact us.  In essence, we are not afraid of the “fear,” we are frightened by the “shadow” of a “fear” we ourselves create with our own perception (self-deception).  Fear cannot exist without being empowered by our belief.

Believe it or not, we as human beings are so powerful and have such amazing potential beyond even imagination, that “we” create our reality, when we choose to, and we also create our “fear.”  Whether we are empowered, inspired, afraid, angry, frustrated, tired, hungry, sick, excited, related or lonely, we are causing the experience of our life based upon how we choose to perceive it.  This all begins and ends with the expression of our energy.  When we embrace an experience of passion, we may feel a surge of energy within us that allows us to transcend the mundane of daily life and make a difference in the lives of others.  When we adopt an experience of loneliness, we allow our energy to be released from us as a “fear” that may overwhelm us with sadness or depression, leaving us feeling depleted and discouraged.  What is most important is realizing that it is up to us how we choose to experience this powerful force of energy often misinterpreted and misrepresented as “fear.”

As the famous monniker goes, “(F)alse (E)vidence (A)ppearing (R)eal.”

“Fear” is an illusion.  Fear is a lie that at some point, during our history of evolution, has been accepted and adopted into the human experience of life.  In many ways, we have been brainwashed and programmed into believing that “fear” is a “real” experience.  Something to be admonished, revered, respected and regarded.  Something as “real,” and greater, then life and death themselves.  It is not.  Complying to fear is like believing that the “echo” is actually the “sound.”  Fear is a shadow often cast upon us in such a way that renders us, in most cases, incapacitated, shocked, overwhelmed, anxious, disempowered, hopeless, helpless and docile.  This energy is simply a “frequency,” a discordant and chaotic “disturbance in the force,” indeed.  It is a waveform pattern of energy that passes through us on a cellular level (this is why we feel it in “waves”).  And because none of us have a “cellular consciousness,” (way of being) it is inevitable we will succumb to our inaccurate interpretations of this raw energy’s presence.  However, the important word in the last sentence is “passes.”  It can only linger within us only as long as we allow it to persist.  When we refuse to hold space for our “fear,” it dissipates into oblivion.

How do we manage our fear?

When the waves of fear rise and impact us, we have a choice.  We can “believe” that our “fear” is real and accept it as an unfortunate element of our human experience.  Or we can choose to see it for what it really is, an empty, misguided perception and an unconscious expression of our lives.  At the heart of it, “fear” can become a “cop-out,” a “free pass,” an excuse for us not to fulfill upon our destiny.  “Fear” is something we have given our power over to that we have allowed to grow greater than our visions, passions and intentions.

For a moment, ponder how this human misperception has impacted and influenced our society.

There is nothing more powerful or omnipresent in this universe than energy.  There is nothing more powerful within us as human beings than to choose to transpose this raw energy known as “fear” into an expression of love.

If we can create fear in our lives, we can certainly transform it into a key to open many doors of possibility.
For the “real” reality behind the fear we may create in our lives is the acknowledgement that we weren’t courageous, inspired or bold enough to overcome all that may rush up to challenge us in the pursuit of our truth, our faith, our creative expression and our love.

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